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  1. i usually dont get into the "fixing the latest uniform release" thing but i couldnt resist taking a stab at the Bucs. they had one of my favorite logos and uniforms in NFL history and i was very disappointed with the Nike-trash they got. i felt like they went overboard (pirate pun!) with the primary logo, adding in some unnecessary details and worst of all killed the waving, curling action of the flag. i probably drew around 20 different swords before landing on this design and i think i finally got it where it needs to be. For the word mark i just wanted a better font that still had a pirate personality. i went with a white-on-black mark to reflect the skull and swords in the flag. the red is about the same, its 200 C (think Ohio State) and the pewter is 10398 C, which is a metallic swatch that is brighter and with more silver than their current. it's hard to replicate exactly in RGB color space, but i think i've done a decent job here. favorite final sword designs it just happened that the word mark filled the end zones really well and i liked the big bold look of this. usually i'll experiment with 4 or 5 field designs but this was the first i came up with and decided thats cool enough. this template dosent show exactly what i imagine the helmet looking like. i really want a satin finish on the helmet with a silver (NOT chrome) face mask. but i love the idea of a big red flag on the side screaming into battle. its a logo that needs to be oversized. this shows the helmet more to my liking. my first idea for the jersey was to do stripes that looked like the rips in the flag of the logo, not too different from the Texans design, but then got the idea to do a ship's sail (a much simpler version of the pirate ship) on the sleeves. i wanted nothing to do with that tangerine orange and left it out of the identity completely except in the football of the logo. the numbers on the home jersey are silver (NOT chrome). the road jersey would feature a silver outlined number. the number font i felt didnt have to be anything special, because of how i had treated it with the silver. i just wanted a bold badass football font. the pants stripe just comes from the idea of a sword blade, the red carefully placed to resemble blood on the edge. not sure if the NFL would go for that or not, but i think its pretty cool. there is quite a bit going on in the uniform from helmet to pants so when it came to the socks i just wanted to try something very simple, yet do something new that the NFL has never seen before.