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  1. Hi everyone, For my latest project, I wanted to do address the overabundance of blue & red teams across Major League Baseball. For inspiration, I figured I'd look at the colors of other local teams to create some regional visual unity, similar to the way that all Pittsburgh teams use black and gold. Note that some teams will be using throwback colors of local teams, such as the first team below. We start today with the Texas Rangers in the San Antonio Spurs' fiesta colors. Thanks to @Victormrey for the suggestion! RANGERS HOME RANGERS ROAD RANGERS HOME ALT 1 RANGERS HOME ALT 2 RANGERS HOME ALT 3 RANGERS ROAD ALT C&C appreciated! Another team will be up soon.
  2. NBA Reverse Retro Series Why hello everyone! It has been years since I've been on the boards, but it's great to be back! With my first topic back, I wanted to tackle a project I worked on for fun late last year. The NBA Reverse Retro Series. After the NHL put out their Reverse Retro series of uniforms, I wondered what it might look like if the NBA did a similar thing. Now it is way harder to bring back a classic look for some teams because they never really left their classic look. The rules I set for this project were simple. Bring back a classic uniform from sometime in each team's history, but altered to fit their current colour scheme. Just like the NHL, team's could go back in their history, even wearing a jersey from a different city. Similar to what the Avalanche did with the Nordiques uniform. To start, this is the teaser, with each team represented and the year which the uniform is based on. I found all the logos and examples of the original uniforms from right on this site, I will add, I won't be making any changes at this point, I finished this project about a month ago, but I wanted to share it here and see what people think of this idea. C&C is appreciated!
  3. I'm not a big basketball guy (in fact, this is my first basketball concept ever), but I'm an Atlantan and very displeased with the Hawks uniforms. The shift to navy blue and red 10-15 years ago felt foreign (I know they had worn those colors before, but it was so long ago) but was at least relatively harmless. I was excited to see an emphasis put back on the Pac Man logo as they slowly reintroduced him. However, the way the redesign was executed left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The red was very prominent. That much was good. Navy blue was out; also good. In its place was a dark gray...not the familiar black, but better, nonetheless. Where it really fell apart was the hideous volt. What a terrible color that looks so out of place! I also realize the Hawks have used lime green before, but they hadn't used it paired with these new colors. The red, gray, and volt felt like a cheap knockoff version of the Hawks I grew up with. The Hawks have such great inspiration to pull from, and the current iteration with the feather pattern misses the mark. Overly detailed, poor color balance (can I say gaudy?), too trendy and already outdated. Definitely not "timeless." I wanted to come up with a design that feels familiar for the Hawks but pushes the needle a bit. The Dominique Wilkins era uniforms were near perfect for the time but don't quite translate to today's NBA. The Hawks need to emphasize red, white, and yellow. The current red and black sets are screaming for some white to balance it out because the volt makes it look dirty and dingy. Black should definitely be used sparingly and in this case, I relegated it only to an alternate uniform. It works because black is familiar for Atlanta, but leaves the main uniforms untouched. Those sets don't need any black at all. I took the forward looking graphic of the script and applied it throughout the uniform: the front and back number, as well as the NOB. I skipped name and number outlines in the interest of letting the design do the talking. It has a "loud" script so I wanted to keep the rest of the set fairly minimalistic. I originally had a contrasting collar and shoulder trim, but I got rid of those for the same reason. I created the new Nike template from scratch and if there's interest I may release it. Still playing around with it and optimizing it for use. It includes all the various seams and mesh panels. _________________________________________ TEMPLATE RELEASE I have tried to make this pretty user friendly. Just pay attention when you're changing the color of the uniform to also swap the inner garment color. There's a shadow layer and if you disable that layer's visibility, then you can click the inner garment color and swap that. I tweaked a couple things from my original design: got rid of the dashed stitching and just made it solid since it's hardly visible, anyways...added a jock tag, inner neck detailing, etc. The file is an Adobe Illustrator file (which I believe should also open and be compatible within Inkscape).
  4. I know how much you all hate stadiums/arenas with 1 side of luxury suites. The good news is that the wall of suites are on their way out in this upcoming renovation. The bad news? Well...
