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  1. June 9th 2009 - Rondelle, Ocella Press Release: AHBA Commissioner Karen Raito "It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the Asacan HoopBall Association's inaugural season will officially begin on Februrary 20th 2010. We are currently looking for owners and viable locations for six francises, two of which have already been purchased and will be playing right here in Rondelle. I am also happy to announce that there will be a school based league, the Asaca School HoopBall Association, which will act as a talent feed for the AHBA. HoopBall is a huge part of Asacan culture, and it seems only right that we show off this country's best talent. Thank you all for coming out to witness the start of a big leap for Asacan sports. Background Info: First off, this is obviously my first topic here, so I will mention my art skills aren't fantastic by any means, but I will definitely try my best. I'm planning for this to become a league/ season simulation but right now I'm not sure on how that's gonna work. HoopBall is similar to basketball and shares many rules with it, particularly the NBA/WNBA, with size of the court, markings and height of the rim identical of the WNBA rules. Where it differs is the total number of players on court. Each team has 10 players on court, 5 on offense and 5 on defense. The five on offence are not allowed over the half court line to where the defense is, and the five on defense aren't allowed over the half court line to where the offense are. When the ball is over the half court in either team's possession, HoopBall plays like basketball. 3 points for a shot outside the arc, two for a shot inside and one for a free throw. Each quarter is 10 minutes long, with a 5 minute break between the 1st and 2nd quarters, and also between the 3rd and 4th. Halftime is 20 minutes long. The home team starts with the ball at half court for the first and fourth quarter, with the away team starting with the ball at half court for the second and third. Overtimes are 5 minutes long, and the ball starts at half court with the team who scored last. Overtimes feature 5 minute breaks between each overtime reqiured. Asaca is a country around the size of Tasmania, and is a similar shape. Asaca has a mix of Japanese and English heritage with classical English architecture featured prominently. Many residents have Japanese first and last names because of the Japanese heritage, but there are even people with a mix of English and Japanese names. The AHBA is the only major sporting league aside from the ASHBA active in Asaca.Asaca has two states: Inada and Ocella.Inada has three main cities; Asuka, Chibihasa and Hikaru. Inada in general is middle class and each of the three cities feature a few offices and the usual collection of shopping centers and whatnot. Ocella features the highest level of difference in class. Ocella has two main cities, Rondelle and Turrif. Rondelle is a classic city with little to no modern influence, apart from the incredibly modern airport. Rondelle features a grand castle in which Asaca's royalty reside. Royal influence makes Rondelle very high class. In comparison Turrif is the grit and grind city of Asaca. Turrif features Asaca's only port and many small houses & businesses. Turrif isn't the prettiest place and the saying form follows function is especially true here. The AHBA is Asaca's new premier sports league. It's offices are located in Rondelle, Ocella. It will feature 6 teams in this its inaugural season, in two conferences (Southern and Northern) The AHBA is a women's league, with no current interest to form a male league. The AHBA does however wish to have 10 teams by the 2020 season. Let me know what you think so far. I'll be starting to make uniforms and logos as soon as I find a template for the uniforms. I will go more in depth with info about playoffs, more individual city profiles, schedule and other things when I get there. (p.s. I am male, though my forum name may not suggest that.)