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  1. This is a revisiting of a topic that has been dormant for quite some time due to images being removed by a 3rd party host. I now have a new 3rd party host and want to put this concept out there one more time. It was originally set up to be a collaborative work involving Mr. MJ Walker and myself but I am doing this on my own for now. If you want to come back on board Mr. Walker please reply I like your work and want to start by giving you credit for the uniform designing that you did. We start anew with the league shield concept that is based off of the musical "We Will Rock You" by Queen and Ben Elton Next are the 2 conference logo concepts. The NAC for North American Conference and the UKC for the United Kingdom Confere Let me know your thoughts.
  2. I want to post an explanation about this collaborative work by MJWalker45 and myself. About a year ago we put together some concepts for a Rock-n-Roll themed Fantasy Football League that we named "We Will Rock You FFL". We have been away from this work for quite some time but I decided it was time to get the ideas out there for you to look at and give some CC. The only two people that will post concepts for this league concept will be MJWalker45 and The Nati MacDaddy. I know that MJWalker45 has been busy with other personal matters and has not had the time to devote to this thread but maybe with your help we both might be inspired to revisit this league concept. I just want to put it out there and see if it goes anywhere. If it doesn't get many responses we will probably nix the idea. We need your eyes and suggestions to help move this concept forward. Lets start with the League Shield. The idea came from the Broadway Musical "We Will Rock You" by Queen and Ben Elton. Next up are the Conference logos. The North American Conference and the United Kingdom Conference. The first team helmet concept in the UKC. Queen Finally the wordmark Let's hear your thoughts and suggestions for other teams to add to each conference.
  3. I started a fantasy football league with some of my friends,and me being me, I tried to make the logo for the league. The League is called the United League of Fantasy Football. The 8 stars stands for each team.The 3 differently colored stars stand for the divisions, Black for the American Division and Red for the National Division. Expect the first uniform and logo soon. Original:
  4. Hey everyone. Fantasy football drafts are starting soon. My first one is next Tuesday and I get some extra study time since I'm laid up at home recovering from an emergency room visit this weekend. What're everyone strategies? Targets? Team names?
  5. I have posted logos and designs from my fantasy football league (CFFL) before. This year I tried to make a basic media guide. I have not yet created the text based pages with the team histories and the like, but I pretty much have the graphic components finished. Hoping I can upload or link a PDF to this site so that it can be viewed, otherwise I will try uploading individual images. A caveat, not all images here are 100% original. A keen eye will spot the flames from the Titans logo incorporated into a concept, or the skull from the New Orleans Voodoo, or the stalking panther from the Florida Panthers secondary, etc. I am trying to work towards all original pieces, and for the most part I am pretty close, but there are a few items which I just have not been able to replace to my satisfaction yet. Hope that is not a problem. OK, let's see if this upload works. 2016 CFFL Media Guide.pdf
  6. Recently, I decided to try out fantasy football for the first time. I also love making logos for anything. So these 2 things clashed and out came a couple of fantasy team logos. These aren't meant for a serious kind of fantasy football as some people like to do. They are kind of just for fun and to have a cool logo to go with the name, instead of the built in logos with some fantasy sports sites. So far, I've only made 3 (2 for the same team name) but I might end up making more. Maybe I'll even take requests, though I don't have much time to make them. So without further ado, here they are. I made logos for 2 teams: Legion of Boom and RG-3PO.
  7. I am almost finished with a project that I have been working on for the 16 team fantasy league that I run. It is called the CHL (Custom Helmet League) I worked individually with each owner to come up with a custom design for their team and created Helmets, Word Marks, Owner Profiles and Uni Concepts. Now I have created a Desktop/Laptop wallpaper displaying all 16 teams and have almost finished with the screen savers that represent the Projected 1st round picks in our Live On Line Draft. So far I am pleased with how the work is coming but would like your CC. I will start with the actual wall paper itself. My intent was to leave blank space for the display of desktop icons without muddying thing up. How did I do with this?
