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  1. I'm not a big basketball guy (in fact, this is my first basketball concept ever), but I'm an Atlantan and very displeased with the Hawks uniforms. The shift to navy blue and red 10-15 years ago felt foreign (I know they had worn those colors before, but it was so long ago) but was at least relatively harmless. I was excited to see an emphasis put back on the Pac Man logo as they slowly reintroduced him. However, the way the redesign was executed left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The red was very prominent. That much was good. Navy blue was out; also good. In its place was a dark gray...not the familiar black, but better, nonetheless. Where it really fell apart was the hideous volt. What a terrible color that looks so out of place! I also realize the Hawks have used lime green before, but they hadn't used it paired with these new colors. The red, gray, and volt felt like a cheap knockoff version of the Hawks I grew up with. The Hawks have such great inspiration to pull from, and the current iteration with the feather pattern misses the mark. Overly detailed, poor color balance (can I say gaudy?), too trendy and already outdated. Definitely not "timeless." I wanted to come up with a design that feels familiar for the Hawks but pushes the needle a bit. The Dominique Wilkins era uniforms were near perfect for the time but don't quite translate to today's NBA. The Hawks need to emphasize red, white, and yellow. The current red and black sets are screaming for some white to balance it out because the volt makes it look dirty and dingy. Black should definitely be used sparingly and in this case, I relegated it only to an alternate uniform. It works because black is familiar for Atlanta, but leaves the main uniforms untouched. Those sets don't need any black at all. I took the forward looking graphic of the script and applied it throughout the uniform: the front and back number, as well as the NOB. I skipped name and number outlines in the interest of letting the design do the talking. It has a "loud" script so I wanted to keep the rest of the set fairly minimalistic. I originally had a contrasting collar and shoulder trim, but I got rid of those for the same reason. I created the new Nike template from scratch and if there's interest I may release it. Still playing around with it and optimizing it for use. It includes all the various seams and mesh panels. _________________________________________ TEMPLATE RELEASE I have tried to make this pretty user friendly. Just pay attention when you're changing the color of the uniform to also swap the inner garment color. There's a shadow layer and if you disable that layer's visibility, then you can click the inner garment color and swap that. I tweaked a couple things from my original design: got rid of the dashed stitching and just made it solid since it's hardly visible, anyways...added a jock tag, inner neck detailing, etc. The file is an Adobe Illustrator file (which I believe should also open and be compatible within Inkscape).
  2. Something fun for all the girls in B-Town! ...and my t-shirt site... any feedback is appreciated!!
  3. So here's my first try at Illustrator (been working in PS with rasterized images). So far so sweet, lots of processes, but then end results are so awesome and the vector sizing is awesome!
  4. Hey guys, I just got the Adobe suite of software and will primarily be playing around with Illustrator and Photoshop. I used to have one of the older Photoshops about a decade ago so I am confident I will be able to pick that up and learn it fairly easily. However, Illustrator seems a good bit different from what I've known out of Inkscape the last 6-7 years or so. I'm struggling to figure out how different file types interact from one program to the other. For example, I had some .svg files made in Inkscape that I wanted to try to import into Illustrator and mess with, perhaps fine tune them, etc...but they don't seem to convert well. Any tips for this? Any general help or tips would be much appreciated. I am excited to try my hand with this new tool but it appears there will be a decent learning curve from what I have known previously with Inkscape.
  5. I am so happy with the response from my first NBA template series that I wanted to update it to better suit you guys and create a better template to show off the creativity and design on this site. So here's what we've got! Here's whats been updated: - updated Adidas mesh design to match actual uniform - added championship crest on back collar - organized illustrator files/layers for better access - added basic number/NOB font (link below) - added stripes - added side view for jersey - added front view for shorts Here are the links to download the templates/font: I am excited to hear from you guys! I welcome all feedback about the templates. Let me know what you would want to see changed or perfected! Enjoy.
