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  1. Heyo, well... This was my first try at making a concept. I've done replicas of baseball jerseys in my spare time to get used to MS Paint, but never done a full concept. So I decided, why not start with a really simplistic early 1900s soccer (futball) team? i know it's bad, but it was my first try and I'm still not used to ms Paint (if anyone has any tips on how to add word marks and numbers to jerseys it would be very helpful) Philadelphia AC, established in the early 1910s by rich entrepreneur Justin Hewitt. The team quickly became the best club in Philadelphia, and one of the best in the Atlantic. Known for their strong, ruthless defense and acrobatic goalie for their jerseys I wanted something simple, but unique. I used a dark brown for the kits, a color few teams use. With gray pants to balance the color. No wordmark,or sponsor on the jersey for the sake of cleanliness I may may make more olde soccer teams and make a concept thread, I'm not too sure. Please send critiques and comments
  2. I am a bit new to Concepts, but I am going to make some Basketball Teams. I noticed that the new National Basketball League of Canada has no western teams, so I will make some. Teams Vancouver Grizzlies Calgary Cowboys Saskatoon Slam Edmonton Drillers Winnipeg Thunder +More (Suggestions are welcome) First off the Vancouver Grizzlies Court Home Jersey Away Jersey C&C welcome
  3. WARNING: This is my first try at anything of the concept sort so don't expect any miracles. BEGINNINGS In 1973, Jason Moeldour, a Phy. Ed teacher in Montana developed a new sport for his students, naming it "Throwball". The sport quickly spread across the United States and Canada, with professional leagues being founded in both countries starting in 1979. By 1986, the sport had taken over Central America, the Caribbean and South America. There were professional Throwball leagues in the 6 inhabited continents by the early 1990s. BASICS Throwball is played in a hockey-sized rink, but on grass, the object of the game is to put the ball in the opponents net. The game is basically a mash-up of hockey and soccer, hockey in the rink and goal size, the boards, on the fly line changes and the hard-hitting nature of the game. Soccer's influence is apparent in that you can use any part of your body except your feet. TEAMS Throwball is played by two teams of 6 with a center, two wings, two posts, and one goalie. Teams play three 20 minute periods and if the game is tied, two sudden-death overtime periods of 10 minutes are played. If still tied, the teams go to shootout. Penalty shots are taken from a set mark 15 feet from the goal. The shooter may not leave the mark. THE BALL The ball is about half the size of a basketball and is made of the same material as a playground ball POINTS A points system similar to hockey is used and the points are given as follows 3 points: Regulation win 2 points: Overtime/Shootout Win 1 Point: Overtime/Shootout loss 0 points: Regulation loss Any further questions you have, feel free to ask. I will also be open to new suggestions for the sport's name as it has come to my attention that there already is a sport called Throwball. Now on to NATA. The North American Throwball Association was the first major professional league to be founded, starting in 1979. There are only 4 teams that have survived those 34 years and are still going strong. These teams are Lupes de Montreal Toronto TC (Later dubbed, the "Lamplighters") Empire TC (New York) TC Azteca (Mexico City) Now, the league has expanded to 40 teams set in two tiers. Tier 1 has 24 teams and Tier 2 has 16. At the end of each season, the bottom four teams from Tier 1 are replaced by the top 4 finishers from Tier 2. The 36 teams I have not mentioned will be introduced gradually. The first team being Archers United (Tier 1) based in St. Louis. Archers United was founded in 1992. They have not enjoyed much success, having only been in Tier 1 for 8 of the 20 seasons they've played. They're a program on the rise having spent the last four seasons in Tier 1. The team is built around loudmouth Nicaraguan Cristobal Del Nunez. Always capable of an interesting quote, his mouth has made him many fans and many haters. Here they are, Archers United!
  4. I am trying to start a fictional water polo league . Water polo has always been a cool sport but never got much popularity in the usa. i will start from 1889 a year after the first water polo game was played in USA. On March 20 1889 Trevor Lyman a successful business man began to develop an interest this this new sport. using some of his money he developed the National Water Polo League and founded the first team the Manhattan Water Polo Club