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  1. This concept was started a few years ago here: . And I just went back and cleaned it up. Let me know what you think of the updates. Here is the image: And a GIF for comparison:
  2. With NCAA Hockey conference playoffs coming up, I was looking at some of the smaller schools competing for a spot in the national tournament. Suffice to say, there are a lot of logos that aren't very good. One of the ones I noticed most was the Michigan Tech logo. The husky is a strange blob shape with squared edges on the left side, and a mediocre font. A team that is competitive on the national stage deserves a quality logo, so I attempted to make one myself. I attempted to keep some of the main features of the original logo, particularly excluding the eyeball. I also decided to make the logo a bit more streamlined and intense. For a secondary logo, I created a simple letter logo, with the word Tech at the bottom. This creates a simple, yet recognizable letter logo. The script logo remains largely the same, with some tweaks. Finally, the uniforms, which are based on the team's current alternates (they might be their primary uniforms now, though they used to wear the Bruins template). The yellow uniform can act as both a home alternate and road uniform, while the black uniform is used on the road whenever the yellow jersey would clash. Thanks for viewing! C+C is welcomed!
  3. So here's my first football concept! When UConn unveiled their new athletic logos/uniforms last year i was not a fan of their football uniforms. Especially their helmets with the logo in the center stripe.. So I made some slight adjustments.
  4. Mostly minor changes besides the helmet and pants, but I felt that I wanted to stay simple and elegant, much like the Husky.
  5. Hello everyone! As an alumnus of the University of Connecticut, I was not too happy when the school decided to change their iconic "Jonathan" Husky logo. But, seeing the end results of Davidson's new and fierce logo, I ended up liking the overall look. It inspired me to create a husky logo myself. The concept isn't necessary mind-blowing, but I believe that outside of a few odd looking details, its a pretty decent take on a sleek, yet simple husky. I hope you guys like it. If you can give me any tips and advice, that would be greatly appreciated!
  6. As most of you know, the UConn Huskies previewed their new logo on new uniforms. In this preview they included the Huskies' new hockey uniform. And oh boy, they are not so great. They feel very empty to me. The stripes are thin and the logo is small. Here is a picture of them. So I decided I would try to make a better UConn Hockey jersey. I was disappointed in the lack of grey in all the uniforms. I really liked the hint of grey in the old UConn uniforms. So I decided I would put a touch of grey in the striping. One thing I did like is the amount of red used in them. So I kept the red.