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  1. I was experimenting with @McElroy19's Full-body Iceborn template and decided to do a concept for the czech republic.Their current jerseys aren't that great, without any arm or hem stripes, and even though I like flag jerseys, theirs wasn't executed all that great. So I wanted to make a concept that was like their flag jersey, but still had the design of a traditional jersey. The design features a timeless large hem stripe that, just like the flag, features a half-and-half design. I chose to make the home yoke white instead of blue to differentiate them from Russia a little bit. Tying it all together is a font that I feel works perfect with the jersey. C&C is appreciated!
  2. Hey CCSLC! I've been developing an NHL by Adidas series over the last month, so I thought I'd post some of them on here. I'm not very consistent with posting so here are the first two... Anaheim There are so many good concepts with the Ducks so I went with a more traditional look for the team. It's inspired by their new alternate, with the obvious colour choice. Rip it apart! Arizona The Coyotes new rebrand is devastatingly terrible IMO. The black and white need to be replaced with sand. The team is only one of two teams that use that colour, the other being the Wild. The striping is patterned like it should be. Have at it! Boston IMO, nothing is untouchable. Black needs to be replaced with brown and it would be the most unique but incredibly awesome colour scheme in the league. You may hate it but tell me if you do! CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! Fonts - Conrad Burry Logos - Chris Creamer Template - Taylor Roy (based off of Matt McElroy's Iceborn template)
  3. Good evening everyone! Here is a Buffalo Sabers concept set for hopefully a new era of hockey in a city of Buffalo. The Sabers have seen not much recent success, and with hopefully a new face of the franchise the uniforms could use a refresh as well. I like the look of these, if any of you have suggestions I would love to here them. C&C always appreciated.