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  1. NicDB

    FC Wisconsin

    This is a very rough sketch of a project I hope to complete over the weekend. It started as my proposal for the new USL D3 club slated to start play in Madison, but they obviously wanted a Madison-centric identity. So I tweaked it to make it a bit more focused on Milwaukee, but in such a way that people throughout the state could support the club with pride. The badge draws from both the Milwaukee city and Wisconsin state flags. I plan to experiment with a few different color combos, but will lean heavily towards blue, gold, and possibly powder blue and/or white. The badge features two barley sprigs arranged in a laurel wreath; a nod to the region's most famous adult beverage which is enjoyed by many a soccer fan. The 1848 has a dual meaning. It is the year Wisconsin joined the union and the year Milwaukee saw its first significant wave of immigrants, the Forty-Eighters from Bavaria. The Forty-Eighters were imstrumental in shaping Milwaukee's early sporting culture, of which remants can still be found throughout the city (Most famously, the "discus man" logo outside Turner Hall in Downtown MKE).
  2. Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've put a concept series on here. Usually my concept series consist of redoing looks in current leagues, but I wanted to do something different this time. I decided to do a minor soccer league that is based in my home state of Georgia. The goal was to design all my own logos and create unique looks for every team. So here's a little background on the GSL. - 12 teams - 2 conferences - 4 divisions - 16 game regular season - Teams play conference opponents in home-and-home series and play cross-conference opponents once - Division champs meet in playoffs - Northern Conference - East - Athens Arsenal - Augusta Green - Gwinnett Rovers (Lawenceville) - West - Atlanta Phoenix - Chattahoochee FC (Johns Creek) UPDATE - King and Queen FC (Sandy Springs) UPDATE - Southern Conference - East - Brunswick Islanders - Savannah Colonials - State Line FC (Valdosta) - West - Albany 1838 - Columbus Rivermen - Macon Ramblers So that's all you need to know for now. The Athens Arsenal will be posted shortly. And of course C&C is appreciated. Thanks to Michael Taylor aka @raysox for making the templates that I used for this series.
  3. Created a soccer concept for San Diego MLS bid, San Diego Football Club. Shout out to @Xamboni for helping with some of the mockup renderings and @raysox for his jersey template. Please let me know what you guys think. Im more than happy to tweak/fix anything as I know it's not perfect. Thanks in advance. Also once I finalize logo/jersey etc I will look to create a media guide.
  4. Messin' around with some secondary logo concepts for Newcastle United. FYI, the blue color variations translated a little weird for the preview image. The full-sized image is more accurate to the concept vision.
  5. Introducing the World Football Club Alliance. Every four years, the top two clubs from the countries participating in the World Cup are selected to compete in a March Madness-style tournament. No group stages. Just single elimination to determine the best club team in the world. The host country is selected from those participating. This years tournament will be held in Greece, with the championship taking place at the Athens Olympic Stadium. Background on the project: At some point long ago I realized how little I knew about clubs teams outside the MLS and the big 3 leagues in Europe. So I set out to learn more about the lesser-known teamsand subsequently work on concepts for them. Because I had the idea at least a year ago, I have gone through several bracket iterations. But with the World Cup having taken place last year, NCAA March Madness just finished and all national leagues are active, I figured now or never. As mentioned above, the team were selected from the participating countries in last years World Cup. To keep things random (for concept purposes), the first round is alphabetical, then I flipped a coin for each and every matchup. Note: The top two teams were selected from FIFAs national league standings on March 20, 2015; the coin flips occurred the same day. What you can expect to see in the future: Concepts for the Elite Eight: (possibly) redesigned crest, home and clash kitsTournament mascot: A crazy idea that I will probably butcher, but how else do you get better?Matchup graphics: a la televised pregame showsI am fully open to and appreciate C&C, but realize I may not get to updating until I am done with the initial posts. Without further ado, I present to you the brackets, the Alliance logo and the tournament logo.
