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  1. So I have had this concept sort of tucked away until the right moment to post on these boards and today finally I can post it. This past summer I was fortunate enough to be a full time staff member for the Bowling Green Hot Rods a class A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays as a group sales guy during the day and every job you can think of during games. I had came up with a few mock ups of promos to present to the assistant GM of the team to add to our promo schedule and he became so impressed with my work that he and the GM would give me design projects throughout the season that we would use for promos and presentations and materials for that season and next season. My last project that they gave me was to come up with a few concepts for a "What If" Night at the ballpark for the 2016 season. Now if you dont know this, the Hot Rods were the creators of this promo back when they became the Cave Shrimp for one night during their first season in Kentucky and won a golden bobble head award for best promo that season. I had came up with 3 concepts, the Stingrays, the Moonshiners, and the Bootleggers. They immediately fell in love with my Bootleggers concept and choose to use that for their promo and use my hat logo for the players to wear and sell to the fans. They created their own jersey for the occasion that is a jersey with a bourbon barrel on it. As soon as they announced the promo, I wanted to share to y'all my design and what they BG Hot Rods will be wearing on the field come July 16th. The design for the Primary Barrel Man came from old photos I found at a local photo archive at the local library in Bowling Green of moonshine runners during the prohibition era. A lot of photos were of old grizzly looking men. Also Zac Brown from the Zac Brown Band's face was the inspiration of the Barrel Man's face haha. I choose the colors brown and orange because it was a very under utilized color scheme in baseball today and they look great together. I used a dark brown for the base color and I utilized the "broadway burnt orange" that brandiose was going to use when they redesigned the Nashville Sounds. The uniform is based off a 70's early 80's uniform style that the Astros and Indians utilized. And Elastic waistband pants with buttons that were the norm during the 70's just fit well with the classic look of the uniform. The Hot Rods changed the hat from a dark brown to a black hat, but the Barrel Man logo's colors fit perfectly with my design. And to go with the craziness that is minor league baseball, they created a bourbon barrel jersey to auction off after the game. Here is what it will all look like on the field: If you want to see my whole design presentation you can catch it on my Behance page:
  2. I was an employee of the Hot Rods over the summer and got the chance to make some offseason ads and graphics with their new logos before the season was over. While working with these logos, I felt the same way as a lot of you on the boards. I felt that SME really missed the boat on the overall design concept and it felt rushed in some areas. There were some logos that I felt they did a great job on and it is reflected in my design concepts, but for this project I wanted to take my experience in being a minor league baseball fan and working in minor league baseball and see what I could come up with to improve the Hot Rod's new brand. For this project a designed a few new logos to replace some of the logos I felt SME did not work well for a minor league team and also kept a few of the ones that worked well. I redesigned the whole uniform set and even added a special sunday uniform. I am starting off this project by showing the primary logo I designed which I used as a focal point that everything else is designed around. I will periodically add more from this project.
  3. Alright, so recently two teams have released new uniforms in the MiLB world. I love seeing new minor league uniforms but recently it feels as if these teams choose terrible logos/designs for their hats and they don't pair them wisely. That's why I took the liberty of doing a quick fix for the Bowling Green Hot Rods. I think all they jerseys are perfect so I just fixed the hats. What I fixed: Home: I changed the logo on the hat from Navy blue w/ Orange trim to White BG with Navy trim and orange trim Away: I simply took the hat paired with the alternate uniform and moved it to away because it fits better with the grey Alternate: I took the logo off the orange away hat and replaced it with the new hot rod and moved it to the alternate uniform BP: I put the logo from the away hat onto the BP hat.