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  1. During the early stages of the lockdown, I decided to fight my boredom by revisiting my two favourite video games of all time: Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes. I was immediately blown away by how well they’ve aged graphically and how stunning the art direction was. From the shimmering, glacial beauty of the Phendrana Drifts to the neon-lined halls of the Sanctuary Fortress, these are fully-realized, immersive, alien worlds with a style and level of detail unrivalled by any other game. During a particularly boring day in quarantine I posited the following questions. What if these worlds had their own hockey teams? What would their uniforms, logos and branding be like? Is it possible to translate that beautiful art direction into sports branding? Over the past 5 months I have created a league with 10 teams, 5 from the first game and 5 from the sequel. I didn’t include Metroid Prime 3 because I didn’t think it was up to the same standard artistically. I’m extremely excited to share these concepts after working on them for so long would be very appreciative of any C & C. While these drawings do take a long time to complete, I remain open to revisiting and improving them.
  2. So with a knee surgery that takes a while to recover from, I have a lot of extra time on my hands. With that I decided to pick up my fictional baseball league, but this time hand drawing them. I used a template that I modified for consistent uniforms. The Nike uniforms will be kind of "out there" for some teams (i.e. Arizona Diamondbacks) while others will be more traditional (i.e. Detroit Tigers or New York Yankees). All the the teams will have 8 uniforms though, a home white, a road grey, 2 different colored jerseys to be worn at home and on the road, a pride uniform, a pro combat (meant to be very out there and modern), a throwback, and a bright colored batting practice uniform. With the explanation done, here is the first 4 uniforms for the first team, the Colorado 14ers. If anyone would like to see the branding sheet and/or the original jersey sketches just let me know! Feedback welcomed!
  3. Back in 2016 I started a new hand drawn series that unfortunately stalled at 18 concepts. Dwindling inspiration, dissatisfaction with some the concepts and the decision to add helmet designs made me pull the plug and take a much needed break. Now I am back with a new series that I am truly proud of. I can say with complete confidence that I have given this new series every thing I have. I began working on new concepts at the start of 2017 and work has continued to this day. All 31 teams will be tackled and I plan on posting a new concept each day. Currently, 25 teams are completed so there will not a drop-off in material as there was on my last thread. I will kick things off with a team that just made its first Conference Final. Nashville Predators The Predators almost got things perfect with their 2011 redesign but a few bad decisions have them currently sitting in the middle of the pack. I removed the unnecessary piping and went with simple, traditional stripes. The Predators made gold more prominent on their road socks in 2013 so I decided to apply this change to the rest of the road uniform. It was tempting to go with a Navy alternate but I really wanted to make them the de-facto Gold team. The alternate adds silver to tip the hat to the pre 2011-look and the 3D logo has received a simplification in the same vein as the current primary. C & C welcome, thanks for looking .
  4. The NBA season is officially underway tonight!!! Although we have seen plenty of the new Nike uniforms already, tonight is the real deal. There have been lots of mixed feelings with the release of many jerseys. I decided that I wanted to design my own NBA x Nike uniforms so they could look how I want them to: no sponsor patches, unique looks and a few updates. For my concepts, I had a friend create the template which I then color and design for each team. I went with a round neck for all the teams just because I think it looks the best. The NBA logo is on the back collar and hopefully the placement of the Nike logos is correct on the uniforms and shorts. Keep in mind that these are hand design and colored so once a line is drawn it's hard to erase. I tried to keep the overall look of the team similar to what they have now and just add my own spin on them. I actually started these concepts toward the end of last season and some of the player names that I put on the jerseys became incorrect as they moved teams or were traded in the off season. That caused me to have to redo some jerseys for the sake of me being a perfectionist. I don't have the entire league done yet but I will post them as they come. So, without further ado, the Atlanta Hawks Association and Icon editions. C&C is always appreciated and welcome. Enjoy!
