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  1. Hey there, everyone, here's a quick (and possibly polarizing) NHL series! I'm sure you're all familiar with the controversial Vancouver Canucks Flying V jerseys. Personally, I've always kinda liked them! I think the black ones were a really well-designed jersey that pushed boundaries without being over-the-top. (The yellow ones, not so much...) Anyways, some of the recent Stadium Series jerseys feel like spiritual successors, of sorts. Though they haven't been particularly well executed (cough cough LA Kings, cough cough Tampa Bay), I can appreciate the ambition to try something a bit new... And I appreciate that they aren't meant to overwrite the teams' traditional jerseys—they're just one-off alternate jerseys! In that spirit, I've tried to create an alternate jersey for every NHL team in the vein of the Flying V... A bit out there, hopefully without getting caricaturishly ugly (like the infamous Blues jersey, Wild Wing, or Burger King). Unlike the Canucks' change in the 70s, they won't involve a total brand change; I want them to feel somewhat "in character" for the team's existing brands. Hardcore traditionalists, please suspend just a little bit of disbelief (but not more than a little bit, when restraint is especially needed...) Buckle up and enjoy!
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