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  1. Hello everyone, I have a big project for you that i've been working one for a while. I made concepts for 6 new possible NHL teams. 1. Qu├ębec Nordiques 2. Portlans Mountaineers 3. Hamilton Beasts 4. Seattle Sasquatch 5. Halifax Schooners 6. Las Vegas Silver Bullets (hopefully there isn't any controversy with gun control and all that stuff) I am Willing to do 2 more teams with your suggestions! This is all for fun, just to see what the brands would look like. Here is a teaser of every team, and I'll post them one by one. Which team are you most excited for? I'll post the one with the most buzz first!
  2. Second in my series of past AHL teams, Here's the Hamilton Canucks! I went with a lumberjack to resemble Vancouver's lumberjack and the shoulder patch is a skate as a nod to Vancouver's past skate logo which is one of my all time favorite logos. Couldn't decide on what color outline to use for the lumberjack but I kind of like the yellow outline to match the skate.
  3. Just out of curiosity, which of these do you guys think is better and why? Apologies for the size disparity.
  4. This is the second concept I've created. This time I moved to Hamilton for a potential spot for NHL expansion. The name I chose, the Steelcats, comes from Hamilton's hockey and city history. The 'steel' part comes from Hamilton being the Steel City and the 'cat' part comes from the former Hamilton Tigers. I wanted to incorporate both aspects to the city instead of just copying the former team name. It can work, I just wanted something different. The uniforms are all based off of the Hamilton Tigers uniforms. When choosing the colour scheme, I realized quickly that it would be a lot like Boston's colours. To solve that, I chose to have a black home uniform, instead of going with the yellow. I still think it works very well. If anyone says I should've chosen a different colour scheme because it looks too much like ___ (fill in the blank), it's hard to have a unique colour scheme that looks good and is very different than other teams. It's possible, but I liked the yellow, black, and grey colour scheme too much to change it. If you saw my previous concept (Seattle Totems), you'll realize that I really tried to have a more modern primary and alternate logo and I think it came out pretty good. Some good C&C is appreciated. And I emphasize good. Telling someone to restart is not helpful in any way. Thanks Also, I received instruction on how to post the image straight to the topic, but it doesn't seem to work for me. Any more help would be much appreciated. I use a Macbook to post my topics. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, right now I plan on working on a two part NHL expansion series including Hamilton, and Quebec. So, I'm stumped on the Hamilton team name. I'd like it to have something to do with steel, considering the fact that Hamilton is the "Steel City". Also, sorry I'm not taking the Tigers name. All suggestions welcome