  8. With the NFL preseason upon us very shortly, it's time to start thinking about the important stuff: FANTASY! Most drafts will probably start in about 3-4 weeks, but I have an early one scheduled in 2 weeks. Here's a video to get us hyped about the upcoming fantasy season (which one are you? I'm the commish and Mr. Know it all ):
  9. I am trying out a new concept for fantasy football league and need your CC on this new idea that combines Pop Warner football with Warner Bros. Entertainment in a hybrid league that I call the "Pop Warner Bros. FFL" or the PWBFFL. I will start with the league logo. I took the following two logos and came up with this for the league logo/shield. Let me know what you think of this concept. One thing that I might tweak is the top of the shield. Do you think the tiered look on the top of the Warner Bros. logo is a better choice than the one I have now? I like the format on ESPN that is called the League Manager edition. It allows me to do some nice graphic work for LM Notes League Standings, Owner Profiles, and League Trophies. If all goes well I can have the 12 team league up an going this fall. If you are a fantasy football fanatic and are familiar with ESPN let me know if you want in. It will be for fun only no money involved. I just have to have you PM me your email address and team choice. There will be no duplicates and Team Tazz is already taken. First responses will have the best chance of getting their choice of team (Must be a Looney Tune character) Here is the avatar that I will use for my team. I will use this same format with a Looney Tunes background on all helmet avatars. Hope to hear from you soon because I would like to do a live draft around the 3rd week of the preseason. If I don't hear from you I guess I will put this on the back burner for a different time. Thanks for the extra set of eyes.
  10. I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. My fantasy football league is looking for a new logo. I'm stuck between the two of these. I need help picking the one that looks the best. A little background about the logo. First, I wanted to do some sort of shield logo. Second, my high school mascot is the wolverines. So, I wanted to incorporate that in the logo too. I used the Michigan style helmet with my high school colors. Please let me know which one is better or if I should scrap the whole thing and start over. Thanks! 1. 2.
  11. Hey, everyone. It's been a long time since I posted. Long story short: my wife had a stroke and SportsLogos boards fell by the wayside for quite a while. She's okay now though. In the interim, I neglected to post the video Yahoo! Studios did about my fantasy football league that we use to keep in touch with the guys we spent a year with in Iraq. Here it is:
  12. Hey, every body. Here's a little bit of bragging. Yahoo! just published a story about my Army unit and the fantasy football league we're using to organize a 10-year reunion. We started the league in Baghdad. Here's the story:
  13. Please vote in the tournament we're running to determine which team has the best logo/uniform set (yeah; it's kind of silly, but it's the offseason).
  14. This is some work I just finished for a friend in my Fantasy league. The team name is "Blue Balls of Destiny" so I had some fun with it. Admittedly, I used an outline of an old "joecartoon" I had, redrew it by hand, changed the colors, added in football gear. This is not for merchandising, just for fun, and supposed to be comical. Anybody have any ideas for the jersey and pants? I ended up going with a random pattern of various-hued blue orbs with a yellow glow around them. Would especially love help in a totally different "alternate" uniform if you've got some fun ideas!
  15. Working on a Fantasy Football team concept design, any thoughts and contrutive criticism welcome! Primary Logo: Woodmark: Primary (Home) Helmet: Secondary (Away) Helmet: Alternate (Home) Helmet: Primary (Home) Uniform: Secondary (Away) Uniform: Alternative (Home) Uniform: Football Field: I'm most pleased with the Away helmet, I'm kinda super stoked about the helmet "horns" ... my wife suggested the drop shadow to make them look like seperate pieces such as on a real samurai helmet. Suggestions welcome!
