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  1. Hello everyone! I will be redesigning the NFL - but hand-drawn. Unfortunately, this means my MLS series is done, as I just can't think of ideas for it. RULES: There will be 5 jerseys in the rotation: home, away, alternate, throwback, and color rush. For you traditionalists out there, look away, as many of these designs will be very modern (but others will be going back to classics - I'm looking at you, Lions). Also, I am ditching the one-helmet rule, and giving teams a minimum of 2 helmets, and a maximum of 5. TEAM COMPLETION ORDER (Bold means completed) NFC South Falcons Panthers Buccaneers Saints NFC East Cowboys Eagles Giants Redskins NFC North Packers Vikings Bears Lions NFC West Cardinals 49ers Rams Seahawks AFC South Texans Jaguars Colts Titans AFC East Dolphins Patriots Bills Jets AFC West Broncos Raiders Chargers Chiefs AFC North Steelers Bengals Browns Ravens GENERIC Pro Bowl (in ORLANDO )
  2. So, I became a huge MLS (and soccer) fan when Orlando City SC played its first MLS game in front of a sold-out Citrus Bowl in my hometown. Now, as the league has declared its goal of 28 teams by 2024, I will try and predict the kits at this time. The current 20 franchises will be joined by 8 expansion teams (Atlanta, Minnesota, Miami, LA, Sacramento, Baltimore Phoenix, Detroit, St. Louis). I also have a few surprises in store. RULES 1) This is just a minor pet peeve of mine, but I really don't like how in the country where we call the game "soccer", we use "FC". So, every team that currently uses FC in their name is changed to SC. I know some team names don't sound as good this way (FC Dallas/SC Dallas), but I think it's the way to go for this league. 2) Teams may pick what company designs their kits. 3) Mono-red is kept to a minimum. There are WAY too many mono-red teams in MLS, and I want to change that. It's about the equivalent of red-white stripes in the EPL, or red and navy in MLB. EDIT: Phoenix now an expansion city instead of Baltimore. I think Baltimore is too close to DC to support a separate team. TEAM MAP (on a very distorted North America)
  3. Hello. I'm new to CCSLC, but I have been inspired by all the fictional league history concepts that have been created. I didn't want to do football or hockey because Veras and hawkfan89 already have those sports locked up, and I don't want to do basketball or baseball either. Instead, I decided to create a sport called Quadball. You can see the rules in the spoiler below. I've decided to do a "History of" thread, showing the growth of a premier league of Quadball in North America: the Professional Quadball Federation (PQF). In the next couple posts, I will illustrate the beginnings of Quadball and the formation of the league. All of my designs, for the time being, will be hand drawn. I may eventually, depending on how long this thread lasts, upgrade to creating designs online. However, my only software currently is MS Paint, and I feel my designs, especially logos, would be better hand-drawn. The first 10 cities for the inaugural season are as followed: Baltimore Boston (named) Buffalo (named) Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Detroit New York (named) Philadelphia (named) Pittsburgh (named) I am looking for name suggestions for the unnamed cities. I have designs for the named teams done and they will be posted in the next couple days. If their is a city you think should be traded out, feel free to comment. However, the city must be large enough in the time period to hold the team and I'm am sticking to the Great Lakes and Northeast regions.
  4. A few days ago, I finally decided to join the boards after lurking for months. After seeing both the AFA and PHL, I was inspired to create a fictional basketball league. However, I have no Photoshop or Illustrator skills, so I am doing this hand-drawn with colored pencils. This league starts in 1947, and is the first organized basketball league since the war. I will not include logos in this series, and the main reason for that is because I am horrible at drawing animals. The inaugural 10 teams are: Cleveland Bulldogs, New York Knights, Washington Eagles, Pittsburgh Smokies, Richmond Steamers, Philadelphia Colonels, Boston Minutemen, Baltimore Admirals, Chicago Lions,and the Detroit Warriors. I am looking for feedback and criticism so I can not only show off my personal league, but get help on my drawing.