  6. So a while back I post a sport I kind of made up for a story I was writing - well that particular story idea faded. However a lot of the elements were taken from many different sports including Field Handball. I have been watching videos of Olympic Team Handball and it got me thinking about the sport and it looked fun, yet there were a few things I wasn't keen and/or looked strange. So I'v created what I'm calling handball 2.0 - Still thinking of a cooler name. Let's start with the Rules: - Nine Players per side: 8 Position Players and 1 Goalkeeper. Substitutions: Unlimited Substitutions are allowed. Players entering the field must enter via the Substitution Area, and may not engage in the play until the exiting player has complete exited the playing area (aka the Boundary line near the benches). A departing player does not have to exit via the Substitution Area. - Play is two 45 minute halves, with a halftime of 15 minutes plus a five minute warmup session. In Regular Season matches no overtime is played, a tied at the end of Regulation is a Tie. In playoff/tournament/World Cup games, Overtime is one 20 minute period played to completion, with the team ahead at the end of OT declared the winner. Should the teams still be tied at the end of OT, Penalty Throws will commence. - The game is player on a Soccer/Football Pitch. The field shall be natural grass or artificial turf with the field and boundary markings in their proper colors. Only the Penalty Arc shall be yellow with everything else in white. There are four zones: Offensive, Defensive, Neutral and Time. The ball must cross into the offensive zone prior to the offensive player of the play is offsides and possession reverts to the other team. Once a team gains possession, a 32 second shot clock begins. A player may hold, carry or dribble the ball without restriction anywhere on the field except inside the Time Zone. Inside the Time Zone the offensive players outside the Goal Box may only possess the ball for three seconds, after which they must bounce the ball, or pass it or shoot. If the player chooses to bounce the ball, the three seconds resets. An offensive player may not bounce the ball consecutively while in the Time Zone. An offensive player in the Goal Box who choses to post up a defender may possess the ball for a five count after which the player must bounce the ball, pass the ball or shoot. Once again, after the bounce the five seconds resets and posting up player may not bounce the ball consecutively in one possession. The 32 Second Shot Clock resets to 25seconds if a defending player knocks the ball out of the offensive team's zone and the ball goes out of bounds. If a defender knocks the ball out of bounds within in the offensive zone, the shot does not reset. If the offensive team loses possession of the ball and it exits their zone, the offensive team may not touch the ball until all offensive players have tagged up behind the (Offensive) Zone Line. If a defender knocks the ball out of the zone, but it is still in the play, an offensive player may possess the ball, but must wait for all seven other teammates on the field to tag up. More rules to come, like Violations, Penalty Throws, etc. but here's the Field Diagrams: Full Size: Field Positions Diagram Any adjustments? Suggestions on Gameplay, Rules, etc? Questions? C&C Welcome
  7. Chapeeko


    So... it has been awhile. I've been lurking recently and I saw raysox's American Premier League and his excellent new template. So I decided to try my hand at some kits. For some reason I was drawn to the South American countries so I figured, screw it, might as well do all the CONMEBOL nations while I'm at it. I am pretty happy with how most of these turned out, however I am looking forward to any C&C on them. I'll be going in alphabetical order, so without further adieu...Argentina. Argentina has always had such a classic look with the sky blue and white striped kit with black shorts. There was no debate over what I wanted the shirt to look like, so I went to the shorts. Argentina has experimented with shorts other than the classic black. I thought the blue looked atrocious, so I was torn between white and black. I chose black because I felt it helped the shirt pop more. Finally, I had to choose the color for the socks. La Albiceleste have worn both black and also white stockings with their black shorts. The black shorts on black socks seemed a little too much, and I felt the white helped balance the colors more, thus I went with white. Then I kept it simple by adding some black accents to the kit to complement the shorts and socks. For the clash the color choice was pretty obvious. I particularly enjoyed their 2014 World Cup look. However, I felt that the hoops shouldn't fade as they move down the shirt, so I made slightly darker navy hoops. The gold accents on the jersey looked spectacular, so I chose to utilize gold as well. I figured the gold can stand for the rich history and success that the Argentinians have enjoyed. The shorts feature the darker navy from the hoops and gold Adidas stripes. I finished it off with complementary navy and dark navy striped socks with more gold Adidas striping. Any C&C is appreciated. Let me know how I did on Argentina.Thanks.
