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  1. What's up, dorks? On the drive home for summer, I remembere a little competition I held over 4 years ago. I thought it would be neat to bring it back. What it is is essentially five 16 team soccer leagues in different countries in Europe. Everyone will pick a city, design a logo and a minimum of 2 full kits from scratch, then submit them. They all get voted on, and the teams with the most votes moved on to a knockout tournament, ultimately deciding the best concept! Seems easy enough. Check out the old competition by searching ESCC. So here is the rules. I will post 16 cities. First com first serve in getting teams. The cities are pretty much set, but if you REALLY must have a concept in a different place, just tell me. The most teams a person can do is 3, but in all different leagues. So you could do a team in Germany, Italy, and France. But that means you have to sit out for the UK and Spanish round. You will have 2 weeks from the date the thread is posted to turn in your concept from me. Everyone will vote for 5 concepts, ranked 1-5. The points will be reverse of the rank(1st place=5 points etc). That will be open for 2 days. Once we have all the concepts done, the best 16 move on to a knockout tournament. That's the top 3 in each get automatic bids, and then the 4th place one with most points moves on. The teams will be placed in a bracket, and then we will vote. All good? This thread is for hype. I'll post the first thread tomorrow. France - France Voting Germany - Germany Voting Italy - Italy Voting Spain - Spain Voting United Kingdom - United Kingdom Voting European Concept Cup Voting
  2. Much to my surprise, I did OK in Raysox's European Soccer Concept Cup (go vote if you haven't already). I didn't make the knock-out stage [cue the sad trombone music], but I don't think I embarrassed myself either, especially going up some longtime board members/great designers. I have some thoughts on what I could have done better, but I'll keep those to myself for now. What did you think of my concepts -- other than some obvious typos that keep me up at night (I'm an editor by trade)? What worked? What didn't? Good kits, bad presentation? Why didn't you vote for it (even the smallest details)? I'd be interested in any Illustrator and/or Photoshop tips/tricks/processes that could help me improve, too. chrisCLEMENT was kind enough to provide some feedback during the UK voting round: "HONORABLE MENTION: Sheffield - Great concept, a better look at the crest and a back view of the jerseys would have put you into the top 5 in my box, very nice effort on your part. Lots of potential there!" So, again, thank you for that. But I always appreciate more C&C. Thanks in advance! First entry: France - AS Bordelais Crest: Not only incorporates the tower from the Bordeaux coat of arms, but also the shield shape typical of French club crests. The city symbol, lion and fleur de lis are front and center. As unoriginal as it may be, the color scheme mimics wine, a la Bordeaux. Home kit: I'm a huge fan of sublimation, or at least subtle color changes in kits, so I included them here. The hoops are mimicked in the socks, which are Adidas' version of the Team Speed socks (for reference). Away kit: Keeping with the hoops theme, I decided to change it up a bit. This time, the hoops are thinner and represent the tower in the crest. Third kit: Went with the secondary color for the third kit. Adidas uses contrasting lines (am I using the right terms here?) to sublimate designs in jerseys. So I thought I would do the same to keep it looking like something Adidas would do. Rather than being on the back of the jerseys, the city symbol is now on front of the third kit, and the lion from the coat of arms replaces it.Next up: Spain - Euskal Herriko Futbol Taldea