  5. Custom baseball stadiums that I hand-draw.
  6. Hey everyone, this is the first time I'll be posting on the boards, so be easy on me. I have been working on-and-off on a hand-drawn baseball league for well over a year now. The league is broken down into two conferences, or leagues like in real baseball, that contain 4 divisions of 8 teams each. With this series, I really tried to a.) pick uncommon cities or cities that did not have an affiliated professional baseball team, b.) base team names on either a piece of that cities' history, culture, or some aspect of the city, and c.) make each team's identity sort of realistic and not totally out in left field with their jerseys and logos. I'll just be posting the logo sheet for each team, followed by home, away, and two alternate jerseys. Once this series is over, I might go back and do a few more alternate jerseys for some teams. I've been a looker on the boards for a long time, so I know that C+C is a huge aspect of these threads. That being said, I want as much as you guys are willing to give me, but I will probably not be doing any changes until I post a majority of the teams. More on the actual league structure... Like I previously mentioned, its broken down into the Eastern and Western League. The Eastern League contains the Northeast Division, Great Lakes Division, Panhandle Division, and Mississippi River Division. The Western League contains the Pacific Division, Northwest Division, Great Plains Division, and Red River Division. I will start with the Eastern League and kick things off with the Northeast Division. The first team I'll post is the first team I totally completed almost, if not more, than a year ago: the Utica Blue Sox. The Blue Sox were actually a professional baseball team in Utica that last played in 2001, but started in the 1930s. I thought bringing this team back would be a perfect start to my league, and I tried to modernize them while keeping the vintage feel as well. The "U" logo is a pretty simple logo, while the sock logo is heavily based on what the Blue Sox used to have as a logo. I added green as a secondary color to this team as a nod to the Utica Comets hockey team, and I was also trying to steer away from a red, white, and blue color scheme that was tempting to use. As far as the script goes, the plain green "Utica" script is simple but effective, and the "Blue Sox" script mimicks the one that was in use by the real team. I gave the Sox some piping and Oriole-style hats. For those of you that are not fans of the Oriole-style hats, I apologize in advance for my use of them. The sleeves and trim on the home and away have blue and green piping, it's just kind of hard to see. But anyway, the blue jersey was designed to be used as both a home and road alternate jersey, and could be paired with either hat/helmet. The green jersey was designed primarily as a home alternate, so therefore will only be used with the home hat/helmet.
  7. I've been doodling around in class lately for a concept logo for a fictional New Orleans-based expansion franchise in MLS. This is what I've come up with so far. The name I chose is Riverside New Orleans. I was reading about the history of soccer in the area and in the late 1800s-early 1900s (can't remember exact dates) there was a successful club called simply "Riverside," so I thought it was unique and sounded good so I went with it. The gold siding is based off of street markers on Canal St. The stripes of red and white come directly from the city flag. The shape of the crest is just an elongated hexagon. The French Football Federation's logo is in a normal hexagon, so I felt it would be a nice touch to add that shape (sort of) as a nod to the French influence in the city. C&C appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hey All, Posted my first concept a while back which was a hand-drawn jersey for my high school baseball team. I'm back, but this time it's with a full league that spans all of the U.S. and southern (border) parts of Canada. The Confederacy The Can-Am Baseball Confederacy (CABC) is made up of two leagues, northern and southern, with five divisions in each. Each division contains four teams, making up a total of 40 for the entire CABC. Yes, this is most likely too many, but I did this really so I could have more concepts to draw up. The Map The map of teams is displayed below along with a list. The divisions are very local, making for easy play within the division. I've talked with a few people about the names of the divisions, but please feel free to give suggestions based on their location or region. Not sure if I'm going to put a team in Las Vegas (gray circle), but if I did they would be the Las Vegas Valley Kings (up for another name). For now, the team they would replace is in Salt Lake City, creating the Four Corners Division. Upon a relocation the division would be renamed to Southwest (due to the lack of a better idea). The Divisions Northern League Cascadia Prairie Great Lakes Northeast Midland Calgary Stampede Chicago Gusts Detroit Motors Montreal Caribou Cincinnati Portland Pioneers Minnesota White Tails Ottawa New England Colonials Indianapolis Raceways Seattle Emeralds Winnipeg Mounties Pittsburgh Smokies New York Liberty Kansas City Vancouver Ports Wisconsin Curds Toronto Philadelphia Founders St. Louis Southern League California Four Corners Midwest South Appalachia Los Angeles Stars Arizona Cacti Dallas Atlanta Baltimore Crabs Oakland Anchors (v.2) Colorado Bighorns El Paso Dust Devils Miami Palms Carolina Flyers San Diego Whitecaps (v.2) New Mexico Flames Oklahoma Storm New Orleans Tennessee Walking Horses San Francisco Rails (v.2) Salt Lake Saints San Antonio Bull Riders Tampa Shine DC Revolution Team names will appear as links to their post in this concept when they are complete. Updates or other versions will be linked as well.
