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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, new member here. Long time listener, first time caller. Been a fan of this great site for a long time, finally decided to sign up. After finishing my pocket pro collection, and NCAA teambuilder collection, my latest uniform obsession is using & making templates. There are some amazing templates here, but many of the best ones are not usable by GIMP. The file & layers will open, but you wont be able to do anything with it. I have discovered why that is, and how to fix it. Sometimes, the problem is just the order of the "filter" layers (texture, shadow, reflection, etc). You might find the player is missing body parts, or the background is messed up, or its a completely solid image. To address this simply move the filter layers/group to the top. After doing the above step, sometimes there is another problem, that no desired colors are "flowing" through the filter layers to color your cant change the color of the uniform. To fix this you must find the group containing the filter layers, take each of the layers outside the group, and place them at the very top, in the same order they were in. Evidently they dont work on GIMP when they are contained within a group, unless the desired color layer is also in the group. After doing all this, sometimes there is still another problem, that you cant separate the colors into individual items...the entire image blends with the same selected color. This happens because apparantly all the layers that were intended to color specific areas, are instead showing as a completely solid color...the entire layer blends one color. I am guessing that the "cutouts" (cropped individual selections) intended to mask the layer are somehow lost in the process when opening a PSD file with GIMP. So we must create the layer masks ourselves, and place them either right on top of the layer, or next to the layer as a layer mask. Fortunately, some files contain layers containing elements that are already cropped, or that can be easily cropped. But it still requires some work to make them fit perfectly so the image looks right. More specific elements would require more specific cropping. If the file contains no crops we would have to make the layer mask from scratch, which is obviously alot more difficult. Might post some images of the steps or examples.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new on here, so please help me out if I do something wrong. I've created a Memphis football re brand with a new field and new uniforms. Please tell me what you think. Thanks. Home and away: Alt 1 & Alt 2: Field:
  3. Hey guys, I'm sure over the years you've seen some of my projects. For the last six or seven years, I have been working almost exclusively with vector graphics- the kind you see most members working with on here... Illustrator and Inkscape files. Back a number of years ago (before I got into vector art), I was heavily into raster graphics. I started on Gimp and eventually worked my way up to Photoshop. Over the past week or so, I downloaded Gimp and have been extremely surprised with how usable it is. I don't know that I see myself needing Photoshop because the current Gimp release is very equipped. Anyways, I've tried my hand on two projects to see where I'm at and if I've lost much of my touch. The first project was a jersey swap. I took a photo of an Ohio State Pro Combat set because I always loved the brushed metal finish on the helmet and made it into a fantasy Georgia Bulldogs set. The next is a signature...I used to make these all the time! I had to find the image of the player I wanted and cut the background out...pretty sure we called these renders back in the day. I have been very pleased and surprised with how they turned out considering I haven't used these types of programs in a very long time...probably since the mid to last 2000s? Original photo: Fantasy Georgia swap- silver helmet with red/white/black stripe: Render: Sig: