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  1. After seeing the atrocious court for the 2018 Braggin' Rights Game between Illinois and Missouri I created my own take on a court for this annual neutral site matchup. Each team gets their own half of the court split by the Mississippi River which serves as the border between the two state.
  2. I am a huge Illini fan and I love Chief Illiniwek but when I saw the Illinois Fighting Illini page, I noticed something weird, There is no primary logo from 1957-1988 and the Chief logo was retired in 2007, so how could it be a secondary logo till 2013... I am baffled and hoping that maybe someone can fix those mistakes.
  3. This is just a concept I cooked up this week, being off work and not really having much to do. I have had it in my head ever since Illinois redesigned their entire athletic identity a couple years ago. While the new uniforms are miles better than the dated, piping-heavy uniforms from the 2000's, there are some pretty careless striping inconsistencies and design choices that I just don't agree with, so that being said, here is my take on the Fighting Illini. I decided to take the current font and return the classic Illinois script to the helmet because I have always had a soft spot for it for some reason, and IMO, the block I is too vertical to be a strong helmet logo. The orange helmet would be a traditional metallic or molded shell, not the anodized look Illinois has sported since the redesign. I tweaked the sleeve stripes on the blue and orange jerseys and also went with a more traditional full stripe on the pants and adjusted the striping proportions. The new uniforms also have single color numbers to evoke a classic feel as well. I don't really see the need for a white or blue helmet because I think the orange helmet is the strongest and is most often associated with Illini football. Obviously each uniform element would be interchangeable so the team could mix and match up to 9 combos, which is plenty as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully I have actually improved on Illinois' look and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks. Any comments and feedback would be appreciated, thanks for taking a look. Since this has turned into a little series, I thought I'd go ahead and include a list of the teams I plan on redesigning throughout this project: Already Done Illinois W. Virginia Cornell Arkansas St. Dartmouth Northwestern North Dakota State
  4. Illinois seeks new mascot 9 years after Chief Illiniwek's removal Ala UND it will probably be a hawk!
  5. I saw the Elmhurst College Bluejays logo on a tweet to Chris Creamer and put this together. Obviously the alt is the Hawks red jersey template just seemed to fit with Elmhurst being just outside of Chicago. All logos are from the school and can easily be found on Google. The wordmark at the top is from their athletic department's website.
  6. Concept for fictitious hockey team at Walther Christian Academy in Melrose Park, Illinois (formerly Walther Lutheran High School) Quick Background: They dont have a team there currently. When I was there a few students and one faculty member were working on making a team. I was asked by the faculy member to make up some mock ups for possible uniforms with just a kelly green and white scheme. But, the team never happened due to various reasons. I was talking with a current student and we were discussing the schools present uniforms and change from kelly green to a deeper and drab green. He told me that the school may be adding black to the green and white colors in the near future. Walther uses the Denver Broncos logo for most of the sports teams. They do also use the Boise State Bronocs for football but i went with Denver considering it is used the most. The bucking Bronco is from Western Michigan which Walther used 30 years ago for various things with sports there. I am going to submit this to Hockeyjerseyconcepts for review. Thank you for your time.
  7. A continuation of teams from a minor league or semi-pro league the Great Lakes Hockey Assoc. Following the Marathon Argos and the Chicago Huskies. These are the Ann Arbor Blues. Not like the music blues but the color after the Michigan Wolverines. The the oak tree and the three stripes on the roundel and throughout the design comes from the flag of Ann Arbor. The shield logo is to have a university look to it with the Latin phrase "Fortes Fortuna Iuvat" meaning "Fortune Favors the Brave" I have some ideas for teams but any ideas for teams would be welcomed. Teams do not need to be on the lake just in states and provinces surrounding them. Next possible team is the Mackinac Islanders or another name, maybe a team in Green Bay or somewhere in Wisconsin. Any comments welcomed and appreciated. This will be sent to HJC later on
  8. Chicago Huskies concept is part of the fictional Great Lakes Hockey Association that also has my other concept for the league the Marathon Argos based in Marathon, Ontario. I plan on posting this to Hockeyjerseyconcepts. I altered the UConn Huskies logo to look more like my huskie Moxie's fur patterns and tones. She has more of a cream tone and not white that is why there is little to no white color in the concept. and the pawprint is based off of her own pawprint . There will be more designs of other teams coming possibly.
  9. I had this concept pop into my mind when I was thinking of making a logo for my younger brother based on his old nickname Argo. Initially I was going to call them Jason's Argos but it evolved into the semi-pro Marathon Argos in Marathon, Ontario in the fictious GLHA (Great Lakes Hockey Association). I do plan on submitting this to the Hockeyjerseyconcepts. I created the main crest from a sketch i made of a ship based on pics I found online of ancient Greek bireme and trireme ships and artist's renderings of the Argo itself. The Spartan style helmet I had a more MSU style helmet, but I found this and used it to create my own. Spartan warrior helmet.The pants and shoulder patch logo is my design with M for Marathon the striping pattern from the jerseys which is taken from ancient Greek patterns. The midnight blue and aqua tones I used from colors that may have been prominent in ancient Greece I came across while looking online. The gold color to tie in with the story of Jason and the Argonauts with the search for the golden fleece. Sponsor logo is from Shaw telecommunications from that area of Ontario. The GLHA logo is my own design I did use the shield and the wave like design on the Maritime Junior Hockey League logo as a basis for that league logo. Any comments and critiques welcome.
  10. My take if the EIU had a hockey team or just a club team using the school's new logos and wordmarks that debuted last year. A huge improvement over the ones that they previously had. comments are welcomed as always
  11. Hey all, I go to Illinois State. Our logo is pretty awful, and Reggie the Redbird needs an upgrade. As I was watching us take the L to Richmond last night, I thought about how I could update him. I sketched up a little and put my work on my laptop using paint.NET. I would like some C&C because I feel there's more I can do with this, but I'm not sure what yet.
  12. Near my hometown there is a junior college in River Grove, Illinois called Triton College. They dont have a hockey program and probably never will considering they dropped their football program decades ago. I got the idea for this concept the other day using their T logo and the Trojan helmet. I made the roundel with some pieces of design from the school's seal with the gear teeth and the leaves or wheat that i used in the striping and the roundel. I made a Gemini Athletic hockey jersey templates and sock templates from Gemini's site. Considering a lot of colleges use Gemini jerseys and socks I figured they would be more likely to use Gemini instead of Reebok or CCM. I think i have the colors correct but due to colorwerx no longer being up I am not sure. The fonts are Houston Astros font for their uniforms and the font on the alt jersey is NW Rangers light. ( I think both are from Fonts by Conrad. I know the Houston one is) Any and all critiques are welcome good or bad. I would lik to hear what you think to improve my designs. (the T logo and trojan helmet in the bottom right corner are the logos from the school. I used them to make vectors for my designs). Triton's seal