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  1. I had a thread a few years ago about if the NFL mandated that each team wear a white helmet. (the topic is now closed). I wanted to start the 2nd version with the division I never finished, the NFC West. First is the Rams, this was made before today's reveal, so sorry, no bone here...... This is the home set. I wanted to keep a balance of the three colors, but still making sure the blue/yellow were the stars. Here's the away. Finally the alternate.
  2. This is just a tweak to the current Lions uniform set. Overall I like the current jerseys, but I felt like I was missing the white on the color jerseys, pants, and helmet. I was also shooting for striping consistency. The current number typeface felt a little too rounded so I made something a little more classic.
  3. It's been a couple of years since my last concept, but was inspired by the train wreck that once again the Lions' season. Figured if they basically have to rebuild all over again, why not take a crack and fixing the uniforms, mainly removing the last remaining mistake of the Millen era - that useless black Honestly, I don't think their current look is really that bad, so changes subtle. The most obvious change is the removal of the black outlines and stripes, but I also took the opportunity to remove the slashes from the number font. One thing I do like about the current set is the consistency of the stripes between the helmet, jersey and pants, so I make sure to carry that over. C&C wecome
  4. Awhile back, I was working on a logo that, as I drew, began to look like several different things. As a result, when I began working on it in inkscape, I decided to make several different versions of the logo. Each logo I will present is a different animal/being, that is the same base logo as the others. Basically, the frame remains the same throughout, but the details of it change in order to make it a different logo. I liked the results, so I decided to make full team concepts based on each. The first being the New Jersey Devils. My logo takes primary status, moving an updated version of the NJ logo to secondary status. As you can obviously see, green is back in the color scheme as the tertiary color. The uniforms are completely updated. I don't like the current uniforms very much, so going in a different direction was my goal. I didn't want to veer too far off what is currently worn though. The devil head acts as the crest while the secondary is on the shoulders. Both the home and road uniforms have black-green-white-red-white-green-black stripes on the sleeves, hem, collar, and socks. Home numbers are white with green and black outlines, while the road numbers are red with white-green-black outlines. Each set has black pants and socks that match their respective uniforms. Just noticed that the road uniform still has the black helmet which is a mistake. I'll update that at a later time.
  5. I've always loved the 'old school' look of the Tiger Head logo for the Tigers: So I tinkered around for a while and came up with this: Obviously not a professional job, but I still think it turned out okay. I wouid appreciate any comments or thoughts. Please bear in mind a couple of things though: First, I specifically am trying to emulate the feel of the old school Tigers logo. The somewhat blotchy graphics, the color choice (ie, none realistic colors)... those were intentional. Second, I'm about as amateur as they come. I have entry level knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Gimp. I did the Lion head in Gimp and then added the words in Illustrator. So if you're going to comment about any specific tools or techniques to use... please provide lots of detail and assume I'm not going to be familiar with what you're saying, cause I won't be! There are three things I'm not thrilled about in this logo: 1. The Whiskers look wrong to me. I think they need to be a little straighter. I put them in by hand where they probably would have been using some sort of tool, but I'm not sure how to make a line and then arch/bend it. 2. The blue line around the face that I'm using to separate the face from the mane looks a little off to me. I'm not sure exactly how it's off though... or how to correct it. 3. In the Tigers logo we see a Tiger head. Then there is a circle around the floating head. With my Lions logo the circle is more framing and cropping the Lion head. The head is certainly not "floating" inside the circle. It's cropped by the circle. Now, there isn't a whole lot I can do here because a Lion has mane of course. But I'd like to try and tweak this somehow. Maybe I need to make the inner white circle wider... cutting more into the mane so it doesn't look like the light blue circle is doing the cropping? Thoughts?