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  1. Howdy folks, and welcome to the Wild West! This is something I’ve been working on for the past few weeks since the MLB season has started, making teams in-between work, school, and baseball. It is an 8 team league set west of the Mississippi and extends all the way to the Pacific Coast. DSaline’s USBL is a big part of the inspiration for this series which I used his ideas for fields for each team and trying to be extremely in depth with each backstory. Teams will mostly be released sporadically, but hopefully one team will be released a week with half of the league already finished. An important note is that neither the Pacific Coast League or old Western League existed in this universe. Enjoy! C&C is appreciated as always. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— In the year 1950, America’s baseball landscape in the West Coast was scattered and bland. There were many leagues from the Great Plains to the Pacific but they were scattered and small and mostly all lasted no more than a few years before disbanding. The Western League came about when the suffering Rocky Mountain League and Pacific League, the two best leagues in the West at the time, combined with a handshake by Jack Quinn and Lyndon Kurtis in a meeting between the 2 leagues in Houston, Texas. They planned for a smaller sized league to increase the caliber of talent on the field and for teams to be associated with a larger group of people, something both leagues had previously struggled at. The 1951 season started with teams in Kansas City, Houston, Cheyanne, Seattle, and Denver. Throughout the years the teams have changed, formed and collapsed, but the current set of teams have been around since the 1990 season when the league brought in two new teams to bring the total to 8. Teams play a 170 game schedule (yes, I based that loosely off the old PCL regular season schedule) starting the last week in March and ending around the first week in October. The top 2 teams then enter the playoffs where they battle for the Quinn-Kurtis Trophy, named after the men who brought the league together, in a best of 7 series. Some other minor notes, the DH has never been used in the Western League, the fans and owners laughed at the idea when a team brought it up in the 70s due to the fact that fans, owners, and players love having pitchers hit due to the strategy in it. Also, all teams have three uniforms, home, away, and an alternate to be worn either at home or on the road. The league logo depicts the majestic mountains found in the Western parts of America (i.e. Sierra Nevada’s, Rocky Mountains, etc.) against a backdrop of a starry sky with 8 stars. Each represents a team in the league. It is recolored for each ball club and appears on the back of hats and jerseys.
  2. Hi. Here is my fictional league of a sport named "flash", a sport based of a game I played at school. I'm still learning inkscape so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Lets start of with the logo of the league. I wanted to create something simple and iconic. The logo is supposed to be a literal take on the word flash and the red is in the configuration of the British flag. But what is flash? Basically, flash is a game where players throw a cylindrical object, underarm, over a crossbar and between the posts so that it goes to the other side, where the opponents will catch it and throw it back. You get a point if the it lands on the opponents side without them catching it or the opposing team throws it outside the field of play, which is made of synthetic hardcourt similar to that of what is used in the Australian and US Opens. The ball, known as a flash, is a wooden cylinder lined with vulcanized rubber. It is 20 cm long and has a diameter of 6 cm. The field is 20m by 10m with each side being 10x10 metres, slightly larger than a volleyball court. The difference between volleyball and flash is that in flash you can catch the ball and run with it. Also, you have to throw it in between the posts, which are 5 metres long, and over the crossbar, which is 3 metres high. Each roster has 10 spots with 5 players playing a game, there are no substitutions. 3 players must be in front of the 5 metre line (pretty self-explanitory) at all times. The positions, going left to right, are: left forward, centre forward, right forward, left back and right back. The backs are generally more athletic as they have to cover more ground and the centre forward usually orchestrates the team by calling plays designed to deceive the opponents. I hope you like my concept. Team designs will follow and feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Here is a fictional baseball team concept for a team called the New York Classics. I am using Inkscape for the first time so I wanted to choose a name that I could make a simple logo for. The whole goal is simplicity while still having a good logo set. Please tell me what you think. Uniforms are to come.