  8. Starting a thread that I have not seen on the board yet. If I've missed a thread, apologies. I have an expatriate boss who is from Germany and is a FC Bayern supporter. He's trying to assimilate to American sports culture, and I thought it would be a nice gesture to combine the two footballs for him. Any favorites, or other ideas? Also makes me wonder: what would Football Clubs look like if they were American Football Clubs? ps - was kind of disappointed that I couldn't find any strong alternate logos/mascots for this club. Had to settle on the badge.
  10. I usually post my concepts once they're pretty well developed but I thought I'd try jumping in a bit earlier in the process this time. It started with a doodle. I was on a call the other day and I started doodling a soccer ball. I was zoning out and thinking about the World Cup coming up and how terrible our current crest was. As I was sketching I started turning the pentagonal panels of the ball into another 5-centric shape, a star. Now, I've since done some Google searching and I've learned that I'm clearly not the first person to make this geometric connection. However, that makes it all the more painful to me that the US Soccer logo doesn't utilize it! Today I did some more sketches and came up with a layout that I think works quite well for a crest (excuse the terrible S, I've always struggled with that letter): The star-studded ball defines the bottom shape of the crest (I've always loved crests that use this shape). Then there are red & white stripes which pay homage to the Centennial crest and fixes the dumbfounding blue stripe issue with the current crest. Lastly a bold, block USA at the top rather than the Helvetica Bold Italic they use now. Like I said, still rough but I think it has some potential. I'll update later with some vector comps. Updates: Jump to the rough crest. Jump to the updated crest. Jump to the rough roundel. Jump to the updated roundel. Jump to the change kit. Buy it on a t-shirt! Jump to the home & Captain America kits.
  11. Hi all, I've been meaning to post here for a while, and thought you guys might be interested in a project I've been working on. Using a standard template, I'm creating uniform-inspired t-shirt designs for every team in the 2014 World Cup. I'm calling the project 32 Nations, and I'm going group by group; 6 of the 8 groups are published, and the last two will be out before Christmas. If you're interested, here are a few links: Introducing: 32 Nations The Rules Group A Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon Group B Spain, The Netherlands, Chile, Australia Group C Colombia, Greece, Côte d’Ivoire, Japan Group D Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy Group E Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras Group F Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria - publishing Friday, Dec. 20th Group G Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA Group H Belgium, Algeria, Russia, Korea Republic - publishing Monday, Dec. 23rd A few samples: Brazil Cameroon The Netherlands Côte d'Ivoire Switzerland Ecuador Thought you guys might appreciate. Feedback (good/critical/other) is always welcome of course. Thanks!!
  12. Welcome to the World Football Champions League 2014. I wanted to branch out beyond doing a concept for the Chicago Fire third jersey contest back in Aug./Sept. 2013, nor did I want to just pick popular club teams worldwide. So, I took all the World Cup qualifiers, selected the top two clubs from each country (as of Jan. 29) and pit them against each other in brackets, a la March Madness. The winners were selected differently per round (coin flip, winning percentage, alphabetical) so I could keep out any personal bias.* I have the two finalists ready to go, complete with home, away and third jerseys. I will continue to post concepts for each team, working backward from the championship game, until I get all 64 teams completed. Final Four FC Bayern München (Germany) - ChampionDeportivo Toluca FC (Mexico) - Runner-upAFC Ajax (Netherlands)Manchester City FC (England)C&C on the kits and/or the logo above are always welcome, if not encouraged. * I will admit to one bias: I included the Chicago Fire instead of Real Salt Lake, but that was less about loyalty and more because I already have the third jersey completed for Chicago. Apologies to any die-hard RSL fans.
  13. The Chicago Fire #cf97ThirdKit recently had a contest to design their official third kit so I spent some time with the template and came up with these concepts. Instead of creating big color blocks I wanted to offer a different look entirely with a few pattern options. The light grey featured on the first and third concept would be printed glossy.