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  1. As in this period so many people seems to be taken into the Star Wars madness I've decided to change the subject of my fantasy league from Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit world. My Galactic Football League will have to wait a bit more. Why did I choose hockey for my Middle-earth fantasy league? I thought that hockey was the most fitting sport for J.R.R. Tolkien fictional continent as most of his stories take place in dark and cold times full of battles and wars. To me hockey is one of those sports which represents best an ancient battle fight. For these reasons I'm glad to present you the Middle-earth Hockey League (MEHL in short)! Little geographical lesson My hockey league teams will all be based on the geography you can see on maps in Tolkien's most famous books, LOTR and The Hobbit, which are setted in the Third Age of Arda (just because Middle-earth has not been the same shape ever). The whole world which is called Ea or Arda has many different continents but all my teams will be in the Middle-earth continent (also known as Endor, well, not that Endor). League Teams Rohan Riders Helm's Deep Defenders Minas Tirith Monarchs Minas Morgul Nazguls Osgiliath Legion Bree Brewers Rivendell Lords Mirkwood Hunters Moria Forgers Isengard Wild Erebor Mountain Kings Shire Halflings Misty Mountains Avalanche Mordor Black Army Anduin Argonath Ithilien Bowmen Dale Blazers Iron Hills Ironfeet League Map (the image is quite big, I suggest to have a look on full size mode) The league will not have conferences in it and every team will be playing two season games against each other team, one home and one away. There will not be playoffs, the team with the most victories gets the league trophy. In case of an even number of victories of two or more teams the number of draws or losses will be analysed. Hope you enjoy this thread!
  2. Let's start with a bit of mixing of real and alt history: during the mid 20th Century, Spain and Portugal were under the command of authoritarian regimes (Portugal since 1926 and Spain since 1939). Given these regimes were not only authoritarian but also Fascist-esque, people were ruled by very strict rules about the divertissement and leisure, including football/soccer. The Spanish La Liga, which was cancelled in 1935/36 due to the Civil War, was never taken up again, and in Portugal the Primeira Liga (Experimental) was created in 1934/35, which would be hold until the 1937/38 season, after which the government decided to cancel the competition. Due to these actions, football/soccer stayed at amateur level for many years. Things changed in the mid 70's: in 1974 the Revolução dos Cravos (Carnation Revolution) took place in Portugal, ending with the Estado Novo (New State), approving a democratic constitution in 1976. And in Spain Franco died in 1975, giving way to a democratic state. After both countries overcame the dictatorships, they decided to join forces and created a joint league, in order to help the clubs grow and become strong enough to be able to compete in European competitions. That's how the Liga Ibérica de Fútbol/Futebol (L.I.F.) was born. The Spanish and Portuguese agreed to create a league composed of 22 teams (12 from Spain and 10 from Portugal) and each team would play 42 matches per season. The LIF is still hold nowadays, and among its clubs there are some of the best teams and players in the World. This is the league current logo: And this is the list of the current clubs and the cities in where they play: Spain: Madrid: Sporting de Madrid and Racing Club de Madrid Barcelona: Unió Esportiva Catalana and Dynamo Barcelona Valencia: Club Deportivo Valencia Sevilla: Híspalis Club de Fútbol and Atlético Guadalquivir Zaragoza: Gimnástica Zaragozana Murcia: R̶e̶a̶l̶ ̶M̶u̶r̶c̶i̶a̶ ̶C̶l̶u̶b̶ ̶d̶e̶ ̶F̶ú̶t̶b̶o̶l̶ Recreativo de Murcia Mallorca: Athletic Balear Bilbao: Sociedad Deportiva Bilbao Vigo: Racing de Vigo Portugal: Lisboa: Atlético Clube de Lisboa and União Lisboeta Porto: Sociedade Desportiva Portuense and Associação Académica de Porto Braga: Futebol Clube Vitória de Braga and Grupo Desportivo de Braga Funchal: Madeira Clube de Futebol Coimbra: Sporting de Coimbra Setúbal: Clube de Futebol Sadino Faro: Clube Desportivo Formosa You can find the club's locations in the followig map: In the posts I'll be alternating between Spanish and Portuguese clubs, providing a bit of background for each one.
  3. I decided to start up a fantasy league known as the Earth Hockey League. It starts off with four teams: Washington Speedsters (US) Victoria Foxes (CAD) Tokyo Roses (JPN) Mexico Reds (MEX) The rosters are filled with NHLers. The rosters will be released soon. Here's where they'll play: Washington: Verizon Center (where the Capitals play) Victoria: Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre (where the Royals play) Tokyo: The Big Hat (where the ice hockey events in the 1998 Olympics were held) Mexico: Monterrey Arena
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