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  1. Introducing the World Football Club Alliance. Every four years, the top two clubs from the countries participating in the World Cup are selected to compete in a March Madness-style tournament. No group stages. Just single elimination to determine the best club team in the world. The host country is selected from those participating. This years tournament will be held in Greece, with the championship taking place at the Athens Olympic Stadium. Background on the project: At some point long ago I realized how little I knew about clubs teams outside the MLS and the big 3 leagues in Europe. So I set out to learn more about the lesser-known teamsand subsequently work on concepts for them. Because I had the idea at least a year ago, I have gone through several bracket iterations. But with the World Cup having taken place last year, NCAA March Madness just finished and all national leagues are active, I figured now or never. As mentioned above, the team were selected from the participating countries in last years World Cup. To keep things random (for concept purposes), the first round is alphabetical, then I flipped a coin for each and every matchup. Note: The top two teams were selected from FIFAs national league standings on March 20, 2015; the coin flips occurred the same day. What you can expect to see in the future: Concepts for the Elite Eight: (possibly) redesigned crest, home and clash kitsTournament mascot: A crazy idea that I will probably butcher, but how else do you get better?Matchup graphics: a la televised pregame showsI am fully open to and appreciate C&C, but realize I may not get to updating until I am done with the initial posts. Without further ado, I present to you the brackets, the Alliance logo and the tournament logo.