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  1. Fantasy Sports Logo Project Ever had a fantasy sports idea that you wanted to bring to life? We received an inquiry from a man named Joseph, who was looking for someone to make this happen. He had an idea for creating a sports brand "Fantasy Warriors", and we figured we'd be the ones who could make it work! The original idea was to create a Berserker Warrior or Viking Character, along with a Bears Pelt. Take those base ideas and create an awesome "Mascot Logo" for his sports brand! Something he could really be proud of and remember with when seen. This was our base idea for the project, and we now present our final concept! We hope you all enjoy! And as always you can check out the full resolution photos on our site here: Fantasy Warriors Logo Project For these Apparel Mockup Templates, check out YellowImages
  2. Here is an example of a goalie mask that could be used as an avatar for your fantasy hockey team. I used it for my Cincinnati Swarm fantasy team this season.It is done in photoshop only. You will find the template at deviantart. click here I have used templates of others but this is my first attempt at creating my own. Any CC is welcome
  3. ren69


    Just wanted to share a new logo design I just completed of a football fantasy league team for a member of these boards. As always C&C welcome. Thanks for checking in!
  4. Hello All! This is my first ever forum post! I've been on this site basically everyday at work to check out all the great ideas and concepts that have been posted. I've recently decided to take my fantasy baseball league and create uniforms and logos for each just as something fun to do. With the amount of time I spend on here, I thought maybe they would be worthy of a topic so others can check out what I did. Of course comments and criticism are welcomed! Now, some of the team names aren't the greatest but I feel my creativeness made up for them. If you think maybe color schemes should be changed or if its flat out the logo isn't that great and should be tweaked, please let me know. I hope you like! The Scrubs El Dorado Desperados I'm Keith Hernandez Most Interesting Man 516 Flatliners Murder Inc. Amazing Mess Skippy Cuban Missile Crisis Los Bravos
  5. JMurr


    So I have been following the threads for Ripball and Yakball. I love to see the concepts that these two, BlackBolt 3 and lancealot, as well as the concepts that are made up by many, many others on this site. I have in the past created my own imaginary sports leagues. Like these Ripball and Yakball leagues I create my own team names, logos and uniforms but unlike them I also create an entire history for the league; I date the league back to a particular date, move teams from time to time, create logos that are relative to the time period and change them from time to time, create rosters, schedule games, create box scores for the games. I feel what I do is the ultimate fantasy league. I do not simply chose the winners and losers of the games but rather create a randomization system to determine outcome of the games. But lets get back to the logos. I love the work that can be found on this sight and am a bit envious of it. My art talents are lacking so the logos I have made up for my leagues have largely been created from various clip art manipulations or simple drawings. So now I have an idea, what if I created a league starting new and from the beginning, would anyone be interested in helping me to create the logos, uniform designs, woodmarks, and other artistic elements of the game? I am gauging interest in this. Shortly I will be providing a brief description of what the league will be and the four teams I would like to start with. If this gets some interest perhaps this could become something fun and enjoyable for all those who participate.