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  1. In a parallel universe, the United Baseball Association (UBA) began play in 1921 and is currently in the 2019 season. The UBA was established with 16 teams, but has since doubled to 32 teams split across two leagues, the Continental and Federal Leagues. Each league has four divisions, with four teams in each. Each division winner makes the playoffs for a total of eight playoff teams and they compete for the Maynard Trophy, which is named after a former commissioner. The last significant realignment/expansion came in the 1996-97 offseason. I’ve simulated out the league in OOTP 19 to build a history from which I will create concepts. Unless otherwise mentioned, all my locations and team names are set. I’ll slowly release the division alignments as I post team concepts. I personally like the classic, traditional feel that MLB logos and uniforms have. My goal has been to create concepts that would fit into the MLB looks-wise. To start off, each team will have four uniforms at most. At least one white home, one gray away, and then an alternate or two if I so choose. I may make some throwbacks at some point too, but I’m trying to avoid getting carried away and never completing this because I bit off more than I can chew. These are the first concepts I’ve posted here, though I’ve lurked here for awhile. I can’t afford the monthly cost for the Adobe package, so instead I pounced on a recent Affinity Designer sale and have been working on learning the program. I’ve seen several great concepts and series here, and I’ve been specifically inspired by dsaline97’s United States Baseball League, especially given how detailed the concepts and backstories were. I’m using rsaline’s amazing template for my concepts, so thank you for posting that for others to use. Anyways, now that I’ve made you read this far, here’s the league logo for the United Baseball Association, of which the influence of the MLB logo is clear. It's not terribly original. Points to you if you can guess who the pitcher is. I wanted something simple for the league logo, so that I could quickly move onto the actual teams. Perhaps I’ll revisit this later. The first team will be posted immediately after this, as we head to the Empire State for the first concept. Teams: New York Emperors (FL East) Indianapolis Unions (FL North) Denver Bison (CL North) Seattle Cascades (CL West) New Orleans Crescents (CL South) Jacksonville Tridents update (FL South) Philadelphia Penns (CL East)
  2. Welcome to my first post. I'm gonna introduce to my new fictional baseball league called International Baseball Association There will be 40 teams, 4 division, only one winner Let's introduce our teams Southeast Division Biloxi Chips (refer to casino) Little Rock Diamond Dogs (refer to miners) New Orleans Crawdads Fort Lauderdale Oysters Lexington Mustangs (The Horse capital) Florida Barracudas North Carolina High Knicks (refer to stirrups baseball) Charleston Palmetto Bugs (refer to palmettos, and cockroaches) Chattanooga Blues Wheeling Tomahawks Southwest Division Colorado Springs Greenbacks Arizona Firebirds Austin Bats Texas Fire Ants Galveston Shorebirds Provo Saints Wichita Falls Railroaders San Antonio Cannons San Diego Tuna Las Vegas Glitters Northeast Division New Haven Jays Rhode Island Sailors (Rhode Island has nautical shipwrecks) Montgomery County Knights (Refer to Maryland Flags) Worcestor Shamrocks (Worcestor has the biggest St.Patrick Party) Scranton Shockers (Known for the Electric City of Pennsylvania) Trenton Generals British Columbia Ice Caps Rochester Green Sox Burlington Maples Maine Beacons Northwest - Midwest Division Vancouver Totems Chicago Pizza Hogs (Home of Chicago Styled Pizza) St.Paul Lakers Madison Motions Summit City Cardinals Omaha Scorpions Cincinatti Hot Spices Grand Rapid Highballers (capital of Beers) Corvallis Timberjacks Billings Grizzlies I'll design the teams, and the league logo very soon.. but i might need help. if you wanna help me work on my project, PM me on the messages.
