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  1. All fields here, and more, can be found on the Gridiron Fields Database. Now that I've been working with the Gridiron Uniforms Database to help add fields to the Gridiron Fields Database I'll be starting to do some historical fields, along with the current ones. There are so many past fields to do, and they are time consuming, so at least to start with I'm going to do just fields for big moments in NFL history. So I'm starting with the immaculate reception game. I'll also be skipping the on-field logos portion, to save time and memory space. December 23, 1972 - AFC Divisional Playoffs Raiders -7 @ Steelers - 13 December 31, 1972 - AFC Championship Dolphins - 21 @ Steelers - 17 As always, if anyone wants templates or the full sized fields (9144 x 4344 pixels) PM me.
  2. Since I finished up the Coastal Fog League I've been mulling over what to do next. I couldn't get out of the 1930's-50's baseball uniform mindset. It's just a fun era with a lot of bold colors and design choices. Coming out of the Great Depression and during the war years there was definitely a struggle to draw crowds, especially at the minor league level, so you can see the eye-catching and ever-changing sets were a ploy to attract fans. All this considered, the next logical series will focus on the "ultimate" version of original Pacific Coast League. Basically, I want to focus on the pre-1957 teams and come up with their best uniform sets. It's obviously going to be a subjective exercise and I'm going to try and stick mostly to elements that actually existed. There'll definitely be some combinations that span different years and "improvements," but like before I'll post the visual references. So, without further ado... Hollywood Stars (see below) San Diego Padres Sacramento Solons Oakland Oaks Hollywood Stars - a team with enough flash for the big screen We begin with the single most colorful team in the old Pacific Coast League - the Hollywood Stars. A team with a glitzy identity and a tiny ballpark literally right next door to CBS Television City could only exist in a city of celebrities. The Stars were a fun half of an inter-city rivalry with the Angels. The iconography is simple, but the devil is in the details. The first reference pic is what really drew me to the Stars for the first entry in this series, especially that road uniform. The unorthodox dark base color and contrasting white placket striping is striking. I really wish I was better at textures and shadows. Would have loved to have done a satin look like the Brooklyn Dodgers of the 40's. And I really love the "Hollywood" script (I still can't draw a good script tail). There are hints of the 50's Washington senators with the 3D jersey numbers and the one-of-a-kind star outline on the backs. And the hat just felt sort of underwhelming without an "H" inside the star. I did some guesswork with the colors for the home uniforms based off that museum exhibit image, but the lighting may have got me off track. The base color is definitely more of a cream than white. However, the shade of red seems to be somewhere between a faded red and a much more vibrant red, like the Ebbets Field Flannels version of the hat. And anything to do with the Hollywood Stars would be incomplete without including their pioneering shorts look. It was always odd to me that the shorts had pinstripes, whereas the jerseys didn't. Just an awesomely odd look overall. Feedback and critiques always welcome! Stars References
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