  16. Hello! I was on a reddit thread speaking with a gentleman that had a Fantasy Football league in which he was able to hire a graphics artist to "franchise" and "brand" all the teams in the league and he was showing off the uniforms and logos in said thread. This really inspired me to take a look at my own league that I run and start work on a new team franchise in order to teach me how to do it. The OP of the thread suggested I come here for help and to kind of show the development of my franchise. I am looking for some contructive criticism on my logo. It started out great and I think I got much further than I imagined I would, but I feel like I'm stuck and it's taking a turn in the wrong direction. I only had Photoshop Elements 8, as I just don't have much money to spend on hobbies. Possibly thinking of buying the wife a better PS version for Christmas, but that's neither here nor there. I researched Minotaurs and found a base image to start with, and went through the following process: Very pixelated, so I looked for ways to smooth it out and found a vectoring program called Inkscape for free. After converting it to a vector-based image, I smoothed out the lines and curves, and played with some color combinations. I like the foundation of the image but I'm now stuck on the detailes. I'm looking to try to add some detail, but since this is theoretically supposed to go on a helmet, I don't want to go overboard. Nothing I have tried really seems to be working out. I found some helmet templates, but could only get one to open up all the way in my crappy PSE8, and even then I had to work some magic with the mask since I couldn't access all the tools that a normal PS program can do. That being said, the end test product I made didn't come out too bad, minus the logo not being to my liking yet. I did come up with an idea for the details to possibly be in the form of maze-like lines on the horns or something, to simulate a play on the minotaur and his famed Labyrinth, though I haven't done anything with that because I can't really picture how to impliment it yet. I'm not truly stuck on the colors being what they are, but red and green are a very seldom-used combination that I thought I'd play with, being a concept and all, and I felt beige or pewter would kind of bring them together a bit more. Any helpful advice or ideas on how I can move this forward would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
  17. My friends and I are starting a dynasty league. It has 8 teams for its inaugural season and it's possible we could add more as the years go by... anyway we've had a discussion regarding rosters. I came up with the idea that there could be a "practice squad". This "practice squad" will be comprised of 4-5 college players *Juniors and Seniors only* that way we have a semi lock on potential NFL prospects. A separate draft will be held for this. We could move them willingly from team to team before the following season when they become NFL players. Would this be a good enough idea to work?
  18. I am designing an alternate universe league, complete with a history and team names, logos, uniforms, the whole shebang. I will essentially operate as the design company for the league, working with the owners to design the teams. Like a real-life league, most decisions will be partially up to the owner and partially up to the league. For example, each owner will pick a city, but the league will vote among 4 owner-provided options for nicknames. Owner picks team colors, pending league approval. Etc. It will be 2 leagues of 8-12 teams each with a week 16 championship game between the two league winners. I’m currently building a website for the league through which everyone can follow along, and this thread will contain all the history and designs, updated as they are created. I’m likely going to add people in waves. The league will start with 8 owners and expand from there over the course of the off season. NEWS: Scheduled unveilings: Feb. 11, 2014 Denver Drillers design unveiled. Feb. 18, 2014 Mexico City Aztecs design unveiled. Feb. 25, 2014 Lincoln Zephyrs design unveiled. March 4, 2014 Fremont Trolls (Seattle) design unveiled. March 11, 2014 Kentucky Mashers design unveiled. March 18, 2014 Memphis Kings design unveiled. March 25, 2014 Toronto Tops design unveiled. April 1, 2014 New York Griffins design unveiled. Thanks for watching! We are still in the recruiting phase, so team names and branding are down the road a bit, but to kick us off... The History of the CFA, part 1: A League Unto Itself The History of the Continental Gridiron Alliance, part 1: The Continental Football Conference On January 25, 1987, the Continental Gridiron Alliance was officially chartered as the Continental Football Conference. The announcement came a day later in New Orleans in an attempt to take advantage of the media coverage of Super Bowl XX and show that the league was serious about directly competing with the NFL. After the collapse of the USFL the previous year and in anticipation of the expiration of the 1982 NFL CBA, the league was formed as a direct competitor to the NFL with an eye on eventually merging with the older league. When the announcement of the league’s formation, meant to be an event seen around the world during Super Bowl coverage, the CFC was almost entirely ignored, as the excitement surrounding Super Bowl XX and the lingering