  3. As in this period so many people seems to be taken into the Star Wars madness I've decided to change the subject of my fantasy league from Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit world. My Galactic Football League will have to wait a bit more. Why did I choose hockey for my Middle-earth fantasy league? I thought that hockey was the most fitting sport for J.R.R. Tolkien fictional continent as most of his stories take place in dark and cold times full of battles and wars. To me hockey is one of those sports which represents best an ancient battle fight. For these reasons I'm glad to present you the Middle-earth Hockey League (MEHL in short)! Little geographical lesson My hockey league teams will all be based on the geography you can see on maps in Tolkien's most famous books, LOTR and The Hobbit, which are setted in the Third Age of Arda (just because Middle-earth has not been the same shape ever). The whole world which is called Ea or Arda has many different continents but all my teams will be in the Middle-earth continent (also known as Endor, well, not that Endor). League Teams Rohan Riders Helm's Deep Defenders Minas Tirith Monarchs Minas Morgul Nazguls Osgiliath Legion Bree Brewers Rivendell Lords Mirkwood Hunters Moria Forgers Isengard Wild Erebor Mountain Kings Shire Halflings Misty Mountains Avalanche Mordor Black Army Anduin Argonath Ithilien Bowmen Dale Blazers Iron Hills Ironfeet League Map (the image is quite big, I suggest to have a look on full size mode) The league will not have conferences in it and every team will be playing two season games against each other team, one home and one away. There will not be playoffs, the team with the most victories gets the league trophy. In case of an even number of victories of two or more teams the number of draws or losses will be analysed. Hope you enjoy this thread!
  4. I'm back!!! I had been working on a Spring League for my MLF universe when I got sidetracked on my Canadian League which I have now finished. I was inspired by Chis Clement starting his league for Veras' AFA universe... This is always something I had done when I was into football stats as a kid. I will debut the league logos first. I will then lay out the 10 teams starting tomorrow with the expansion team for this season the Atlantic Mariners. Brief History: The CFA started in 1957 when the Western Canadian Rugby Football Union merged with the Eastern Interprovidincal Fooball Alliance. The league has kept nine of the ten teams it currently has for its entire existence. Toronto did leave the league after the MLF expanded to Toronto for five years. Edmonton also changed the name of its team in 1965.
  5. Alright, so. Last year when I was still in high school, this guy decided that he wanted to join the Cascadian independence movement. For those unfamiliar, Cascadia is a hypothetical nation typically composed of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, although borders vary. They have a pretty sweet flag, and you'll see it around the Pacific Northwest fairly frequently, but it's mostly a symbol of regional pride, rather than an expression of secessionist spirit. However, there are some (like the guy at my school) who genuinely do want Cascadia to become a sovereign nation. So I got to talking with my bud Griffin about how if Cascadia were to become a country, we'd love it if they had soccer leagues structured like Europe's countries. The result is the Cascadian Premier League, and to a more limited extend Cascadian Leagues 1 and 2, and the Cascadian Football Association–the governing body of soccer in Cascadia. It's structured like this: 20 teams in the CPL, with the bottom 3 being relegated to League 1. We're up in the air on if there would be playoffs or not to determine a champion. The top 2 teams from League 1 are automatically promoted, and the next 4 play for the last promotion spot. Just as in the CPL, in League 1 the bottom 3 are relegated, with the top 2 teams of League 2 promoted directly, and the third spot going to the winner of a 4-team playoff. There are also a few non-league teams scattered about. The other day I finished designing the CPL, so I'll now be releasing teams fairly steadily. If you guys have C+C that is welcomed, but it might take a while for me to make adjustments. Is this whole project unrealistic? Of course. A sustainable league system? Not at all. But it's me and Griffin's little dream of what the ideal situation would be if Cascadia were to become a country. Some teams are pre-existing, like the Timbers, Sounders, and Whitecaps, others would be connected to other sports teams as if they were truly a "club," and some are entirely new. As for the thought process behind each of the logos: The CFA logo is a soccer ball with a center shape made up of 6 circles. 2 sections are blue, 2 are white, 2 are green–each representing one of the states that make up Cascadia, with the colors matching those of the flag. The CPL logo is a stylized map of BC, Washington, and Oregon, with chevrons running through them to symbolize the forests of the Northwest and the Cascade Range of mountains. I've taken inspiration from raysox's Yakball and APL series, as well as pcgd's America League, all of which are amazing series both in concept and execution. I'm not nearly as good as either of those guys, but they're what I'm striving for, and I hope you'll join me as I take you through Cascadia's soccer system. Beaverton SC Bellevue Rainiers Bend FC Burnaby Eagles Delta United Eugene FC Harbour United FC Hillsboro Hops Medford Rogues North Coast United Portland Timbers FC Puget United Richmond Lords Rose City Thorns FC Seattle Sounders FC Spokane FC Springfield Isotopes Tacoma SC Vancouver Whitecaps FC Victoria Royals SC
