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  1. Once again; this would not end up being used by the school. They have tooooo much invested in Herbie looking guys. But I tried to think of some mascots that fit the name, region, and aren't human. Because let's face it, it won't be long until all human mascots will offend someone. My 2 options here are: Raccoon- They are always raiding the corn fields, cribs, and silos. They are from the animal family Musteloidea so they fit in the BIG10. They have peopleish hands so to get to the corn they actually husk it. They are un-used in D1. Drawback- many farmers hate them. Scarecrow- They are associated with fields/corn fields. Human-ish so it's not as far of a move from Herbie. They are un-used in D1. They are often stuffed with corn husks. Drawback- seem to be either too creepy or too friendly. Here are the looks: Raccoon: Not sure about the eyes A B Scarecrow: Let me know what you think. If you think they should just have a Herbie, then explain why in a way that is not "because that's what they've always had".
  2. Nebraska basketball has never been much to talk about, but the university is in the midst of massive upgrades to Pinnacle Bank Arena where the hoops teams play, as well as several other sports like volleyball. They just unveiled the new floor design, which I like. I love the simplicity of the two-tone wood, and the state silhouette at center court is a nice touch.
  3. Last year, Nebraska unveiled alternate uniforms against Wisconsin. Initially, the fan base reacted negatively since Nebraska has always clung to a traditional look, but eventually most warmed to the idea of an alternate uniform once a season as a way to attract recruits. Below is what the team actually wore: One of the biggest gripes was BFBS, but personally I enjoyed seeing the black lids and even the black stripes. But what I did not enjoy was that black was added essentially at the expense of white. Nebraska has used a red/white combination for over a century and aside from a key line around the numbers and player name, this uniform is devoid of white completely. Below is my attempt at a concept that addresses this problem. I've kept the black numbers with white key lines, but swapped the giant "Chest N" and front number to resemble a more traditional jersey look. I kept the black lid, but added a consistent stripe pattern that goes across sleeves and pants as well. As a "concept," this is nothing earth-shattering but it hopefully is a look that Nebraska could rock without upsetting too much of the fan base. Thoughts?