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  1. I have already attempted this twice, but I was just new to designing then and wasn't ready for a project like this. Now I feel like I can do it, and hope to improve my logo-making skills along the way. Now, onto my country, Dannia, which is an island Northwest of New Zealand. It is around 341,000 km2 (Approximately the size of Finland) and has a population of 16.6 million people. The capital city is Kabana, with a population of 1.9 million. (Not all cities will have a team) The league logo is a large letter D with a eight-sided star, the national symbol, acting as the hole in the centre. Inside of the star is a stylized soccer ball/futbol, telling people what sport the league is. The logo is in red, black, and white, the national colours. First team should be up soon!
  2. This is take 2 for my fictional soccer league. My country is called Dannia, has a population of 18 million, and is around the size of Finland. The League's 10 teams will be based in 5 main cities, with Kabana, the capital, being the home of 6 clubs. League Logo: (this means 'super league'' in Dannian) The first team will be up soon!
  3. It seems like a lot of people have fictional countries these days, so I guess I should post mine. A while ago, I made a country called Dannia. The capital city is Kabana. Map: Along with it, I made the Dannian Premier League. This league has 9 teams. Because I'm using paint, the graphics will be bad, so sorry about that. The first team, the Kandres Waves FC, is coming soon!
  4. Hey guys so I just made this extremely long, funny (er) post about this but of course the damn thing crashed and its gone. So heres to starting over. So Gutland is a fictitious country I made up what must of been years ago, and now I found it and i'm rebooting it and "my very own hopefully less corrupt NCAA". What I hope to do is release at least 30 media guides for the 30 D1 schools in Gutland stuffed with branding, logos and uniforms and facts for football and mens baseball and basketball. Those are the three I have most fun doing, so that's what I'm sticking with. On top of that I plan on a much smaller d2, and some extra tidbits here and there. I'm doing this now because I'm on break, once I'm back in school posting will be more spontaneous. I'm using a strange combination of Gimp and but it gets the job done. Well, without much further ado heres Gutland! Ok much briefer history than my last post. Gutland is slightly north of Virginia in the Atlantic Ocean. It was discovered by Scandanavians and named Gutland. Next French colonized the South and English colonized the North and Central. Irish snuck into some gaps between the two. For a while it was peaceful between the two with the English fighting many wars with the Tonka and Creek native American tribes to the North. Eventually france and England fought, France's military was dispelled but much of French culture in the south remained. Germans later colonized swaths of Land to Gutland's eastern shores. Gutland aided the US in many wars from the world wars to Vietnam, and for this the US allowed Gutland to remain independent. Now here are some maaaaaps. Again I had much longer descriptions of the capitols but now I'm a little bugged, so heres some little ol descriptions. Tonka City- Farming city, large metro, large pop., rural outside of metro, coastal, largest national park, forest/flat terrain Stackhouse- Shipping/freight city, large coastal influence, highest density in country, average quality of life very low Silversmith- largest producer of steel/iron, second highest altitude, rural scattered metro, heavily forested Allentown- next to largest river in country, largest factories, largest producer of freight, surprisingly high standard of life Saint Williams- highest average income, lowest average altitude, large wealthy metro, prides itself on high conviction rates Fort Pierre- most sought after art/architecture in country, depends on tourism, heavy costal influence Sablewood- large trading hub in South, largest producer of boat/airplane parts, big lumber/fishing producer Trafalgar- Capitol of Trafalgar, City and state(like NYC) highest population in country Thanks for stopping by guys, I have one primary logo left so I should have a logo map done soon to give you guys a sneak peak, if you have any other questions about the project OR the country it'self I'd be very happy to answer. Hope you all enjoy and have a great night (day?).
  5. Welcome to the Monarch Island Premier League! The league is home to 20 teams from 2 countries. Monarch Island is south-west of Ireland and West of France in the Atlantic Ocean. It's countries include: The Provinces of Taurun- primarily English and has a strong resemblance to the USA in things like suburbs and cities, but many are from Ireland and the UK. Republique de Larcons- Salut! Bienvenue to Larcons! Larcons again, like Taurun has American-style suburbs and cities but is almost exactly like France in every other way. The league (2015/16) consists of: Bolian FC Nenor Bay Nenor City FC Carn Orvill FC AFC Winchester Northan United Pioneer Tallon Jefferson North Bay Tomas Island City Cavalry (Larcons Ville) AFLV (Association Football Larvcons Ville) Cape Laval Reims Isle FC Le Port Le Mans AC Montpellier Saint-Paul Wellington SC Malar Last Year Champions (14/15) Nenor City Newly Promoted Northan United Wellington Reims Isle FC Leagues in the Federation Premier League Division 2 Division 3 Lower Tiers You may recognize this country from 9jakepenny. This is because he is actually my cousin who has given up on the country and he has given my permission to explore the island and develop the league. He may make some notes here and there. Bolian FC Bolian FC has been one of the most famous teams in the league's history. They were established in 1934 and have lifted the league trophy 11 times. They were the first team to repeat championships (2005/06--2006/070 in over 22 years. Recently the club has been doing great as they lifted the cup in 2014/15.