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Found 3 results

  1. The story that led to this entry started last week, when I went to each of the 50 states and came up with a name of an imaginary university or college, along with its location within the state and a nickname (Tigers, Bears, etc.). I went over the list and created athletic marks and logos for some of these places, based upon what university/college name and nickname pairs I felt had the potential to be a good, strong identity. The ultimate goal of this was to create an identity strong enough to be entered into the NCFA. Fast forward to earlier this week, when I hit upon the name that I had given for the university in Nebraska: the University of Nebraska-North Platte. I had originally given the nickname of "Railhawks" to this university, because this identity was barely a blip on my radar. But then, after I had really researched the city of North Platte, Nebraska, it's history, etc., I tweaked the university name to the University of Nebraska AT North Platte and also changed the nickname from Railhawks to Railroaders. Then I started with the athletic marks: From these marks, I created the football uniform, football field, basketball uniform, and basketball court designs below for the UNNP Railroaders: Unfourtantely, as I only have 216 posts (as of this writing) on this forum and not the required 500 posts in order to participate in the NCFA, this thread will have to suffice. I am very proud of this identity that I have made for this imaginary university. C&C are welcome.
  2. Welcome to the Mark's Hand-Drawn Concepts Thread. Concepts will be few and far between. C&C is appreciated.
  3. This is one of those times that the third jersey's idea came this case though, executing said idea took a bit of effort. Home and away... Torso uses diagonal shadow stripes to simulate a pane of glass, a la Toledo's nickname, Glass City. Speaking of which...Third broken glass...oddly enough, this was inspired by a Youtube music video of a song I'd heard on the radio several years ago, and found again a few months ago. Turns out that particular singer is from Toledo, and before the main song starts playing, they got a sound of glass breaking followed by "GLASS CITY! Bring the music!" Yeah, another day of being inspired by weird ish.