  6. Long time lurker here and finally decided to join so I could start posting stuff I work on to get some CC. This thread will basically just be slight tweaks to current NFL uniforms based off my still pretty novice Illustrator skills. Uniform template taken from template thread - Thanks to OP who made it Fonts - Many fonts and just about all the ones used in my mock-ups are from Conrad. Thanks to Conrad. Disclaimer on this thread so that nobody will be misled: these mock-ups posted will just be slight tweaks to uniforms a la the title of the thread so there won't be any mind-blowing original concepts or original drawn from scratch team logos in these mock-ups. This is more a cross-over of my vision of how certain teams would look in my "perfect world" along with looking for CC on my Illustrator skills and hopefully get some helpful tips. As of now, not every team has or will be mocked up as some teams I think are currently pretty dang close to perfect: Packers, Bears, to name a couple. Some of these mock-ups are ones we've already seen before so I'm giving disclaimer beforehand that I'm not taking credit for coming up with these; and if posted, they've been posted to get feedback on the execution of the design and tips to better it. I'm going to start posting multiple teams at a time from one division if applicable and will wait for CC and try to answer/explain/reply to any comments afterward. Let's start off: NFC West: Arizona Cardinals: For me personally, the Cardinals are the poster child for a team needing a new uniform set ASAP. Living in Arizona, I can't stand the sight of these uniforms since they scream mid-2000's Reebok era with the piping disaster. I'll admit when I was 15-16 years old when these first dropped; I thought they were "kewl" since the previous set was rather bland but this current set has not aged well at all in my opinion. I've seen lot of Cardinals concepts mocked up taking them back to a very traditional retro look and while I agree that it would be 100x better than the current set; I feel like a team such as the Cardinals (despite being one of the oldest franchises) needs to have a more modern set since they honestly (and no offense to any Cards fans) don't have much "history". I think they got to go to a similar route as the Seahawks in being contemporary and not so much straight retro old school traditional style. So my mock-ups of the Cardinals is somewhat simple in general but I've given them a monochrome look to wear at home sorta how the Seahawks are and I think it kind of ties in since they've been a tough home team the last year or two since Arians took over and with the whole "Red Sea" nickname they use. My own CC right off the bat on these: I think the pants stripe design may be too "random" but I was playing around making arcs and didn't want to make every single team have traditional 2 stripe lines. It doesn't match with the traditional striping on the helmet. Edit: Here's my revised Cardinals w/ Icgreiog03's suggested changes. Took off the helmet stripes and changed the pants side pattern to something that fits better w/ the uniform and team. Pants side design taken from "feather" parts on the "crown" of the Cardinals head logo. Latest Edit: Took off the Cardinal head logo off the sleeves and used an Arizona state flag design to replace it. Also, I did my best to fix the whole perspective angle issues on the front and back view of the sleeves that davidmiller5 pointed out. Not perfect which you will notice if you look a lot closer but I did it to best of my capabilities right now. I didn't want to use the official state flag colors on these uniforms even though it's been done before in real life. Just seemed like it'd be forcing it and the dark royal blue from the official flag would clash w/ the Cardinal red and black colors. So to counter this, I did the flag sleeve designs in a tonal color-up that matches the home/road jerseys so it's not so blatant in your face. For the black alt, I did full Cardinals team colored AZ state flag for the color-up. Have 2 diff versions for each home/road/alt set that I tinkered with. Decided to go with the ones posted below where the home and roads have a tonal color effect to blend in w/ each jersey and then the black alt has a full team colored flag sleeve design. The thinking for the black alt was that this set in this universe would be worn for marquee games (prime time, playoff/standing implications, rivalry game, etc) and this is where Cards fans would love to show off their Arizona pride even more than they already do. In the spoilers, I have the flag sleeve designs for the roads that would match the color-up of the flag sleeve design in the home posted above while the black alt's have a blacked out gradient tonal effect. And I do realize how I chose which black alt to use for my "final" set doesn't match how the home/roads are tonal color gradients on the flag design but like I mentioned above, my thinking was to have the "prime time" black alt have a flag design that's more showy and not as subtle as the home/road.
  7. Any tips on how to get different templates for different types of garment that can be sublimated. Everybody seems to be hush hush about templates.
  8. Hello all, Recently I have been struggling to find a realistic NBA template for Illustrator that I can use for my basketball concepts. With no luck finding a fitting template, I decided to create my own to use, and would love to share it with you guys! In return, I only ask that you give me credit when you use it for your own work, and I can't wait to see it out there! There are five total templates, with each NBA franchise falling into one of the designs. Here is how each team falls. Template 1 –Los Angeles Lakers –Miami Heat –Dallas Mavericks –Toronto Raptors –Detroit Pistons Template 2 –Chicago Bulls –Cleveland Cavaliers –Boston Celtics –New York Knicks –Portland Trailblazers Template 3 –Milwaukee Bucks –Golden State Warriors –Indiana Pacers –Orlando Magic Template 4 –New Orleans Pelicans –Brooklyn Nets –Houston Rockets –Memphis Grizzlies –Philadelphia 76ers –San Antonio Spurs –Denver Nuggets –Minnesota Timberwolves –Oklahoma City Thunder –Utah Jazz –Atlanta Hawks –Charlotte Hornets –Los Angeles Clippers –Phoenix Suns –Sacramento Kings –Washington Wizards Template 5 –Sleeved Design (template 4 collar) And here is how they look: And here is the link to the files Enjoy! –Trent Daniel, tbdaniel15
  9. Hey guys, here for your pleasure I have Nike newest uniform template, the Elite Mach Speed set. I made this template to use for some NFL and College Football series and wanted to share with the community as well! Template is for Adobe Illustrator in an .ai file. Also included is a .psd file made directly from this template by Bucks Fan. Thanks for doing that man! Just with some of my other templates, the only thing I ask with this free template is that you mention my name (Trent Daniel or tbdaniel15) when you use this and give me credit for my work. Other than that, enjoy it! I hope it can help some of your projects pop. .psd http://www.mediafire...y_BucksFan5.rar .ai *Note* There are helmet and pant stripes hidden within the layers. Simply pressing alt+opt+3 to reveal these for you to access!
  10. The general consensus about the NHL ASG uniforms that were unveiled recently is that they are pretty horrible. There are plenty of ways both the NHL and Reebok could have avoided the monstrosities that they released, but I guess that is why we have these boards to come up with better solutions. For this concept, I came up with a solid solution (in my humble opinion), and fixed Reebok's mess. For starters, there are actually two sets of uniforms that I have proposed. One for the skills competition, and one for the actual All Star Game itself. My reasoning for this is that the skills comp is extremely gimmicky, which is a great chance for the NHL to showcase a "gimmicky" uniform. And while the actual ASG isn't much better, it is a long-lasting traditional game (albeit not competitive) that deserves more than a one-off gimmicky jersey that's tacky. When you look at an NHL All Star jersey, you should be able to identify it immediately as an ASG jersey, not a motocross jumpsuit. Since both the league and Reebok seem so fixated on chrome logos/neon piping/colors that stand out, there are some aspects that I kept around here. Have a look.... For the Skills Competition: And, for the actual All Star Game C&C is always appreciated! I think what I am going to do is just post my hockey concepts here in this thread from now on since I don't plan on starting any series or projects any time soon.
  11. What's up guys? I started an NFL re-design last summer, and made it through about 3 divisions before I became sidetracked with work, and eventually lost interest. With the recent reveal of the Cleveland Browns 2015 uniforms, I was comparing what they released to my concept from nearly a year prior, and it got me thinking..."I kind of want to start fresh, and give the NFL a make over from my perspective," as many of you have done, or are planning to do. So that's exactly what this is. I will kind of be winging it as far as the order of teams goes, and taking requests along the way. Of course, any constructive criticism is fair game. Thanks for checking out this series, and I hope you enjoy it! Finished Teams: AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals AFC South: Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans Tennessee Titans AFC East: New England Patriots New York Jets Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins AFC West: Oakland Raiders San Diego Chargers Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs NFC North: Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions NFC South: Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC East: Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins NFC West: Arizona Cardinals San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks St. Louis Rams
  12. Hey everybody, I've spent the past few weeks filming a Skillshare class, and I think it would be of some interest to people on the forums. The class consists of a few sets of short video tutorials explaining how to make a custom postcard illustration out of your own photograph. I demonstrate a few different techniques I use to illustrate, and these can be applied to any design really, not just the postcards. A lot of the principles are similar to what you might find in a sports logo, so if you're looking to sharpen up your skills and make something cool in the process, go ahead and sign up! It's free for a 14-day trial. So please feel free to join and share with your friends if they're interested. I'd love some feedback as well. Here's the link: And here are some examples of the postcards you'd be making:
  13. Here's the first in my template series. It's the standard Nike NFL Elite, version 1. Illustrator CS3 Download Illustrator 10 Download SVG Download PDF Download
  14. Hi all New to the board here but I've searched for a while to try and find some tips and advice on an "easy" (if there is such a way), to create a hard bevel effect on text, like what you find on sports logos? I've done it previously by hand drawing each bevel, but it's a time consuming process, and I wondered if you all had a tip on how to speed the process up a bit, or if there is such a thing as a quick and easy way to do it? Some examples of the effect I'm interested in: Thanks in advance Jeff
  15. Hi all, Over this summer, I have been working on a few things to build up my design portfolio. In the past, I have extensively worked on uniform concepts that have been posted here on this board, but I would like to expand my horizons a bit and give logos, wordmarks and branding a shot. My goal for this thread is to be able to post my designs and get some constructive criticism on what I can do better so I can learn more about creating some nice designs and what is acceptable in the eyes of consumers (i.e. you guys). I have a few things in the works right now, but I am going to start things off by sharing a personal logo that I have created. Problem is, I cannot decide what color combination works best! So I have worked up some mockups of different combos that I think could work well with each other, as well as two basic, simplified versions. C&C is always appreciated! Simplified...
  16. I've made a vector template based off a popular template set you see around the forums... feel free to enjoy!
  17. Hey guys, I have been taking somewhat of a break from my third jersey series that I have been working on over the past couple months (mainly bc of school and work), but recently, I decided I wanted to give Illustrator a shot. I've never really used the program much before - really only to draw a couple logos, etc. - so this is my first ever jersey concept done in Illustrator. If I could get some C&C on this and also any helpful tips, it would be much appreciated! Thanks guys, and don't worry, the last three teams in my Third Jersey Series will be finished sometime in the near future!
  18. So here's another in my template series. I'm working on a whole set of templates. This is my men's basketball template. Right now I'm still refining it, so it's not being released just yet. When it's ready, I'll modify the topic appropriately. So here's what I have so far, and I would like some C&C on it please.