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  1. AMERICAN FLASHBALL ASSOCIATION Back in January I started the AFA, and i didn't have the time to finish the league. Well, I am bringing the league back to life and want to make an interactive league with you guys. There will be 15 team spots available to join, I will own one team as well. Whoever joins will create their team unis and logos but there will be no rosters, just team sim, in which I will control all simulations. The rules top the league will be posted below! I hope you guys want to Join! RULES: League Logos: Post on here, or PM me if you are interested in joining! Future Conference: 1. Texas Stars 2. Sacramento Stags 3. Thunder Mountain Warriors 4. San Antonio Defenders Athletic Conference: 1. Colorado 303 2. Florida Flamingos 3. Maryland Oaks 4. Chicago Eagles LEAGUE SCHEDULE (First Ten Weeks): Scoring System (First Season Trial): Using two dice: First roll- Amount of TDs Scored (2 Points for Each TD) Then, for every TD scored there will be a conversion roll: For each Conversion Roll: 1,3 = 1 Pt (Success) 2,4 = 2 Pt (Success) 5,6 = 0 Pt (fail)
  2. AMERICAN FLASHBALL ASSOCIATION: INTRO: Played as a fun game after spring football practices, Flashball is something all players are looking forward to every day between the months of February to May. It is a cross between touch football and ultimate Frisbee but is packed with non-stop action, and competitive arguing throughout the game between games with the team. I wanted to bring Flashball into the concept world on the boards because I really love playing the game and like the challenging idea of creating a conceptual league for it. RULES/GUIDELINES: A 6 player game, it is played on a 40 yard field (goal line to goal line) in length and 25 yard width. The Touchdowns are 5 yards in length, so half the size of a normal end zone. The are two, ten minute halve with a non-stop play clock. There are 2 Refs, each patrolling a sideline. The scoring system is as follows, 2 points for a TD and 1 point for the conversion from the 5-yard line and 2 for the conversion from the 10. Each team gets 4 total downs to try and score a TD. There are also no handoffs, only passes. A player is declared down when a defender tags the opposing player with 2 hands (refs also watch for that). The only penalties in the game are a 5 yard penalty for offside/false starts, and 10 yards for pass interference. SEASON PLAY: Once all logos are completed for the 16 team league, 8 team conferences, 4 divisions. The Athletic and Future Conferences will be the two conferences (names are set). Yes this will be a seasonal concept founded in 2016. The season is 24 games long, with a 4 teams from each conference making their respective playoffs. After 12 games there will also be an all star game, host cities will be revolving. The uniforms will be created on RaySox's soccer template, Im still undecided if there should be sponsors or not. The league is sponsored by under armour. I think that I have laid out everything pretty solid! Ask any questions needed! Here is the field template. TEAMS: Athletic Conference WEST Phoenix Oakland Denver Eugene EAST New York Minneapolis Miami Raleigh Future Conference: WEST San Diego Seattle United Albuquerque Billings EAST Houston Apollos Chicago Columbus Richmond