disappointment in the USFL combined into media apathy for the new league. As the owners left for their home cities and the auspicious announcement stage was torn down and packed up, the NFL’s Chicago Bears defeated the New England Patriots 46-10. It would be the last Super Bowl for more than two years, as the 1987-88 NFL season was cancelled after seven games played by non-union replacement players. Due to a combination of an expired collective bargaining agreement that lead to a labor strike, an unwillingness on the part of NFL players to cross the picket lines, in part itself because of the perceived disrespect of using replacement players, and the CFC’s willingness to negotiate with and sign star NFL players, the CFC quickly built itself as a money-losing but legitimate competitor to the NFL during the 1987-88 season. The CFC became the CFA on April 24, 1993 after merger negotiations broke down with the NFL. As evidenced by its original name, the league was intended as a third conference for the NFL and owners were confident that such a merger would come quickly once it was clear they were willing to lose money in the short term in order to compete with the NFL. With the perfect storm of the strike, the replacements, and the deep pockets of the CFC owners, respectability and competition came quickly for the league. This first major break for the league came in week 4 of the 1987 season, as CBS began airing NFL games on tape delay in a negotiation tactic. CBS claimed that the ratings for the replacement games were so low that the NFL owed restitution due to language in the broadcast contract. By week 6, CBS had negotiated a low-value but highly publicized one-year deal with the CFC to air CFC games in the time slots usually occupied by NFL games. Meant to be a negotiating tactic against the NFL, ratings were soon high enough for CFC games, featuring former NFL stars such as John Elway, Joe Montana, and Lawrence Taylor, that the contract was extended through the next season at a 300% increase, with CFC games planned to be aired that next season on Sunday evenings after the day’s NFL games. When the NFL’s week 7 games were aired on CBS at as late as 3 a.m. Monday morning in East Coast markets and it became clear that a lengthy legal struggle with the network would be extremely costly and that the striking players would not return to work without a new CBA, the NFL cancelled the rest of its season. Shots were truly fired by the CFC when CFC teams managed to sign 6 of the top 10 NFL draft picks from the 1991 draft class, though the CFC had mostly depended on signing away free agent veteran talent from the NFL to that point. The “leftovers league” reputation that had been building over several years for the CFC was subverted and negotiations immediately began in earnest between the NFL and CFC for a joint draft in order to prevent a repeat of the 1991 situation. However, the NFL’s draconian requirements for the CFC teams, such as an “admission fee” paid to the NFL and the loss of first round picks for CFC teams for the first two years of the joint draft led to the CFC rejecting the agreement for the 1992 draft. The CFC would sign 9 of the top 10 NFL draftees. When another year’s worth of negotiations for a joint draft once again broke down ahead of the 1993 draft — the NFL had lifted many of its requirements but refused to even broach the subject of a merger, despite the CFC championship game slightly outdrawing the AFC and NFC championships — the CFC abandoned the idea of merging with the NFL and rebranded itself as the Continental Gridiron Alliance with the slogan “A League Unto Itself.”
  19. CCSLC Community, I have been a member for a little while now and am finally ready to begin to share a concept of mine. I made my first league when I was 8. I made up team names for fun and that soon led to logos and uniforms and then I started simulating these leagues. I am 24, which means we are in the 16th season of the GAFL. All of the histories of the teams that will follow are real (meaning that they actually happened, in a fantasy football sense). The way that I simulate the seasons will be rolled out in the next phase. In this project I will roll out all of the teams (1 a day) and their primary logos and look for C&C, then move on to uniforms and add to their identities. I want each of the logos to be strong before moving on, and will need your help. All of these logos are mine, however, some of them have elements or concepts from others. (Nothing is stolen BUT I have practice and used elements and styles that I have learned from all of you or real logos) Some of the logos also are blatant odes to real life teams. The GAFL is a 32 team-4 conference league with a playoff format similar to the new NHL format. Here we go, in no particular order... #1 San Antonio Defenders On Sundays at historic Riverwalk Park in San Antonio fans amass for Defender football. The Defenders are one of two teams in the state of Texas. The Defenders have won the Pantheon Cup in 1996 and 2003 and are one of only four teams that have won multiple championships. Stadium: Riverwalk Park Central Football Conference Name Explanation: San Antonio picked the name, Defenders over Steers to pay homage to the event that made their city famous. Logo Explanation: I wanted to copy the idea of Pat the Patriot. Davy Crocket fills that role as he stands in front of a San Antonio mission.
