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  1. I tried to develop a Kent State baseball hat and logo. This was done awhile back to get feedback from friends and family which did not provide any consensus. Thought I’d post what I have to get some feedback before I try to work on them again.
  2. does anyone know what logo this is? I would love to figure out how old this hat is. i thought it was part of the marlboro's / Leafs franchises but couldn't find it anywhere
  3. A few years back, I'd stumbled upon one of those oddball logos that isn't fierce or slick or anything like that, but in its own way, there are at least some folks who'd find it cool. In much the same way I find myself missing UConn's happy not-husky, I'd elected to sing a little bit, figuratively speaking, for the unsung, derby-doffing hound representing an obscure Toronto-area junior hockey team that, at the time, had just recently merged with the rather more blandly named Cobourg Cougars. A few months ago, I'd decided to revisit it (link to the original for reference). Figuring a shield of some sort would be the way to go, I'd taken a stab at putting some frankly odd ones together, as I didn't exactly wanna be seen ripping off Arsenal or somebody, but I still wanted the dog to be somewhat visible. Among the elements I'd intended to keep were the unique placement of the secondary bowtie logo, but the front got a bit crowded, so I simply incorporated it atop the crest. So here goes the home and away... the striping pattern from the original set's third jersey, I liked enough to use it on the main set this time. The lack of orange on the dog's derby had been bugging me, so I tweaked it to have an orange band. And now the third... Largely similar to the original set's third, only with a different number font, different shoulder patch and Derbys instead of Streetsville. One thing I'm damn sure of though, even nonexistent, the only hockey team in all of North America that could pull off a bowtie. Working on another obscure Ontario junior team, though one that actually currently exists this time.
  4. Hi guys! I am in the middle of modifying a template for Photoshop. It is a new era hat template originally made by JayJaxon. Please go check his work he has amazing templates and I am just modifying this template. Features for this template include: JayJaxon's Original Layers: Crown, Bill, White FrontMy modifications include all current AL and NL primary and alt cap logosIncluded are a folder with layers for 9/11 American Flag and 2013 World Series and Postseason LogosAgain I do not own this template and only modifying it. Credits all to JayJaxon. Pictures to come soon. Format: PSD