  6. Just a thought I had: what if there were a league of laser tag teams? Now, to flesh that thought out a bit: This is a sixteen-team league, with two conferences, each consisting of two four-team divisions. The top two teams from each division make the playoffs (although the bonuses given to players and coaches differ between divisional winners and wild cards). The season consists of forty games, played on Saturdays only, typically one per week (winters are off, as that's the worst time to travel). Players and coaches are strongly encouraged to have other jobs, as nobody makes more than $40K in a season, and healthcare is very bare-bones. In short, this straddles the line between pro and semipro. It's a new startup, so it has to be this way at first, right? Contrary to what you might think, home-course/arena (I'm calling them courses) advantage plays a big role. The courses have different designs and obviously the home team knows its course better than the visitors do. That said, there are certain basic rules relating to course size and structure that all teams must follow. Rosters are eight men per team, but only five play at a time. No in-game substitutions may be made except in the unlikely event of an injury. Those with more experience playing laser tag than I can help iron out other rules. (While I've greatly enjoyed the game when I've played it, there are no facilities in my hometown so I have only played a few times.) League setup (names off the top of my head; feel free to claim a team, change its name and/or location, and submit designs for it): Eastern Conference: Southeast Division: Atlanta Agitators Miami Neons New Orleans Turtles Charlotte Eels Nashville Twang Northeast Division: Columbus Cobras New York Volt Hartford Stags Boston Beams Detroit Electrons Western Conference: Northwest Division: Portland Thorns Denver Peaks Boise Beavers San Francisco Shockers Casper Frighteners Southwest Division: Los Angeles Jedis Phoenix Scorpions Las Vegas Rollers Santa Fe Rattlers Houston Explosion
  7. United Hockey Alliance A project by Steelman Introduction I’m going to be honest. I love simulated sports. I love fictional leagues and histories. I actually have created dozens of leagues. But even though I’m a media guy by trade, I suck at drawing/creating logos and have also been in a creative rut. So I’ve never really posted anything, minus the very short-lived Brenland Football League. I may have to use an ungodly amount of clipart in the beginning but I believe this will help me out of my funk. I've always liked Hawkfan's work with the PHL and lately I’ve been inspired by JCR’s World Hockey League even though I’ve never been much of an avid hockey follower. I do like the game but was always too much of a football nerd to ever religiously follow hockey. Since diving into the WHL and having to research endless player stats to stay afloat, I’m officially amped about hockey. So I’m going to give it a shot. A small, fledgling hockey league starting in 1940. This will be very loosely based on the NHL but not constrained by it. In addition to creating the initial teams and uniforms, tracking owners, coaches and players, and simulating fictional seasons, I’ve been developing a small simulation engine that tracks other factors. I’m calling it the “Franchise Five Score” or “FranScore” and it will track five categories that could impact a team’s success or failure on a yearly basis: City Support Team Morale Fan Loyalty Fan Excitement Financial State The last one is the biggest factor as technically every team in the league could fold in the process of progressing through seasons, but it’s weighted toward teams who win and go to championships. I’ll add more details on how it works later on. For now, every team starts on an equal playing field. Everything will be randomly generated though, except for the season standings, which I will create by taking each team's overall score and simulating with Xkoranate. I won’t be tracking player stats per se, but there will be awards given at the end of the season based a variety of factors which will be added to each player’s career log. Players and coaches do, however, have a 1-10 rating which counts toward each team’s overall score. Without further adieu, the United Hockey Alliance. For the league logo, I really wanted something that was unique and could be vintage by the time it was phased out. The hexagon is probably an unusual choice but I thought it paired well with the sticks and center circle. I also added the date of establishment, although I'm so-so on having it. Thanks for checking this project out, I look forward to seeing this progress. I gladly welcome all C&C and suggestions for what is era-appropriate. I admit I'm not as much of a hockey nerd as I am football, but oddly I've found it easier to design logos and identities for hockey teams than football teams. Maybe because I know less about hockey history? I dunno. Any questions or suggestions about the league, people, and time period are also welcomed. If you have operational suggestions or comments though, please PM me, so as not to confuse the thread. The league prologue and initial team introductions will be coming up next.