  9. Even though I'm a very passionate Giants fan, I dislike the inconsistency in our uniform set. So I've decided to take on a redesign of the team with more unification and consistency. So far, I only have an early sketch of a wordmark and a matching cap logo: As you can see, my wordmark is greatly inspired by the retro font used on the new Orange Friday jerseys: That's all I have so far. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated. And just like my baseball series, this is gonna be hand-drawn. ~ Daryl
  10. Hey all, Been lurking around for a while and have loved seeing new concepts get rolled out here and there so I figured it was finally time to post some of my own. With no way to draw these up electronically I'm gonna have to ask everyone to bare with my pen and paper skills. The concept is for my high school baseball team that is in its second year right now and although we got new jerseys this year, I'd like to see some improvements and more than just a blue alternate that we currently use. The team is a co-op between two schools, the Portland Lutheran Blue Jays and the Portland Waldorf Wolfpack. Last year we went with a W/L combined into one logo, but the coaches weren't too happy with it so our jerseys and caps this year just have a white P (on blue background) to represent our city. The home white uses our current P (Red Sox 'B' style) but puts numbers on the front using the standard numbering font. The name lettering and back numbers are the same font as the front numbers. I'm a fan of piping so I added that but I wanted to get people's opinions on the sleeve lines. The left arm patch is a wolf head, the logo of the Wolfpack, and the right arm patch is the head of a blue jay, the other school's logo. The pants are just a typical white with one stripe going down the side with the same colored belt. I like hats that have a different bill color than base color, so I tried blue back/side panels and bill and white front panels with the same chest logo as the hat logo. I like the color combo in the hat but I want to know if it is working for other people. The away grays use the same number/letter font but has PORTLAND as the wordmark rather than a chest logo. I think it might just be how dark I colored in the jersey but this set seems a little outdated to me. Thoughts? The arm patches are the same as the home whites Right now our jerseys are the same royal blue that I'm using here with white patches underneath the arms and on other various parts of the jersey, the look you would expect from an MLB BP jersey. I was thinking these could stay as alternates but I might update this concept with a different alternate. Thanks for taking a look at a guy's first attempt. Sorry for the wall of text. C&C would be much appreciated. Hopefully I'll be able to get these up in an electronic version soon.
  11. Welcome to my NFL redesign done with my hand, and some colored pencils. I will post new designs by division the first one will be the AFC East
  12. I've had these in a sketch book for a couple years (made in 2010 if i'm correct) but i decided to update them after i did the same with the mavericks for the contest. Some have been left untouched, some updated. C&C welcome, along with anything else. (NO PARTICULAR ORDER) DALLAS MAVERICKS: http://s1251.photobu... Contest?sort=3 (the sheet is from what i entered in the contest, the others won't be as fancy...) GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS: PHOENIX SUNS: momentarily.....