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  1. I have already attempted this twice, but I was just new to designing then and wasn't ready for a project like this. Now I feel like I can do it, and hope to improve my logo-making skills along the way. Now, onto my country, Dannia, which is an island Northwest of New Zealand. It is around 341,000 km2 (Approximately the size of Finland) and has a population of 16.6 million people. The capital city is Kabana, with a population of 1.9 million. (Not all cities will have a team) The league logo is a large letter D with a eight-sided star, the national symbol, acting as the hole in the centre. Inside of the star is a stylized soccer ball/futbol, telling people what sport the league is. The logo is in red, black, and white, the national colours. First team should be up soon!
  2. Yes, I know this is the second time doing this but I felt it needed an update that was more than just adding to the original topic. Map: Bottom left is Larcons and Taurun is the bigger section. Without further ado, Monarch Island consists of 2 countries: Taurun (English/British-Based) and Larcons (French-based). The league has 20 teams and does include promotion/relegation. First up, Le Port FC C&C is welcome
  3. Welcome to the Monarch Island Premier League! The league is home to 20 teams from 2 countries. Monarch Island is south-west of Ireland and West of France in the Atlantic Ocean. It's countries include: The Provinces of Taurun- primarily English and has a strong resemblance to the USA in things like suburbs and cities, but many are from Ireland and the UK. Republique de Larcons- Salut! Bienvenue to Larcons! Larcons again, like Taurun has American-style suburbs and cities but is almost exactly like France in every other way. The league (2015/16) consists of: Bolian FC Nenor Bay Nenor City FC Carn Orvill FC AFC Winchester Northan United Pioneer Tallon Jefferson North Bay Tomas Island City Cavalry (Larcons Ville) AFLV (Association Football Larvcons Ville) Cape Laval Reims Isle FC Le Port Le Mans AC Montpellier Saint-Paul Wellington SC Malar Last Year Champions (14/15) Nenor City Newly Promoted Northan United Wellington Reims Isle FC Leagues in the Federation Premier League Division 2 Division 3 Lower Tiers You may recognize this country from 9jakepenny. This is because he is actually my cousin who has given up on the country and he has given my permission to explore the island and develop the league. He may make some notes here and there. Bolian FC Bolian FC has been one of the most famous teams in the league's history. They were established in 1934 and have lifted the league trophy 11 times. They were the first team to repeat championships (2005/06--2006/070 in over 22 years. Recently the club has been doing great as they lifted the cup in 2014/15.
  4. I've created a few other league with actual cities, but this time i decided to try out a fictional country called Tauren. It's population is 36 million and it's climate would be like the US - Cold up north, hot down south. EDIT: History of Tauren - I'd imagine that European rebels set off from some country in Europe, let's say England, because they no longer wanted to be ruled by a monarchy. They first landed in Bolian - which is through the strait between the mainland and Carn Peninsula - So Bolian is nicknamed the Pioneer City. So they East was settled first and then the lakes were discovered and they established Clanin and Blutton. Eventually the west was established and then the north and all around there. Up North it's mostly woods and hills and mainly a vacation area like Maine or North Dakota. The West is known for their delicious seafood, sailing, and military camps. The South is like the Carolinas/Florida but still have about 7 million population. The East is proud of their heritage and are advanced in technology. Tomas Island City is the capital. Unlike the US or Canada, Tauren settlers adapted football into their history and is the main sport. BTW the size of Tauren would be no bigger than Alaska. IN THE PROCESS OF CLEANING UP PREVIOUS LOGOS! Full album Updates to come! If you have any ideas for teams please let me know!