  8. Hello again, I am back trying to finally complete a series, and this will hopefully be a long one. What if, when all the major leagues (except for baseball) were being created in the late 40s, someone made a soccer league? I have done that, and named it the National Soccer League. In the beginning, there will be 18 teams, with 6 the top division, 6 in the middle, and 6 in the bottom. The league will eventually be expanded to have 60 teams - 20 in each league. In the first season, there will only be one main league, and then the divisions will be separated by standings that year. The teams for the inaugural 1949 NSL will be: (Hidden in spoiler due to size) With that here is the first team! DETROIT SOCCER CLUB Home Clash All in all a very simplistic set, but this is the 1940s. The team is known as "the greens" because of their signature all-green primary look, with green from head to toe. I made the crest a simple DSC interlock in a shield. The clash kit is all white with green socks and green sleeves. I've tried to give this team a very Chelsea-like feel to it, and with that I think I succeeded. Most teams will not have regular team colors for clash, similar to European soccer, but in Detroit's case I had to go with an inverse of the home. Anyway, C&C is greatly appreciated!
  9. Hello everyone! Thought I'd post my own fictional country thingy. The name of it is Spensàr, and it's an island nation of 30 million people in the pacific. It was discovered in the early 1600s by the French, hence naming it Spainsar, because of the lands similarity in climate to the Mediterranean country. After few failed attempts at colonization,the land was seemingly forgotten until the late 1800s.The English, colonized the country and took the name Spainsar for there own, slightly altering the spelling and adding the accent on the letter a to acknowledge the land's previous custodians, the French. Because of there colonization, most of Spensàr speaks English and is white,though natives were/are treated with more respect than in previous historical situations. The country gained Independence in 2002. Anyway, onto the thread. The I-Buy Eximius Foedus ( Latin for Super League,) is the top division of Spensarian soccer, the country's third most popular sport. 12 teams compete in 22 rounds and the top 6 at the end of the season's duration are put in a playoff system, with the final surviving 4 teams given positions in the WFA Championship. The bottom two teams in the league are relegated to the Spensarian Second Division. My fictional sporting apparel wear company, Spanna Athletic, manufacture the uniforms league wide. Here's a bit of a league map, I'll get into some of the country's background in future posts. Spensar has 16 states, and an underline indicates that the city is the capital of that state. Westingham Forrest will be up later tonight.
  10. Before I started posting NHL concepts, by hand, there was the V.V.G.L. My first series that I posted back in 2012, consisting of the following teams, representing the following video game franchises... Anaheim Assassins: Goldeneye 007 New York Rollers: Crazy Taxi Series San Jose Metroids: Metroid Prime Series Calgary Mario's: Mario Series New York Wake: Wave Race Series Toronto Sonics: Sonic Series Edmonton Triforce: Zelda Series Pittsburgh Pacmen: Pacman Series Vancouver Jetsets: Jet Set/Grind Radio Series Minnesota Yoshi's: Yoshi/Mario Series Montreal Quake: Quake Series Victoria Knights: Heroes of Might & Magic Series Wanting a break from my current, NHL, series; I decided to redo the entire league and expand it to 14 teams. V.V.G.H.L. sounded a bit clunky so I changed the name to simply VGHL. A few franchises have moved or changed altogether and the league is now divided into two conferences. Here are the 14 teams I will be posting: Western Conference Eastern Conference Anaheim Assassins: Goldeneye 007 Brooklyn Gear: Metal Gear Solid Series Calgary Marios: Mario Series Florida Pacmen: Pac Man Series Chicago Street Fighters: Street Fighter Series Montreal Quake: Quake Series Edmonton Triforce: Zelda Series New York Rollers: Crazy Taxi Series Minnesota Knights: Heroes of Might & Magic Series Ottawa S.T.A.R.S: Resident Evil Remake San Jose Metroids: Metroid Prime Series Pittsburgh Yoshi's: Yoshi/Mario Series Vancouver Jetsets: Jet Set/Grind Radio Series Toronto Sonics: Sonic Series I will be alternating between Western and Eastern conference teams, starting from the North down. First up are the Vancouver Jetsets (coming very shortly).
