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  1. Brief Intro I've always been a big fan of the Elder Scrolls franchise and I played hockey from age 5 late into my teens so I decided I would meld two of my interests, along with graphic design, to create some fun, unusual and challenging team ideas for the Tamrielic Hockey League. I think I've finally developed my design/ graphic skills enough I think to really try to have a go at creating some fictitious brands based on some of the more grounded and fantastical elements of Elder Scrolls lore and canon. I have a pretty bad habit of abandoning projects but I really don't want that to be the case here so I'm setting myself very few restrictions and attempting to make this as easy to produce and post so that I don't get too demotivated in hopes that this project will at least reach some state of completion. Any who, I present the first two teams: Windhelm Cave Bears First, I'll apologize off the top for the lack of an alternate jersey, I almost always do at least one but I didn't have any ideas I thought looked good enough to post as of yet, but that may change. Both of the first two teams also lack wordmarks and secondary or tertiary logos, but again I hope to rectify this in time as I make revisions to the designs throughout this thread. The bear features isn't particularly menacing but I think it still works and I picture the bears of Skyrim as being a little more goofy than real life bears for some reason. The logo also takes queues from the sigil of Eastmarch which features a bear with a Nordic style swoosh or circle design on its cheek which I've tried to integrate somewhat on this mark on its brow and cheeks, although it was harder from a front on angle. I also tried to really brighten the highlights on the bears head as I imagine it's cave being illuminated from above by glowing mushroom found in underground structures throughout various elder scrolls games. The highlight also is meant to vaguely symbolize a geyser as well which are found in the Eastmarch, below Windhelm. Blue was the obvious choice here as the heartland of the Stormcloak rebellion and the general association of blue to cold climates. Any critiques or ideas I'd be more than happy to hear. I would actually really, really, appreciate team, or location suggestions from any other Elder Scrolls fans (or otherwise) because my TES knowledge is not what it used to be having stopped playing video games for a while now. I do plan to make this a continental league, Skyrim will be represented alongside other regions of Tamriel. Here is a link to a very high quality map of the continent for those uninitiated, I plan to make a 'team map' once I have completed a sufficient number of concepts to help better orient the league.
  2. North American Collegiate Athletics (NACA) Hockey Concepts In this thread I will be adding my concepts for (made up) colleges and their hockey teams. This is going to be a long project I imagine and so far I only have a couple teams complete but I plan on making somewhere between 20-50 (maybe more?) teams across North America (not just the US) which will populate multiple 'conferences' or divisions. I also plan on making peripheral graphics for league logos, etc. My main goal for all these teams is to create a unique brand based around non-traditional mascots/ team names and color schemes! Central American Conference Eagle County College Goodwell Christian Wyoming State Greywood College TBD TBD Sun Conference Florida at Three Lakes Central Louisiana TBD TBD TBD TBD MORE TO COME! (HOPEFULLY)
  3. Intro. The year is 2004, and three Southern Ontario record labels hosting 6 local bands have combined to form a soccer league. Mantis Productions in Toronto, Mojo Records in Barrie and Tuesday Morning Records in Ottawa have all joined forces to create the Tuesday Morning Premier League. Concept. I'll be designing logos for each team and jersey (home, away and clash as well as goalkeepers kits for all 6 teams.) Sponsors will be either local or fictional brands tied into each band name, with backstory on each. Map. Teams. All of these teams are based on bands I either previously played in or have friends who played in. I've cleared the names with all band members. Windup Fox and (Norman Ross) Weichel are music projects that still exist. Team Locations. Bad Mojo (Orléans, Ontario) Panic Button FC (East London, Ontario) Slangdoll SC (Toronto) Stereoface SC (North London, Ontario) Weichel FC (Perry Sound, Ontario) Windup Fox FC (Ottawa, Ontario)
  4. I did up some player cards for the best starting lineup in my dynasty league. Rather than spamming you all with the 10 individual cards, here they are all together.
  5. So in the past I have come up with a huge baseball league consisting of an ongoing amount of teams. I have most of them drawn on paper, now I've decided to attempt to put them onto the computer. I have designed t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and of course the uniforms for each team and I figured I'd share them with everyone! I am open to suggestions on any teams the I could bring to life as well. C+C appreciated! Here is the first team, starting with a logo and a shirt. Here is the Reno Kings.
  6. So I've finally done something I've been pondering about for the past year or so. I made an entire fantasy football league where each team is made up only from players in a given state/region. It's a different way of using fantasy and it seemed like something that could be interesting to see as the season played out. I went through pro-football-reference.com and looked through each player birthplace states to find players for each team. The beginning rosters were not permanent, I have changed each variously throughout the year as I found out some players produce more points than others. Each Wednesday I go through and edit each teams rosters and it's actually been quite interesting to watch week to week. Here's a list of the team I decided to use: East Division: Dixieland Rebels (Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee) Florida Hurricanes Georgia Swampers Great Lakes Bucks (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin) Mid-East Islanders (Delaware, D.C., Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia) New England Pilgrims (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont) New Jersey Sea Dragons Pennsylvania Colonials West Division Big Sky Ranchers (Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington) California Surfers Great Plains Bison (Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma) International Travelers (All non-USA areas) Louisiana Gators Ohio Harvest Rocky Mountain Bighorns (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming) Texas Gunslingers Here's a look at the current standings. It may surprise you how each region is doing, as well as what players are on each team and how each team did against each other. http://games.espn.com/ffl/standings?leagueId=704917&seasonId=2018 Let me know what you think of this little experiment, or if you know of any improvements I could make for next season.
  7. Since 1999 I have been developing a concept league called the Sunday Champions League. Accompanying this league is a full collegiate universeThe first team up is the Cleveland Turfdogs. Keep in mind I was in fifth grade when some of these teams got their names, and in honor of tradition the names have stuck. The Turfdogs are a playoff team year in and year out but have lost all three SCL Championships that they have reached. Running Back, Bruce Perry is the lone Dog that has reached the SCL Pantheon (Hall of Fame). He holds the honor of being the first running back in SCL history to reach 2,000 yards. The Dogs are hoping that their first round pick, QB Pat Cavanaugh, will turn things around for them. They have missed the playoffs two straight seasons for the first time in team history.
  8. https://www.behance.net/gallery/55944215/Vampirii-din-Brasov Originally a bid formed for a fictional hockey league on an old forum with /u/ColeJ. "The Vampires from Brasov" | "We reign at night."
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