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  1. I have been a long fan of, I have used it since 2004 and honestly love the easiness and quick access of it. However I am very disappointing in what has been going on with there 'phantom' things lately. As you know, they have been posting phantom merchandise every time its available and claim its theirs and they even put watermarks on it! The truth is, it is NOT there image, nor is it from The truth is they just rip the images off of and upload them here with a watermark and claim its theirs. Don't believe me? Lets look at the most recent one they posted: (Link to article: http://news.sportslo...nference-champs) As you see it has the watermark and everything, and even put their own logo own something they don't own. Think im lying? Here is the fansedge link to this same EXACT item. The only thing different between these 2 images? The fansedge (Original one) does NOT have a watermark Link to fansedge version: http://www.fansedge....6921317_PD.html Image: Coincidence? I think not and I know not. Why? Because this is not the only time they did this. Lets go back a few months to Super Bowl XLVII: (Link: As you can see more items, and lets look at this hat. Now lets go to fansedge and see what they show for the unlisted 49ers champions hat. IT'S A MATCH! As you can see, again, has been putting watermarks on images that are not theirs and claiming it is theirs!