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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys! Today I'm here with a big project! One that's been in my head for a while and that I've finally started executing. With big help from @Balu the Bare I've been able to start work on a fictional history of american baseball. We start in the year 1885, when the world's first professional baseball leagues were formed. One, the Northeast Baseball League, is located in the New England area. And the other; the United States Baseball League, is located along the Ohio River. The leagues are not connected in anyway. The barely even know of each others existence. There are 5 teams in each league. I will be creating logos and uniforms for each team, while Balu helps simulate and generate ideas. It's simulated using OOTP. Each season is currently 80 games, with the two best teams from each league playing each other in their leagues championship. Here are the league logos: The teams will be uploaded soon! C&C appreciated, hope you stay tuned! Current teams:
  2. Heeeeeello Humans, after reading thru Veras, FFwally, and Hawkfan's fictional,sports leagues I decided to create my own. I recently had downloaded Out Of The Park Baseball (OOTP) it's a baseball simulater. After 2 weeks of playing I realized I could create a fictional league. So I decided to make a fictional league with real teams (weird) thanks to Wikipedia I found some old defunct baseball teams from the 1880s and decided to make a story from that The year was 1888 With the growing popularity of baseball meant opportunity. Leagues such as the NL, AA, and UL were growing in national popularity. Many businessmen noticed the opportunity and took it. One of such businessmen was looking into starting a full Major League, that businessman was Derek Kuster owner of the Louisville Admirals baseball team. Kuster's Admirals had recently dominated the Kentucky Baseball League, winning the championship each of the last 5 years. Kuster, along with 7 other businessmen decided to create their own league, thus the American Baseball Association was born (Ps as of now I do not have the means of creating logos and jerseys for the teams so you are just going to use your imagination for now. Plus it makes it more realistic since teams didn't have any distinguishing marks back then, except for their socks) Current teams Louisville Admirals Toledo Blue Sox Columbus Buckeyes Brooklyn Gladiators Indianapolis Hoosiers Cleveland Spiders Kansas City Cowboys Rochester Broncos Philadelphia Tigers