  5. This is the National Zoneball League. Zoneball is a very simple game. It is a mixture of Rugby, Soccer, American Football and Australian Rules Football to a certain extent. The game is played in 45 minute halves, then the teams switch sides. There is only one objective to this game and that is to get the ball through the goal posts. There are no fouls. Literally anything goes. The only time there is a stoppage of play is when the ball goes out of bounds. Why Zoneball? There are 8 zones on each side of the field. Each one being worth a different point amount. The front middle zones are worth 2 points, the front end zones are worth 3 points. The back middle zones are worth 5 points and the back end zones are worth 7 points. If you kick it or throw it threw the goal posts from that zone then your team gets that many points. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. The neutral zone at mid field is where the two teams battle for the ball. Since you can not score unless you advance the ball past the neutral zone to the opposing zones, the battle in the neutral zone is an integral part of the game. Once again to reiterate, You can only score once you're team is in the opposing zones, the only stoppage of play is when the ball goes out of bounds, giving the other team a throw in. Each point value is determined by where you score, it doesn't matter how you score, just where you score from. There are no fouls. Anything goes. So far, The National Zoneball league is comprised of 4 associations: United States Association, United Kingdom Association, Canadian Association and Oceanian Association. Each Association has its own season, playoffs and champion. The champion of each association will then join together in a 4 team bracket to determine who is the true champion of the game. NZL Logo and Zoneball Field
  6. This is my attempt at an Eagles logo for a fictional basketball team from Louisville. I am still deciding on colors. C&C is welcome.
  7. I've been a fan of the Ottawa Senators peace tower logo for over a decade, but feel it needs to be modernized. I decided to use my new dot graph book and technical markers to redo this logo. Here's the original for reference:
  8. Before I started posting NHL concepts, by hand, there was the V.V.G.L. My first series that I posted back in 2012, consisting of the following teams, representing the following video game franchises... Anaheim Assassins: Goldeneye 007 New York Rollers: Crazy Taxi Series San Jose Metroids: Metroid Prime Series Calgary Mario's: Mario Series New York Wake: Wave Race Series Toronto Sonics: Sonic Series Edmonton Triforce: Zelda Series Pittsburgh Pacmen: Pacman Series Vancouver Jetsets: Jet Set/Grind Radio Series Minnesota Yoshi's: Yoshi/Mario Series Montreal Quake: Quake Series Victoria Knights: Heroes of Might & Magic Series Wanting a break from my current, NHL, series; I decided to redo the entire league and expand it to 14 teams. V.V.G.H.L. sounded a bit clunky so I changed the name to simply VGHL. A few franchises have moved or changed altogether and the league is now divided into two conferences. Here are the 14 teams I will be posting: Western Conference Eastern Conference Anaheim Assassins: Goldeneye 007 Brooklyn Gear: Metal Gear Solid Series Calgary Marios: Mario Series Florida Pacmen: Pac Man Series Chicago Street Fighters: Street Fighter Series Montreal Quake: Quake Series Edmonton Triforce: Zelda Series New York Rollers: Crazy Taxi Series Minnesota Knights: Heroes of Might & Magic Series Ottawa S.T.A.R.S: Resident Evil Remake San Jose Metroids: Metroid Prime Series Pittsburgh Yoshi's: Yoshi/Mario Series Vancouver Jetsets: Jet Set/Grind Radio Series Toronto Sonics: Sonic Series I will be alternating between Western and Eastern conference teams, starting from the North down. First up are the Vancouver Jetsets (coming very shortly).
  9. Hello everyone, this is my first topic, so might as well make it my baseball league I made a year or 2 ago.I'm going to start in 2015, showcase the divisions and the team's history, then go back to the start of the league/leagues in 1937 and work my way up to 2015 again. There are 3 main leagues in my baseball universe.The Rocky Mountain League (Est.1963) the Mississippi League (Est.1937), which comprise the 2 leagues of a total of 32 teams, and the Baseball in Canada Association (Est.1939) which has in total 12 teams.In 1983,the Mississippi League and the Rocky Mountain League (Frontier League at the time) combined with each other making the Baseball in America Association or the BAA. As for the Baseball in Canada Association,not a whole lot of history is there.The BCA was bought by the BAA in the 1990's but have yet to make a merger between the 2. At the end of each season,the best teams from the RML and the ML take each other on in a 7 game series for the prized Barron Bowl,Named after the first commissioner Reginald (Ray) Barron.After his death in 1994,his son was elected new commissioner of the league.The latest expansion happened this year.The logo of the league is in the link. There are pry more leagues the world, like Japan,Italy,Etc., I've just focused on the North American part of my baseball world.Also the MLB and its minor leagues have never existed in this world.So, I am happy to start this league up and share it with all of y'all.
