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  1. Let me start by stating that I did not create this directly for the Toledo Walleye, I created it as just a walleye graphic and thought I'd try it for the them. In this application though I'm not sure if I'd want the white or light blue outline.
  2. I get that they San Jose Barracuda are sponsered by Barracuda and they worked their logo around the company logo, but was it worth it? The logo looks like a pile of fish parts. So using some style cues from the Sharks logos I put this together. Let me know what you think.
  3. Looking through my files from the past year I've noticed I created a good portion of concepts in the last 365 days. The other thing I've noticed is that the quality looks much better than previous years. So I thought I'd give CCSLC a look at what I've done over the past year. Most you've seen, but there are some that didn't fit with "sports logos" that I didn't post. We'll start off with the NBA concepts: Minnesota: Detroit: Chicago:
  4. Doodled this up today. Let me know what you think. May concept a team around it.
  5. Still new to designing logos that aren't soccer logos. I am trying to make a logo for a team in Marseille, France for my European Hockey League, but I'm a little stuck on the colours of the logo as well as how to improve on my logo. I need to work on the mouth, eye and tail for sure. Don't hold back on the criticism please! So here are the colour options. (My favourites are 3 and 4, but Teal will still be used on the jersey.) 1. Light Blue Outline / Grey Body 2. Light Blue Outline / Teal Body 3. Dark Blue Outline / Light Blue Body 4.Dark Blue Outline / Grey Body
  6. I have been playing around with these walleye logos. At first they were just going to be fishing shirts for a tournament, but the more I tweaked them I started thinking they'd make a solid logo set. I'd like to hear your thoughts after viewing. 1st Draft Primary: Emphasizing the mouth and teeth. 1st Draft Secondary: I wanted an even view of the gaping mouth. On both of the first drafts I tried to go for super aggressive with realistic colors. That proved to be troublesome so I decided to simplify the color sceme to a single green, navy, and a cream color. 2nd Draft P: Completely redrew the fish. Went more realitic in shape and proportion. 2nd Draft S: Same shape, different color scheme.