  5. Six months after the unveiling of the new Maple Leafs uniform, I'm used to the mega-thick stripe on the hem, but I actually don't like the classic double stripes on the arms. A great logo like this needs a bold design to compliment it, so I decided to make my fix. The Arenas' 4-stripe barberpole adjusted to fit the thick hem stripe replaces the double stripe, while on the home the stripe is lowered to throwback to the Arenas and form a T with the new pants. The stripe is kept where it is on the away, so the negative white space on the hem connects with the pants. The pants themselves are simple. so to go with the stripe I just put the simple Arenas' T. To show the full uniform and the T on the pants, I used one of JCRGraphix's great templates. C&C Appreciated!
  6. <h2>Project Info<h2> This project was for an Alaskan High School, the Hutchison Hawks. They came to me with the request for an updated look for the Mascot and Identity. While working on this project we created their new Primary Mascot, Secondary Mascot and their WordMark. We Introduce to you the New Hutchison Hawks! Feel free to check out the Higher Quality version, along with our previous work's on our website HERE.
  7. Here are some logos I made for the 2016 NHL Stadium Series that try to be a little more adaptive to the home team. Rip 'em apart. Colorado: Minnesota:
  8. This is my Hawks concept i made a while back before they unveiled the teams new uniforms.I forgot to post then so here it is now I always liked the green and blue look it was unique and i ditched the current number font i never really was a fan of. It basically was my attempt at a combination of a couple Hawk's eras. Hope you all enjoy. C&C Welcome and appreciated.
  9. I just wanted to start a thread for discussion about Atlanta's upcoming rebrand -- as we've got one for the Bucks, Raptors, 76ers, and Clippers, but don't seem to have one for the Hawks. Most of the discussion has been in the general NBA changes thread. It looks like we'll be getting the new look on Wednesday. We've already seen these: No idea how credible this is so take it FWIW:
  10. I have always been one to care about uniforms, logos and the general aesthetics of sports. I am a huge Hawks fan, and we pumped when the organization decided to go back to the pacman identity. Now that it is reported to be our primary identity starting next year along with some other changes, I assume our uniforms will reflect our new identity. I'll initially post rough ideas/sketches, and eventually add more polished artwork. You are welcome to post any ideas you may have and/or feedback.
  11. Hello, all. I'm in the middle of working on an NBA series- with a twist. But I'm not going to tell you that twist- yet. For now, I'm looking for C&C on the concept, of course, and the presentation as well. First team, in alphabetical order, is the Atlanta Hawks, so I'll share them as a bit of a teaser. Logos, numbers, wordmarks, etc: Home uniform: Away: Alternate: And my first attempt at a personal logo is in the corner. It can be read as a B as it is, or a M turned 90 degrees. I forget who made the template, but thanks to them. Enjoy!
  12. Hey Guys! I know everyone is taking turns making Hawks concept uniforms, so here is my crack at it. Less is more. Always. HOME: AWAY: C&C Welcome!
  13. I tried my hand at some basketball designs. If I get enough positive reactions to this I might start a redesign series but I'm not sure. Atlanta: Atlanta has usually had designs on the modern side, so I went the complete opposite route with the home and road. (I'm making dark kits the home unis). I brought back red and yellow as the scheme, dropping grey and blue. The number font is the old Thrasher's. Pac-Man becomes the primary logo. For the alternate, I had to do a 90's faux-back. It is very similar to their black/gradient roads, except it is a yellow/red gradient.
  14. Well I've fallen into the trend of redesigning the Hawks uniforms. While I like their uniforms now, I dislike the generic RWB color scheme. Let's face it, we all know that the red and yellow color scheme is what the Hawks should be wearing. So I brought that back and made a modern update to the 'Nique era uniforms. I love the current font, so I kept that. And to keep with the modern update, I put a gradient in the side panels of the alternate. Home Away Alternate
  15. Hey guys! We found about the revised hawk logo and we thought we can make a fun concept! Hope you like it! C&C Welcome!
  16. Rehashing and oldie. Tweaked some elements. Bringing back the gold and black, but with metallic gold as opposed to yellow-gold. New secondaries, Atlanta and ATL script. The claw holding the ball is from the current primary but can also serve as a nice secondary.
  17. Hi everybody, new member here. Just thought I'd post this and see if anyone had any thoughts on it. (By the way, please forgive the poor image quality; this was a fairly quick-and-dirty effort.) To start, here's the Hawks' current look. Great lines and curves, but the red-white-and-blue color scheme has become a bit boring and generic now that five different NBA teams are using it. Here's my new color scheme concept, designed to sort of resemble the colors of an actual red-tailed hawk: Updated logos: New court design possibilities: Retro-style uniforms for throwback nights: