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  1. This has been a fun thread the last couple of years, so let's keep the party going this year. This is the place for all things related to the upcoming high school football season. Predictions, players to watch, highlights, trash talk, etc. So when does practice/camps start around the country? According to the twitter page of my alma mater's football team, practice in Maryland starts on August 14th, and the regular season begins September 6th.
  2. Over the past week, I have been doing a concept series involving Mississippi High School Football teams, releasing them on Twitter four at a time. Today, I finished with 25 teams from Mississippi and one from Alabama. Click on the link below to see all of them with details and descriptions:
  3. UTAH - Spanish Fork High School (red, wearing Buckeye-style uniforms) is winning over Maple Mountain 14-11 with 0:03 seconds left on 4th down. With the defense still having a timeout to spare, their quarterback snaps it and casually rolls out to the side to burn the remaining 3 seconds. As time expires, however, he failed to either kneel or run out of bounds and the Maple Mountain defense strips the ball, running it back for a game-winning TD: Play starts @ 46:30 [ARTICLE]:
  4. Links to each full size template: NFL - paint friendly: !!! Warning !!! I updated the templates for the paint version of the NFL field to correct the number size and hash size. That change has not been reflected in the Photoshop version. I don't have Photoshop, so anyone who wants to update the .PSD file with the current template, send me a PM. NFL - textured .PNG file: NFL - textured .PSD file: see .PSD below. NCAA - paint friendly: NCAA - textured: see .PSD below. High School - paint friendly: High School - textured: see .PSD below. Arena (straight endzones) - paint friendly: http://www.mediafire...Arena_Blank.png Arena (curved endzones) - paint friendly: http://www.mediafire...ena_Rounded.png .PSD files for both arena fields: see .PSD below. .PSD including the NFL, NCAA, High School, and 2 AFL fields all in the same file: I've always had a hard time finding a large paint-friendly NFL field template that was to scale, so I made one. The field is 9376 x 5728 pixels, which is to a scale of 1px=.5inches. So a line width of 4in on an NFL field works out to be 8px on the template. I also added a feature that allows for easy fill around numbers by making the inside white and an outside border rgb 250x250x250 so that from a distance the numbers look all white, but they can have an easy border fill. Also the grass is different colors between each yard line allowing for an easy fill for differently shaded grass. Here is a link to a post with an example of multiple grass shades: There is also a textured version for photoshop (texture provided by DarthBrooks) !!!Warning!!! The current .PSD version is not to scale Credits: NFL - paint friendly: pitt6pack and SFCOM1 NFL - textured .PNG: Texture provided by and implemented by Darth Brooks and mgdmhl NFL - textured .PSD: Texture provided by Darth Brooks, implemented by mgdmhl NCAA - paint friendly: SFCOM1 NCAA - textured: Texture provided by Darth Brooks, implemented by mgdmhl High School - paint friendly: SFCOM1 High School - textured: Texture provided by Darth Brooks, implemented by mgdmhl Arena (straight endzones) - paint friendly: SFCOM1 Arena (curved endzones) - paint friendly: SFCOM1
  5. Here is my take on what my school's football jerseys should be, C&C always welcomed.
  6. That's it, we've officially crossed the line on colored football fields. The most unique football field in America is at a school in Utah By Cameron Smith7 hours ago The Diamond Ranch Academy football field may be the nation's most unique — Diamondbacks football There are plenty of unique football fields in prep football, be they red, blue or even black. At the end of the day, there's currently not much room for innovation in the realm of artistic expression on high school fields. View gallery .The Diamond Ranch athletic facilities are among Utah's best — Diamond Ranch Academy Perhaps that will change once more people catch sight ofthe football field at Diamond Ranch Academy, a Hurricane, Utah residential treatment center for struggling youth which features a full, 100-yard center strip stylized after the school's Diamondback mascot. The center of the field design fills the entire space between the left and right hashmark for the entire length of the field. As brought to Prep Rally's attention by USA Today, Diamond Ranch's unique field is part of a new facility project that the school completed as a wholesale upgrade to it's expansive campus. The fall 2013 season has seen the Diamondbacks host four games on the stripped turf already. There's really nothing like the black-and-yellow patterned turf in high school football, at least to Prep Rally's knowledge. As far as we know, there isn't a similar facility in college football either, and Diamond Ranch claims that the "logo" -- i.e., the enormous field-long strip -- is the largest on any football field in the country. In fact, the closest thing to the Diamondbacks' new turf may be this mythical field from the Oliver Stone movie 'Any Given Sunday', albeit with the elongated strip produced horizontally rather than vertically. Even the fabricated Dallas Knights' field wasn't as cool looking as Diamond Ranch Academy's. View gallery .Diamond Ranch's full-field design strip is like a yellow brick road to the end zone — Diamond Ranch Academy Will the Diamond Ranch field revolutionize field design in high school football? Only time will tell. It certainly can't hurt, and it might just keep away the prospect of fuscia-tinted turf for a few more years, too. ____________________________________________________________________________________ I think it's crazy, distracting, and going to be really tough on referees spotting the ball. The school should be pressured to replace it as soon as possible, only given time to budget. Every interscholastic and intercollegiate governing board in the country needs to enact rules requiring approval for anything other than a 10-yard midfield logo and grass-green turf on new football fields before this gets worse.