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  1. Hello everyone! I will be redesigning the NFL - but hand-drawn. Unfortunately, this means my MLS series is done, as I just can't think of ideas for it. RULES: There will be 5 jerseys in the rotation: home, away, alternate, throwback, and color rush. For you traditionalists out there, look away, as many of these designs will be very modern (but others will be going back to classics - I'm looking at you, Lions). Also, I am ditching the one-helmet rule, and giving teams a minimum of 2 helmets, and a maximum of 5. TEAM COMPLETION ORDER (Bold means completed) NFC South Falcons Panthers Buccaneers Saints NFC East Cowboys Eagles Giants Redskins NFC North Packers Vikings Bears Lions NFC West Cardinals 49ers Rams Seahawks AFC South Texans Jaguars Colts Titans AFC East Dolphins Patriots Bills Jets AFC West Broncos Raiders Chargers Chiefs AFC North Steelers Bengals Browns Ravens GENERIC Pro Bowl (in ORLANDO )
  2. So, I became a huge MLS (and soccer) fan when Orlando City SC played its first MLS game in front of a sold-out Citrus Bowl in my hometown. Now, as the league has declared its goal of 28 teams by 2024, I will try and predict the kits at this time. The current 20 franchises will be joined by 8 expansion teams (Atlanta, Minnesota, Miami, LA, Sacramento, Baltimore Phoenix, Detroit, St. Louis). I also have a few surprises in store. RULES 1) This is just a minor pet peeve of mine, but I really don't like how in the country where we call the game "soccer", we use "FC". So, every team that currently uses FC in their name is changed to SC. I know some team names don't sound as good this way (FC Dallas/SC Dallas), but I think it's the way to go for this league. 2) Teams may pick what company designs their kits. 3) Mono-red is kept to a minimum. There are WAY too many mono-red teams in MLS, and I want to change that. It's about the equivalent of red-white stripes in the EPL, or red and navy in MLB. EDIT: Phoenix now an expansion city instead of Baltimore. I think Baltimore is too close to DC to support a separate team. TEAM MAP (on a very distorted North America)
  3. Hello. I'm new to CCSLC, but I have been inspired by all the fictional league history concepts that have been created. I didn't want to do football or hockey because Veras and hawkfan89 already have those sports locked up, and I don't want to do basketball or baseball either. Instead, I decided to create a sport called Quadball. You can see the rules in the spoiler below. I've decided to do a "History of" thread, showing the growth of a premier league of Quadball in North America: the Professional Quadball Federation (PQF). In the next couple posts, I will illustrate the beginnings of Quadball and the formation of the league. All of my designs, for the time being, will be hand drawn. I may eventually, depending on how long this thread lasts, upgrade to creating designs online. However, my only software currently is MS Paint, and I feel my designs, especially logos, would be better hand-drawn. The first 10 cities for the inaugural season are as followed: Baltimore Boston (named) Buffalo (named) Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Detroit New York (named) Philadelphia (named) Pittsburgh (named) I am looking for name suggestions for the unnamed cities. I have designs for the named teams done and they will be posted in the next couple days. If their is a city you think should be traded out, feel free to comment. However, the city must be large enough in the time period to hold the team and I'm am sticking to the Great Lakes and Northeast regions.
  4. A few days ago, I finally decided to join the boards after lurking for months. After seeing both the AFA and PHL, I was inspired to create a fictional basketball league. However, I have no Photoshop or Illustrator skills, so I am doing this hand-drawn with colored pencils. This league starts in 1947, and is the first organized basketball league since the war. I will not include logos in this series, and the main reason for that is because I am horrible at drawing animals. The inaugural 10 teams are: Cleveland Bulldogs, New York Knights, Washington Eagles, Pittsburgh Smokies, Richmond Steamers, Philadelphia Colonels, Boston Minutemen, Baltimore Admirals, Chicago Lions,and the Detroit Warriors. I am looking for feedback and criticism so I can not only show off my personal league, but get help on my drawing.
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