  20. I will design you a Fantasy Football logo if you donate $20 to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. All the proceeds go to charity. Please share
  21. Here is a logo that I am doing for a friend. I used purple and gold to convey royalty, along with the lion. I've done other logos but never an animal face-on. Hoping for some comments and criticism, with advice, or I could e-mail someone the Photoshop or illustrator file, if they wanted to fix it themselves. Thanks in advance
  22. My fantasy league for football, with my friend from New Hampshire is the American Football Association. (Hopefully the name isn't taken.) My team is the Travis Terror, located in Austin, Texas, (in TRAVIS County(hence the name TRAVIS Terror)) and the logo consists of a T with angular bat wings, the logo is very bland at this point, I would like some reccomendations on it before football season, if possible. Here it is, comments and complaints welcome :
  23. Apologizing in advance for the volume of images that will be in this posting. I visit this forum at least once a week, but never until just today did I think to post any of these uniform combos. My fantasy football team just finished another successful championship season, my 25th. I knew going in that I would be retiring from fantasy football after the season so I took the opportunity to celebrate 25 years of Piranhas history. I combined this anniversary celebration with my love of Oregon's endless uniform combos and created a new combo for each week of the season, including the playoffs, and a week 17 exhibition game against the champion of a sister league. The results definitely run the gamut from traditional to XFL-ish. In my league's message board I wrote up a full explanation for each uniform combo, usually taking it a step farther by creating a short background story of what was going on behind the closed doors of the team's doors. During a mid-season slump, the news was that the owner (me) had a closed-door meeting with the players and laid down the law. Starting that week, the uniforms contained blood spatter, rumored to be the player's own blood. That "worked" in motivating the players, and we went on a five-game win steak that propelled us into the playoffs and onto the championship. The blood spatter continued and increased for a few weeks, to the point where some rival teams were joking that the only place I could take this was to have actual entrails and organs featured on the uniform and helmet. Sadly, I ended the blood spatter design element before it got to that stage. Anyway, except for the blood spatter, the combos feature relatively normal crazy Oregon/Maryland-esque designs. There were also four retro weeks where previous incarnations of the Piranhas logo were featured, and the final week 17 combo featured the original "Killer V's" name and combo that went winless through the first four games of my team's existence, prompting a change to the silver and black (and eventually blood red) of the Dark Piranhas. Special thanks to Fraser Davidson for his templates, and Sparky Chewbarky for showing how much fun it could be to create a full team identity (although I fell far short of matching the breadth and depth of the Highlanders) Week 1 Plain old vanilla Dark Piranhas home combo. Week 2 - The "Hockey" combo -away. Using the prominent logo placement that hockey uses. Week 3 - Blackout home combo Week 4 - Skeleton Crew away combo Week 5 - 1988 Dark Piranhas Retro jersery Featuring the original logo and a jersey design paying homage to the original Killer V's, by having a V on the front of the jersey. Week 6 - Breast Cancer Awareness Week. Week 7 - First Blood combo. First jersey to feature blood spatter. Week 8 - 1990 Retro logo and helmet Things started to get a bit crazy in the early 90's. Lots of teeth in the design. This team went undefeated with Randall Cunningham leading the way.
  24. Me and my friends got a fantasy football league together and i made the logo. Tell me what ya think. If you think you can do better, be my guest and post it here **made it in paint**