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  1. I curious what my forum members do when they strongly dislike or even hate their team's branding, logos, jerseys, etc.? Of course there are various degrees to the ways you can dislike your team's branding ranging to hating your team's uniforms to hating the entire branding package, from the colors to the logo to the uniforms. Here's an example for me: As many here might be aware, I am a 3rd generation BYU grad and felt a sense of nostalgia when BYU brought back some traditional elements to their athletics brand back in 2005. I was fine with the continued use of navy blue instead of reverting to royal, but two things annoyed me about the resurrection of the past aesthetics: First, the oval-Y logo is completely overused, especially compared to the past. Before, the oval-Y was basically a football-only logo, and the other athletic teams used other logos like the simple block-Y or the BYU with the cougar on top. Beginning with the 2005 revival, the oval-Y became ubiquitous, on basketball uniforms, on volleyball courts, etc. That said, this overuse is basically only an annoyance, causing me to roll me eyes when I see the logo on, e.g., basketball shorts. The second item--pertaining to the treatment of the oval-Y on a blue background--goes beyond annoyance, reaching levels of strong dislike bordering on hate. In it's glory days of the 1980s and 90s, the oval-Y was only seen on the football helmets, and therefore only as a blue oval with white Y.* When it was resurrected in 2005, the logo's colors were inverted into a white oval with blue Y when put on a blue background. This makes the Y appear as negative space in the logo, and has always bothered my eye. What should have been done was basically what the Packers do with their G logo on a green background--i.e., don't recolor the logo, just add a stroke around the oval. My dislike for the inverted-color oval-Y logo was strong enough that I decided to not purchase any item of clothing with this logo on it. Since then, I've stuck to my principles, except that given my love for jerseys, I've had to compromise on the football jerseys, which have the logo as a small patch on the collar. But that's it--I don't own any other apparel or accessories with this logo on it. I'm curious what fans of other teams (e.g., Buffalo Sabres, Miami Dolphins) have done when their team's aesthetics bother them? * I recognize that for a few years in the late 60s, BYU football used a helmet logo with a white oval and blue block Y, but those were during the obscure, pre-LaVell Edwards years of BYU football.