  11. Hello all. I've been lurking on this board for awhile and finally did create an account a few months ago. Football is one of my passions and as a creative nerd I've been creating and developing fictional teams and leagues since I can remember. I'm a graphic designer/media team manager by trade and do mostly print materials for a local organization. For whatever reason I've always avoided Illustrator and I've been trying to change that recently. Similar to Veras and his AFA, I've been using football concepts as an excuse to learn it. Veras has kindly allowed me to use his uniform template for this project and I am simulating seasons in a similar manner (see his original post about the basic process) but it is in no way affiliated with his league concept. I'm a fledgling author and so this series will also focus on the storylines and people-side narratives of a league, particularly the owners and coaches. I chose 8-man football (which you can read about some differences here if you're curious) as the backdrop as it's a bit quirky and different and will certainly influence league decisions and player and coaching types. This will definitely be a learning experience as I've never really shared any design projects or even stories, so we'll see where it goes! I would appreciate feedback and C&C on all aspects of design and story and welcome questioning on process and idea. CREATING BRENLAND This idea began when I had a few uniform concepts that didn't fit any of the other fictional leagues that I have and so I ended up creating an entirely fictional world to feature a new league. I had been researching Wales at the time and so this fictional country of Brenland is heavily influenced by Welsh history and typography. Geographically, it does not replace any countries and basically stands alone as an independent country, but for imagination's sake, it is to be pretended that it exists in an area between the United Kingdom and southern France. The province and city names were all generated randomly using a linguistic country name generator and I kept all of the ones that seemed to go together. The people of Brenland will be similar to Wales/England and therefore have basic Euro-UK names, which are also just easier to use and keep up with! I don't want to focus too much on the fictional world but I am continuing to flesh out details as I go along. And also since this is a fictional world, later in the series I'll be able to forgo some of the typical uniform standards if necessary. Hopefully an entirely fictional country with weird names won't be too hard to follow! Map of Brenland BRENLAND EIGHT-MAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE (BEFL)Below is a history of how the BEFL was formed: Prologue: 1940-1950 New fans have begun pronouncing the unusually long league name to a shortened "B-F-L" or elongating it to "Beff-uhl". The general feeling is that Mr. Regal struck gold on the league but missed the mark on the name, though fan support is still growing rapidly. (I have already simulated the first few seasons to get the general storylines going and will continue once I get caught up here) First League Logo: 1950 The league logo is a simple shield in black and white (another attempt by Mr. Regal to remain neutral) featuring an 8-point starburst and numeral 8 with the league initials and year of establishment below it. Teams and uniforms will be next along with the first season results.
  12. Welcome to the Monarch Island Premier League! The league is home to 20 teams from 2 countries. Monarch Island is south-west of Ireland and West of France in the Atlantic Ocean. It's countries include: The Provinces of Taurun- primarily English and has a strong resemblance to the USA in things like suburbs and cities, but many are from Ireland and the UK. Republique de Larcons- Salut! Bienvenue to Larcons! Larcons again, like Taurun has American-style suburbs and cities but is almost exactly like France in every other way. The league (2015/16) consists of: Bolian FC Nenor Bay Nenor City FC Carn Orvill FC AFC Winchester Northan United Pioneer Tallon Jefferson North Bay Tomas Island City Cavalry (Larcons Ville) AFLV (Association Football Larvcons Ville) Cape Laval Reims Isle FC Le Port Le Mans AC Montpellier Saint-Paul Wellington SC Malar Last Year Champions (14/15) Nenor City Newly Promoted Northan United Wellington Reims Isle FC Leagues in the Federation Premier League Division 2 Division 3 Lower Tiers You may recognize this country from 9jakepenny. This is because he is actually my cousin who has given up on the country and he has given my permission to explore the island and develop the league. He may make some notes here and there. Bolian FC Bolian FC has been one of the most famous teams in the league's history. They were established in 1934 and have lifted the league trophy 11 times. They were the first team to repeat championships (2005/06--2006/070 in over 22 years. Recently the club has been doing great as they lifted the cup in 2014/15.
