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  1. On the Men's side, I'm liking this template. Can't wait to see what they do with Indy and Atlanta. The Women's logo is just beautiful...
  2. Who's your pick to cut down the nets in Houston? Mine is Kentucky. I think they'll be motivated, well the coaching staff at least, to get over the disappointment of falling short of perfection.
  3. I have just gotten to posting these profile pics and signatures that I made for the men's Final Four teams. I pretty simply just replaced the NCAA logo with the logo of the team, and added a woodmark for the signatures so they aren't much, but anyways: Syracuse- Wasn't sure what font to use, so I used machine bold which is similar to what is on their jerseys. UNC- All credit goes to Conrad for the font Oklahoma- Again, wasn't sure what font to use, so I used a simple block font like their jerseys Villanova- see UNC If their is any way I can improve these, please let me know, and if you have any font suggestions for Syracuse or Oklahoma that would be nice too. EDIT: Also, please let me know if these are the correct sizes or not.
  4. Hey everyone... I have been really busy and haven't been able to finish many of the topics I've started on here. It's kind of too late to finish my bracket topic, so I decided to make a Final Four Poster. This poster includes all four teams and the Final Four logo. On the bottom is a banner that reads "THE ROAD ENDS HERE" (the annual Final Four slogan), in front of this year's final four court colors. I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think! (Sorry for the poor quality... it's the best my program can do.)
  5. What's Up My Hulkamaniacs! I had some time to kill, and I made a Final Four poster. C&C is appreciated!
  6. With the Final Four this weekend I'm sure these will become common, but I will give it my shot. Oklahoma vs Villanova Simple designs based off current uniforms. Sooners in white and 'Nova in blue. UNC vs Syracuse UNC is simple with argyle on sides. Syracuse uses the 44 to rememeber Jim Brown, so kinda a combination of past unis and current unis.
  7. March Madness is starting to die down, but the Final Four this weekend will no doubt be an exciting one. Wisconsin, Kentucky, Duke, and Michigan State will fight it out to see who will be become the National Champion. As I've done in the past, I will be designing this important event (because I'm not good at comitting myself to long term projects). With that, I'd like to bring the first team to the table: The Wisconsin Badgers Even though the Badgers won't be wearing red in real life against the Wildcats, Frank Kaminsky and company will wear red in my fictional Final Four, because blue and red contrast enough, and color on color is awesome. #BrandSpeak: adidas and Wisconsin basketball have colaborated to make a special uniform for Wisconsin's 2015 NCAA Final Four (brought to you by Powerade) run. The sleek uniform represents Wisconsin's reputation for dairy products. Cheese is smooth and sleek, just like the uniforms. The shorts, however, represent Wisconsin as a team. The four sublimal stripes represent the team's four Final Four (brought to you Vizio) appearances. The white lines represent a pedestal, because the Badgers will be on top of the NCAA world after the tournament. The red stays unchanged. Actual: The uniform is fairly simple, mimicking Wiscy's football team, and its fairly simple uniform designs of year's past. The design pays homage to the 1941 National Championship team, with the stripes on the shorts similar to the striped socks. The stripes also represent Bucky Badger's shirt (and adidas cause I know someone will say it). NNOBs because that's what Wisconsin has done in the past. The name and numbers mimick the logo, and the current style at Wiscy. Any C&C on the Badgers is welcome. The next 3 teams will release as follows: Thursday: UK Friday: Duke Saturday: MSU Enjoy! Expect an NBA redesign from me soon, as I'm in the progress of completing that.