  10. A bit of background for those interested. This is a project I've spend the better part of a year working on. I was inspired when I stumbled upon the Jesse Alkire NFL redesign on BleacherReport a while back ( I am a huge NFL fan and had been doing art my whole life, but redesigning every team's uniforms had never occurred to me until I found that link. I was challenged a few of my friends to try and do this myself and I loved the idea. A quick search quickly led my to the boards here, where I found many concepts I liked way more than the ones I had found on BleacherReport. And so I spent even more time working on my own concepts, working and reworking them until I was happy enough to post them here and see how they hold up. I've been browsing the concept boards here for a while and only just joined, and I hope you guys enjoy my concepts! These are hand drawn because I enjoy drawing and am much better at it than using computer programs. I ask only that you guys don't pay too much attention to shades of colors, because I used sharpies for the most part and they don't have very much variation between shades. One quick note as well, the template I am using is not hand drawn, I printed it from the boards here (from mattwilcox) with my uniforms drawn onto the printed concepts. I am also trying something I haven't seen very often which is images of players in my uni concepts as they would appear on the field in addition to the uniforms themselves. I will get started with a preview, showing every team's helmets. I will follow up shortly with my Arizona Cardinals concept. I hope you guys enjoy! UPDATED AS I GO: Arizona - Home, Away, Away Alternate, Throwback Atlanta - Home, Away, Alternate Baltimore Buffalo Carolina Chicago - Home, Away, Throwback Cincinnati - Home, Away, Throwback Cleveland - Home, Home Alt, Away, Away Alt, Alternate Dallas - Primary, Secondary, Alternate Denver - Home, Away, Alternate Detroit - Home, Away, Away Alt, Throwback Green Bay - Home, Away, Throwback Houston Indianapolis - Home, Away Jacksonville Kansas City Miami - Home, Away, Away Alternate, Alternate Minnesota New England New Orleans - Home, Home Alt, Home Alt 2, Away, Away Alt, Away Alt 2 New York Giants New York Jets Oakland Philadelphia Pittsburgh - Home, Away, Throwback San Diego - Home, Away, Throwback San Francisco - Home, Away Seattle - Home, Home Alt, Away, Away Alt, Alternate St. Louis Tampa Bay Tennessee Washington - Home, Away
  11. INDEX Completed Stadiums Archive of Stadium Progress Shots Jerseys Batting Practice Jerseys Throwback Jerseys Divisional Pictures Other ---------------------- ORIGINAL POST A stadium I recently finished, a stadium for my purely fictional Rattick City Rebels. Here I present New Colony Park... The uniforms for the Rattick City Rebels: For the baseball league, here's the map of my fictional country, Los Altos, with the locations of all the teams in the Alton Baseball League (ABL): Here are the teams and their colors, first the Alton League (AL): United League (UL): As you can tell, there are empty space in the color slots. They're there because I've needed suggestions on the colors. Name changes are also appreciated! (I have writer's block quite a lot...) Now for my works in progress. One is the uniform set for the Los Altos Capitals: And the Capitals' stadium, Altos Airlines Park (Altos Park for short): So that wraps up my introductory post for this series. All feedback is appreciated and feel free to give suggestions! ~ Daryl
  12. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack... It's been over a year since my failed attempt at bringing my Baseball Concept League to life. (People like me, who have severe ADHD, have problems sticking to projects like this.) Well I am done procrastinating! I will start posting jerseys tomorrow, and the League backstory and rosters are going to be posted later today. Here is a link to my old topic if you want to check it out
  13. So, after hearing about Arizona State getting varsity hockey, I was wondering what if other colleges got a hockey team out of the blue? I started with Iowa State, a team picked at random out of the college page, C&C appreciated...
  14. Over the past few weeks, more than ever I have noticed lame concepts. Really it's been clip art logos and fonts, crappy recolorings, ect. The concept section has potential to be good again if people stopped worrying about getting things done fast and worried about quality. It was always my impression 1 quality concepts was better than 10 okay concepts. I've had my fair share of bad concepts, when I first joined like many of the members I see doing this, I blamed paint, or used clip art, didn't worry about C&C or presentation, ect. Hopefully with time they learn how to better contribute to the concept thread, because some of the ideas I've seen have potential to be good. That being said, I'm going to practice what I preach to them. Now there have been many great hand drawn concepts on these boards before me. TheGiantsFan had one of the best concepts of the year only doing hand drawn, and I know other users always hand draw first to maximize success on their concepts, and the work does pay off. So over the next few weeks or so, I plan to post some hand drawn teams I've created. My only hope is I can use the C&C people give me to improve the creations and prove to some new members that, yes people like hand drawn concepts and sometimes hand drawn is superior to anything you can do digitally. Pittsburgh Steel Wings The 1st team I'll post is the Pittsburgh Steel Wings. Now originally this was a team I made to be called the Mallards, but after thinking about where I wanted to put it, I thought Steel Wings for Pittsburgh would be a unique name. The colors I used were steel grey and kelly green, which when you're using colored pencils is limited. I didn't mean for the black outline to be there, I wasn't thinking a went to town with a sharpie (Okay I did copy and paste the home hats on the aways digitally but thats because I wanted them identical)
  15. I was thinking, instead of their current alt that is almost identical to the road, why not have something that could be used at home and on the road that isn't a royal blue jersey. The powder blue is taken from the Brooklyn dodgers uniforms from the forties I believe. With the Rockies bringing back their awful vests, I thought if a vest is well tailored they could actually look pretty good, like the a's did a couple of years ago. The number font needs to be fixed, but any c&c?
  16. Hi Folks, I'm with a new template and sharper colored pencils. I will be designing an Alternate/Throwback jersey for every team in the NHL using a secondary or alternate logo. Here's the first one of 30. The Nashville Predators. I incorporated both the primary jersey and their old alternate from a few years ago. I used their secondary logo because I liked how it represented the music history of Nashville. C&C is appreciated as always. Western Conference Central Division Nashville Predators
  17. Hi All, Today I have for you a hand drawn Winnipeg Jets alternate jersey. I incorporated all of the team's current colors with a variation of the Jets word mark on the front. So here it is. C&C would be appreciated as always.
  18. I have had his fictional concept league for about two years. I will be posting photobucket files of my teams' jerseys and logos. Right now there are 24 teams, and there is a possible expansion at the end of the 2014 season to 30 teams. This is the Rylandian Baseball League! The NL- Bree Shockwave, Orland Orions, Salvatore City Spartans, Jecoaca Justice, Coldwater Cannonballs, Sanjangle Swordfighters, Rajcek Royals, Koya Kryptonite, San Niño Slashers, Skyblue MetroTigers, St. Sean Slammers, Phosphorus Valley Cherries The RL- Azure City Armada, Lavlavil Lava, Shefford Sheriffs, Lemoncoppy Lightning, Glymack Glory, Tarnik Torpedoes, Finitopia Flames, Earthmont Epicools, Great Towers Gremlins, San Pablo Pueblo, Trio City TriplePlays, DelCarmen Diablos I will be posting the league set-up, team colors, and backstory sometime this week. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the team names. I will also be posting player names with the teams, I need a little help on that.