  13. I've created an alternate history of what would become today's equivalent to the NHL. It all starts with two independent leagues, the Continental Hockey Association(CHA) and the Pacific Hockey League(PHL) The CHA, founded in Quebec City in 1917 began with 6 teams across New England and Eastern Canada. The PHL, founded in Vancouver in 1920 began with 6 teams across British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. This thread will give a timeline of the expansion and eventual merging of these two leagues with logos that I have created for the teams. Please feel free to give feedback and criticism. First I will give you a chart that shows the teams in the CHA and PHL and the map above. CHA North Division Quebec City Harfangs Moncton Maroons Halifax Citadels South Division Bangor Blue Stockings Portland Lobsters Boston Colonials PHL North Division Vancouver Killer Whales Victoria Thunderbirds Kelowna Kermodes South Division Seattle Cascades Spokane Chiefs Portland Pioneers I will start the Timeline in the next post and start incorporating logos. In the meantime feel free to give feedback and suggestions.
  14. North American Football Association I am re-launching my North American Football Association project. I have the majority of the teams designed by this point, and I will try to post at least one team per week. The NAFA is my fictitious league. My sister came up with the original names years ago, but none of these names still exist in the league. Only one team remains in its original location, but its name has changed since its founding. I have been creating football leagues for a long time now. One of my earliest was my USFL. Click here to see some of my first attempts at logos for the Minnesota Aliens USFL franchise. My design skills have improved greatly since then, and my fictitious football world has developed into what it is today. I have gotten a new template since my last attempt. All of the uniforms are manufactured by Delta Athletics (a fictitious company). And now here is my backstory for my alternate football universe: Football was brought to America in the early 1920s by immigrants. It was played at sand-lots and became very popular, with informal exhibition games played regularly. It became an official collegiate sport in 1927. At this point, it roughly resembled a game of rugby. In 1935, oil baron and businessman Red Nash sought to capitalize on the sport's popularity. He founded the ten-team American Football League and made modifications to the rules, including the addition of the forward pass. [NOTE: The AFL is a separate league from the NAFA and may be further explained in a future series.] Red Nash’s team, the Barons, still exists today. The sport was wildly successful in its earliest years, and the league continued to expand, reaching 14 teams by 1938. However, World War II hit the league hard, and by 1943 all but six teams had folded. Following World War II, the league rebounded with two expansion teams in 1947. The league continued to expand through the 1950s and early 1960s, reaching 16 teams in 1962. The membership would remain stable for nearly four decades, as the league instead focused on expanding its television presence. In the late 1990s, following the example of other major sports, the AFL decided to expand once again. They added eight teams in 2000 in what was known as the “Millennium Expansion.” Only four of the eight Millennium Expansion teams remain in their original location today. In the aftermath of the Millennium Expansion, Eugene Lambert decided to found the NAFA after realizing that there were still several large markets without football teams. In 2005, after nearly four years of work, Lambert had the backing he needed. He planned to begin play in Fall 2006 with ten teams, but after one team withdrew and three more experienced financial issues, the inaugural season was pushed back to 2007. The league played its first games on August 12, 2007. The Washington Cardinals compiled a 6-1 regular-season record and went on to win the championship. The league had a team fold after the 2008 season, and the Colorado Rockies folded the following year after posting a horrific combined 1-20 record over three years and seeing nearly-nonexistent crowds. Both times, a new expansion team entered the league the following year. Following the 2010 season, the league saw major changes as a new commissioner was hired. Washington and New Jersey (two of the league’s most successful teams) did not return for 2011. Meanwhile, there were several relocations and re-brandings. Finally, three new expansion franchises were added. The expansion DC Eagles went on to win the 2011 title. The league added three more expansion teams in 2012, and the Texas Thunderbirds went on to win the title. The NAFA had planned to expand to three cities in 2013, but expansion was put on hold, and they currently plan to expand to four as-of-yet-unannounced cities in 2014. Here is the league logo: