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  1. Still on FIFA, but I'd thought I'd start on a revival of a series I thought was far superior to most baseball games... MVP BASEBALL. For this, I'll focus on: Uniform crEAtor / Team Relocation / ParkBuilder / Commissioner Mode-Expansion Teams Happy Labor Day.
  2. I'll be doing two custom covers each weekend. This Saturday and Sunday: NORTHEAST - Jim Brown MID-ATLANTIC - Micheal Vick - Nov. 19-20 GREAT LAKES - J.J. Watt MIDWEST - Tyler Lockett - Nov. 26-27 SOUTHEAST - Bo Jackson FLORIDA - Michael Irvin - Dec. 3-4 TEXAS - LaDainian Tomlinson ROCKY MOUNTAINS - Kordell Stewart - Dec. 10-11 WEST - Troy Aikman & Rodney Peete PACIFIC NORTHWEST - Jake Locker Kicking it off with Jim Brown at Syracuse for the Northwest.
  3. I don't know if this has been covered or not, but I was on NCAA Football 14's Teambuilder page, and I was trying to create some NAIA teams. Specifically, Cumberland University and The University of the Cumberlands. Turns out "Cumberland" is a banned word and I can not create a team with that name, despite the fact that there real colleges with those names. And just for fun, I created a team called the "Cucumbers", and that was okay, but "Cumberland" is not. So I don't know whats up. Are they still updating and fixing bugs on this? Because if they are I need to make a call.
  4. Still on the MVP Baseball series (and I will begin the Ballpark Builder in about a week) but in between, I will make the 10 covers (plus a special cover) for the NCAA Football series. 10 for each region. The winners are: NORTHEAST - Jim Brown MID-ATLANTIC - Micheal Vick GREAT LAKES - J.J. Watt MIDWEST - Tyler Lockett SOUTHEAST - Bo Jackson FLORIDA - Michael Irvin TEXAS - LaDainian Tomlinson ROCKY MOUNTAINS - Kordell Stewart WEST - Troy Aikman & Rodney Peete PACIFIC NORTHWEST - Jake Locker I'll make one a day... no set schedule, but I will start on Jim Brown's cover tomorrow.
  5. OK, this has been driving me nuts. I constantly have the urge to pop NHL13 in & create my own team to play as, yet when I go on, I have to settle for filling out this preset template of lousy jerseys, and lame stock logos. Absolutely no creativity involved! It's so boring!! Am I the only one?! I love playing those NHL games but this needs to be added to NHL 14 or I'll go insane! They need to get more advanced Create a team, and Create a player modes, with the option to choose from and recolor any of the current NHL jersey designs. They need to give us the option to upload our own logos (and not just the one of the front, I also mean the shoulder patches, logo on the pants, and even the collar and a special event patch. On be a GM mode you should be able to go in and Create a new jersey for an existing NHL team as a special event jersey! You should be able to relocate the team, and design new uniforms for them as well. They also need to give the player the option to design their own goalie mask. Whether it be like WWE 13 where you can design in from pre-cut and colorized shapes, recolor and add text and logos to prefab mask designs, or upload a mask from their website using some type of template that give you the option to design and then upload it into the game via their website. As many of you on here are artistically inclined, like myself, I'm sure you agree, Right? Btw, there is a petition here where you can sign if you agree. I will send it to EA if/when I recieve enough signitures! https://www.change.o...-team-in-nhl-14 Thanks!
  6. While I'm thinking about it, I wanted to know what you guys would want to see as far as the NCAA Football covers for the "crEAtion" series. What I had in mind is multiple covers for different regions. (example: the Northeast gets an Army vs. Navy cover / Texas gets an Earl Campbell, Texas Longhorns cover, etc.) Any ideas for who should be on the cover for these regions? Could be one athlete or two... a coach... rivalry... anything related to the school. - Northeast (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Mass., Conn., New York, New Jersey Pennsylvania) - Mid Atlantic (Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, D.C.) - Great Lakes (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin) - Midwest (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa) - Southeast (Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky) - Florida - Texas - Rocky Mountains (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Montana) - West (California, Hawaii) - Pacific NW (Alaska, Oregon, Washington) 1 cover for each region. Open to ideas before I make them. I'm still working on FIFA, with MVP Baseball and Madden coming up first. But I wanted to get your input before I do anything. It will be done in the same style as my FIFA cover:
  7. So the polls spoke, and the first EA Sports game in my crEAtion Series will be FIFA 18. All of these games will be for the 2018 season since the 17s are coming soon. I did this because I wanted to make new covers. Speaking of which: I simplified the design for the EA Sports logo and the title of the game, but the background and (obviously) the cover athlete will be different. FOREGROUND: - Red and Blue rectangles - Simple EA Sports logo - Title of game has white lettering with a different color for the number BOTTOM: - Rating - Official License - (different games) Television Presentation - Playing surface of sport the game is based on BACKGROUND: - Cover Athlete(s) - "Tear Effect" with different colors - Specific images associated with cover athlete/team Now, kicking this series off, I will work on FIFA's PitchBuilder and LeagueBuilder. Stay tuned...
  8. So, I'm sitting at home on this beautiful weekend with a knee injury, decided to dust off the PS3 & play some NCAA Football. I was thinking, with all the trickiness involved in the licensing situation with the NCAA & student athletes, I wonder if EA could just support the current title with new uniforms, stadiums & schedules? Of course, the Teambuilder website should rec'v support as well. Better yet, bring on NCAA 17. It's not like EA can't produce rosters to reflect a school's current strength without ripping off student-athletes likenesses. It's not like we all don't immediately go online to d/l an updated roster file anyway. What would it matter how authentic the initial roster file is? EA Sports, please bring back NCAA Football. Also, please make it for PS3, so I don't have to buy a $400 gaming system to play one game. (Literally, the only game I own for PS3 & previously PS2 is NCAA Football) Just some thoughts on a super-boring Sunday afternoon on the couch...
  9. This is something I've wanted to do for a while. I like the "create-a-team" or "Team Builder" feature in sports games and for years, (seriously, ever since the Nintendo 64 days) I've always wanted to go deeper into the customization of the teams. Even though they've come a long way, it's still pretty limited. So, in an effort to send out my ideas that I've had ever since I was a kid, I'm starting a "Create-a-_______" series for this forum. Starting with: Now before any of you get too excited, there is no official word on NCAA Football coming back this year. I HOPE it does, but it's still just a rumor at this point. This game features "TeamBuilder", and with all the logo/branding junkies here, I know several of you are glad that it exists but feels that it could be a bit better than what it is. I could go on about the uniforms, but I'll get to those later. What I really want to focus on for this thread is the stadium creation part of Team Builder, which is lacking. And by lacking, I mean all you're really doing is designing the field (also limited) and picking from a preset design. That would be fine, but if you're like me, that ain't good enough. During the week, I'll get into more detail, maybe even designing menu screens to let you fully see what my vision is for a "StadiumBuilder" feature. I'll also post real-world examples with each category. Stay tuned, folks.
  10. This thread is for any suggestions, ideas, or recommendations, you have for a new NCAA Football game. This includes any game features you'd like to see added, changed, or deleted.