  19. Welcome to the Mark's Hand-Drawn Concepts Thread. Concepts will be few and far between. C&C is appreciated.
  20. The United Football Association is back and better than ever! I learned from my mistake of using current and past team logos ( NE Patriots, Yale Bulldogs, Scranton-Wilkes Barre Pioneers) and began creating hand drawn concepts. Then, school caught up to me and I didn't have as much free time. Finally, summer came around and I began creating concepts again. Plus, with every team comes their own history. But first, here is the story of the NAoPSL: In 1975, nearly a dozen wealthy business owners decided to create a sports league. But what was different was that it wasn't only one sport. Instead, they decided to create a Mega-League with multiple sports. After gathering friends and family to join in on the action, the Mega-League was completed and began play in 1978. Today, this "Mega-League" is known as the National Association of Professional Sporting Leagues (NAoPSL for short). Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and Soccer are the current sports involved in the NAoPSL. Future sports up for consideration are Lacrosse, Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Women's sports such as Basketball and Softball are up for consideration, located in smaller markets. Each league started with 8 teams a piece. Today, each sport has grown to 32 teams, with expansions taking place for all sports in 1982, '91, '96, '04, and future expansions in 2016 and possibly 2024. Each sport also has 4 divisions of 8 teams: North, South, East, and West. One thing the NAoPSL is known for is the bounty of Fortune 500 Companies that sponsor the teams. Companies such as Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Colgate-Palmolive, Macy's, and many more, have spent the money necessary to help their teams succeed. And now for the Teams of the UFA (star by the name means the team is an "Original 8" team, in the league since its inaugural season) Colors for each team included beside the team name. White included with each team identity. NORTH Canton Pioneers (Maroon, Black, Silver) Goodyear Stadium Columbus Bulldogs (Orange, Brown) Nationwide Stadium Minnesota Tigers* (Orange, Black) Best Buy Stadium Wisconsin Knights (Gray, Black) American Family Bowl Iowa Crop Dusters (Goldenrod, Black) Principal Stadium Detroit Giants* (Red, Blue) Chevy Dome Chicago Mobsters (Slate, Silver) State Farm Field Kentucky Tomahawks (Navy, Red) KFC Stadium SOUTH Knoxville Bears* (Purple, Black) Cigna Stadium Nashville Blazers (Copper-Light Brown, Light Blue) DG Field Tampa Bay Hurricanes (Navy, Gold-Goldenrod) Draden Field Orlando Dolphins (Teal, Orange) Fidelity Field Louisiana Cajuns (Red, Black, Yellow) Century Stadium Memphis Outlaws (Dark Green, Yellow) FedEx Complex Atlanta Bobcats (Light Blue, Silver, Black) Coca-Cola Field Alabama Vipers (Red, Silver) Regions Stadium EAST Boston Patriots* (Navy, Red, Silver) Massachusetts Life Stadium New York Generals* (Red, Black) Pepsi Stadium New Jersey Jaguars (Yellow, Silver, Black) Johnson Field Philadelphia Falcons (Orange, Silver, Black) Hershey Field Virginia Admirals (Pine Green, Gold, Silver) Advance Auto Bowl Washington Eagles (Gold, Black) CarMax Field Baltimore Kings (Purple, Silver Black) Marriott Stadium Raleigh Rams (Blue, Yellow) BB&T Field WEST Las Vegas Chiefs* (Red, Black) MGM Resorts Stadium Los Angeles Stars* (Yellow, Black) Magic Center San Francisco Sharks* (Teal, Silver, Black) Google Sporting Complex-San Francisco Colorado Wildcats (Navy, Silver, Orange) Hopper Stadium at Mile High Seattle Thunderbirds (Navy, Silver, Lime-Light Green, Green) Microsoft Stadium Oakland Pirates (Black, Silver) Apple Field Portland Beavers (Brown, Orange) Nike Bowl Salt Lake City Devils (Lime-Light Green, Black) Amazon Stadium-Lakeside 2016 EXPANSION TEAMS Buffalo Stampede (Dark Green, Brown) New York Life Field Pittsburgh Maulers (Orange, Purple) Steel City Bowl Omaha Blackhawks (Gold, Light Blue, Black) Omaha Stadium Indianapolis Huskies (Navy, Red) WellPoint Dome Jacksonville Spiders (Maroon, Silver) NextEra Stadium Houston Aeros (Orange, Silver) Exxon Dome Phoenix Greyhounds (Maroon, Tan-Sand, Silver) PetSmart Dome San Diego Sabers (Goldenrod, Brown, Silver) Chevron Bowl
  21. The point of the concepts are to mix elements from to different eras of uniforms into one. The first one I did was the Atlanta Hawks mixing their mid 80s uniforms with their current colors. Put your suggestion of what team(s) and two uniforms to put together.