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  1. I'm surprised this hasn't been threaded yet, hopefully it hasn't, but what are your favorite hockey goalie masks of all time? An obvious one, but still a legend and a personal favorite to start out:
  2. So a thought has been churning in my head for a while. For instance, let's say Patrick Marleau is hooked on a Breakaway by Wayne Simmons (First player I saw on the game I'm watching) and is awarded a Penalty Shot. Should the team awarded the Penalty Shot have the option to choose Penalty Shot or Power Play? In my opinion I can see an argument for and against the option. My argument against the option: A player, in this case Marleau has been awarded a Penalty Shot, a one-on-one vs the opposing Goalie to give him his scoring chance back. A power play instead of Penalty Shot gives the team possibly more than one scoring chance. My argument for the option: Marleau isn't guaranteed to score on his scoring chance and he guaranteed to score on his Penalty Shot and his team isn't guaranteed to score on the Power Play - so two minutes is better than one-on-one vs the goalie if he's hot or the shooter is cold or not very good at Penalty Shots. I've also heard some fans say that take the Penalty Shot, if player misses his team gets a Power Play. While I've also thought of this, I would say that it gives a player more than the one scoring chance the player got on the breakaway. However, on the flip side a penalty is a penalty, so Simmons hooking is a Penalty regardless of if happened on a breakaway or along the boards among a heap of players. For those wondering the NHL does mention rules that regardless of the result of the Penalty Shot a minor penalty shall not be assessed: 24.6 Results - Should a goal be scored from a penalty shot, a further penalty to the offending player or goalkeeper shall not be applied unless the offense for which the penalty shot was awarded was such as to incur a major, match or misconduct penalty, in which case the penalty prescribed for the particular offense shall be imposed. If the offense for which the penalty shot was awarded was such as to normally incur a minor penalty, then regardless of whether the penalty shot results in a goal or not, no further minor penalty shall be served. The NHL doesn't seem to mention being able to decline a Penalty Shot for a Power Play though. Thoughts on the option? Argue for and/or against like I did, if you want to.