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Found 6 results

  1. I have always liked the threads on these boards, such as the AFA and the PHL, that documented and simulated the history of a fictional sports league. Even before I joined the forums, I had thought of doing this myself, and had, for a very brief time, simulated a baseball league with my brother (we ended up stopping because we kept making it way too detailed to the point where it took forever to simulate even one game). Reading those threads further inspired me to make my own league, and gave me a better idea of how to do it. However, every major sport has been done at this point to some extent, so I decided to make my own sport. I present: dashball. Dashball is a sport I based heavily on a game I played in gym class called speedball. I would have kept that name, but after some research, there’s already a sport with that name with similar, but slightly different, rules. I decided I should name it something different, and the game I came up with was different enough from the version of speedball I played and the ones I found online, so I felt a different name was justified. Oh, and did I mention it's the future? Welcome to the year 2024. image Champions: 2017 - California 2018 - California 2019 - Chicago 2020 - Toronto 2021 - Texas 2022 - Texas 2023 - Philadelphia Rules of dashball: If you can't see the images in this thread or just want to find something, every image I've posted is in here. Complete original post spoilered below for continuity:
  2. Hey everyone, It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted on these boards, largely in part because life has a way of getting in the way, but I’ve been quietly lurking. Some of you have probably seen me active on Dribbble and Instagram, and probably know that I’ve been working on my personal football league redesign, a thread that I received a lot of positive feedback on in 2011. Yes, I’m resurrecting it (although it wasn’t really dead in the first place). As we’re learning and developing our skills as designers, we tend to become better than the work we produce yesterday. I've been working on developing identities for each team on and off for the past 6 years. That being said, I’m excited to bring to you “The UFL Project”, a 2.0 if you will, a reimagining of 32 fictional football teams I created when I was 11. Named the “Ultimate Football League”, my goal for this project is to bring the brand to life through visuals, custom logos and typefaces, and to make each individual team a brand of their own. I have been running the Ultimate Football League for the past 25 seasons (which equates to about 10-ish years), with complete rosters and histories. I’ve ran the league through the Franchise Modes of Madden 06, 09, and now 12. Feedback is always appreciated, but I’m not looking for critiques of league alignment, storylines, etc. Most of these decisions are based off of the history of the league and the original teams 32 that I started with. I have a lot that I’m excited to share, but for now, here’s the league logo. EDIT: If anyone knows of a solution for the quality loss in the embedded image, let me know! RATIONALE Think of the UFL as this alternate-universe football league that takes the place of the NFL in the football world. Other popular leagues still exist, but the entire football lineage from the NCAA to the pros has been completely redirected towards the Ultimate Football League. Major entities like Nike and ESPN are very much alive, while some smaller companies that may hold sponsorships and naming rights are completely fictional to fit with the storyline and lineage of the league and its owners. The timeline of the league is also based on seasons, not years, due to the fact that multiple seasons may be simulated within a year. However, based on the 25 seasons to the date, we can infer that this league started somewhere between 1991-92. Currently, the league is simulated in the Madden 12 Franchise Mode (previously Madden 08, 09), which means it isn’t uncommon for ridiculous scores and stats to pop up (CPU users don’t tend to show sportsmanship in blowout games). It also ins’t uncommon for dynasties to win 4 championships in a row, or appear in 8 consecutively. When instances like these happen, I try and incorporate it into the storyline as much as possible. It’s more fun that way. STORYLINE The Ultimate Football League is an American football league made up of 32 teams spread out across the United States. The league is split up into two conferences – The Great West conference and The Great East conference – and each conference has four division of four teams each. The regular season is 17 weeks long, with 16 games and a bye week, and is concluded with a tournament-style playoff structure in which the four division winners and two wildcard teams in each conference play in a single-elimination game format, with the final two teams playing in the UFL Championship. The team with the most UFL Championship wins is the Chicago Dragons (11), and the most recent champion is the Los Angeles Aztecs, defeating the Cincinnati Vultures 30-7 in UFL Championship 24. There are still 13 teams that have yet to reach the championship.
  3. Here is a fictional baseball team concept for a team called the New York Classics. I am using Inkscape for the first time so I wanted to choose a name that I could make a simple logo for. The whole goal is simplicity while still having a good logo set. Please tell me what you think. Uniforms are to come.
  4. Hey all, I got this idea a while back for a new sport to play (well, modified from an existing sport at least) and I thought it could be fun (plus good design -practice) to take it and build a league concept around it, so here we go! The sport is called Reflex. It is a modified form of Tchoukball (click the link to see a highlight reel), where teams score points by throwing a ball against a rebound net and having it hit the ground before the defense can catch it. The sport has elements primarily of ultimate and handball. Games are played on a hardwood court with walls around it the size of a standard hockey rink. Some major rules are: * 6 Players on the court for each team. * Player with the ball cannot take more than two steps. * Player with the ball cannot hold onto it more than 5 seconds. * Either team can score off either rebound net when ball is in their possession, but must complete a minimum of three passes before a shot is attempted. * If the offense drops the ball, steps in or has the ball land in the red zone, commits a penalty, or allows the defense to intercept the ball in they lose possession. * If the defense catches the ball off the rebound net, no points are awarded to the offense and the defense gains possession. * Contact is not allowed, and the defense cannot enter the forbidden zone. Major defensive penalties result in a penalty shot for the offense. Minor penalties result in a player spending 1 minute in the penalty box. * Hockey-style substitutions. Scoring: * 1 Point - Ball rebounds off net and hits ground in 1-Point Zone * 2 Points - Ball rebounds off net and hits ground in 2-Point Zone * 3 Points - Ball rebounds off net and hits ground beyond the 2-Point Zone * Reflex - After the offensive player bounces the ball off the rebound net, a teammate catches the ball and immediately throws it off the rebound net again, after which is hits the ground in one of the scoring areas. Worth 3 Points + Points corresponding to where the ball hits the ground (so if 2nd throw bounces and lands in the 2-point zone its worth a total of 5 points). Team locations (will be a 20 team league), names and logos will be unveiled in the coming days, but here is a diagram of the playing surface for the United Reflex League. A larger version of the league logo will be posted next. C&C is appreciated, enjoy! These teams are posted so far (in order of post date): Austin, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Omaha, Grand Rapids, New Orleans, Albuquerque, San Jose, Columbus, Orlando, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, Charlotte, Oklahoma, Utah, Hartford, Nashville, Phoenix, Portland I'm also going to add secondary logos and uniforms to the posts linked to above as they are made for easy locating, in addition to their own dedicated posts.
  5. I've had a recent ambition to start a fictional football (soccer) league. This league is in Diomede, a country I made up. Intro Teams
  6. WARNING: This is my first try at anything of the concept sort so don't expect any miracles. BEGINNINGS In 1973, Jason Moeldour, a Phy. Ed teacher in Montana developed a new sport for his students, naming it "Throwball". The sport quickly spread across the United States and Canada, with professional leagues being founded in both countries starting in 1979. By 1986, the sport had taken over Central America, the Caribbean and South America. There were professional Throwball leagues in the 6 inhabited continents by the early 1990s. BASICS Throwball is played in a hockey-sized rink, but on grass, the object of the game is to put the ball in the opponents net. The game is basically a mash-up of hockey and soccer, hockey in the rink and goal size, the boards, on the fly line changes and the hard-hitting nature of the game. Soccer's influence is apparent in that you can use any part of your body except your feet. TEAMS Throwball is played by two teams of 6 with a center, two wings, two posts, and one goalie. Teams play three 20 minute periods and if the game is tied, two sudden-death overtime periods of 10 minutes are played. If still tied, the teams go to shootout. Penalty shots are taken from a set mark 15 feet from the goal. The shooter may not leave the mark. THE BALL The ball is about half the size of a basketball and is made of the same material as a playground ball POINTS A points system similar to hockey is used and the points are given as follows 3 points: Regulation win 2 points: Overtime/Shootout Win 1 Point: Overtime/Shootout loss 0 points: Regulation loss Any further questions you have, feel free to ask. I will also be open to new suggestions for the sport's name as it has come to my attention that there already is a sport called Throwball. Now on to NATA. The North American Throwball Association was the first major professional league to be founded, starting in 1979. There are only 4 teams that have survived those 34 years and are still going strong. These teams are Lupes de Montreal Toronto TC (Later dubbed, the "Lamplighters") Empire TC (New York) TC Azteca (Mexico City) Now, the league has expanded to 40 teams set in two tiers. Tier 1 has 24 teams and Tier 2 has 16. At the end of each season, the bottom four teams from Tier 1 are replaced by the top 4 finishers from Tier 2. The 36 teams I have not mentioned will be introduced gradually. The first team being Archers United (Tier 1) based in St. Louis. Archers United was founded in 1992. They have not enjoyed much success, having only been in Tier 1 for 8 of the 20 seasons they've played. They're a program on the rise having spent the last four seasons in Tier 1. The team is built around loudmouth Nicaraguan Cristobal Del Nunez. Always capable of an interesting quote, his mouth has made him many fans and many haters. Here they are, Archers United!