  4. Hey guys, I just got the Adobe suite of software and will primarily be playing around with Illustrator and Photoshop. I used to have one of the older Photoshops about a decade ago so I am confident I will be able to pick that up and learn it fairly easily. However, Illustrator seems a good bit different from what I've known out of Inkscape the last 6-7 years or so. I'm struggling to figure out how different file types interact from one program to the other. For example, I had some .svg files made in Inkscape that I wanted to try to import into Illustrator and mess with, perhaps fine tune them, etc...but they don't seem to convert well. Any tips for this? Any general help or tips would be much appreciated. I am excited to try my hand with this new tool but it appears there will be a decent learning curve from what I have known previously with Inkscape.
  5. Hi guys. I am having some trouble with adding a second outline in Inkscape. I have Inkscape 0.91 for Windows 10. I am simply trying to add a second outline to a logo and back jersey numbers. I have also included the screenshots of the logo and numbers. Thanks!
  6. Over the past month or so I have been working on my first ever fictional sports league. I came up with the league last year and I did not have the skills to make logos for the league, so I stuffed it away for almost a year. That league is the American Premier League. This is my first attempt at making logos for sports teams. So any C+C you have please feel free to post. Also, all cities are set in stone. I will probably ask for ideas for a team or two if I am stuck but the cities are here to stay. My inspiration for this series has come from Raysox' A-League and his fantastic APL. (I came up with the APL name before his series came out so it is just by coincidence that they have the same name) Enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The American Premier League was founded in 1960 by teams from Portland (Maine), Fresno, Tucson, Fargo, Albany, Boston, St. Louis, and El Paso. The goal of the league was to make the game of soccer more popular in America. Soccer was just beginning to gain popularity in America by the start of the 60’s. Attendance was low for the first few seasons and many doubted if the league would survive the decade. But in 1965 a new president emerged. Peter C. Wolters came aboard with one mission. To make the APL a top US sports league. He brought on a new city and one more in 1970, and by 1975 the APL was competing with the top sports leagues in america. The teams moved to bigger stadiums and in 1976 the APL was averaging 40,000 fans a game. Today the APL has grown to 12 teams. They are scattered all over the US. The newest team coming in 2012 from the Northwest. One thing the APL loves and has loved from the beginning is small market teams. Only 4 teams play in “major” cities. Even with small market team the APL averages about 7.5 million fans per regular season. Each teams plays a triple-round robin schedule, playing a total of 33 matches a season. Teams alternate between 16 and 17 home matches every year. The season runs from March to Mid-October. Every season since its inception in 1960, there has been playoffs. At the end of each season the top 4 teams in the APL standings play for the American Cup. The 1 seed plays the 4 seed and the 2 seed plays the 3 seed. The semifinals and finals are both best of 3 series. Bear Republic FC FC Tucson New York Empire North Star United Fargo Bison FC Portland 1907 Boston Rebels FC New Orleans FC (V2.0) Boise Forest Atlético El Paso AFC St. Louis Jacksonville FC
  7. Hi all, For those of you who don't know, the laredo Lemurs are an independent baseball team playing in the American Association. I found the team while looking through the baseball logos on the site. I went to see their jerseys and realized they could be improved a lot. For the template I took the template I currently use and blew it up to try to make it like the template dsaline uses in his fantastic USBL series. So here is the Laredo Lemurs For the jerseys I went with a simple primary set, white at home, gray at away. It features the Lemurs script on the front. The hats feature the "angry lemur" logo. For the home alternate I went with the sand colored jersey with the Lemur head on the front. The hat features the 2 interlocking Ls. The away alt is a black jersey with sand colored sleeves. It features the interlock Ls on a black hat. Laredo Ballpark is a hitters park as it has large outfield gaps. It's medium length down the lines but deep in center. Enjoy!
  8. Hello all, I was looking at Raysox's Inkscape hockey tutorial (great stuff by the way), and I decided to take those skills and apply it to a small series creating hockey concepts for the entire Big 12. For those who don't know, the Big 12 does not have any teames that play D1 hockey for the NCAA. I will be creating a home, away, and for some teams an alternate jersey. Per NCAA hockey the home jersey will be white, while the away will be dark. I plan on releasing 1-2 concepts a week depending on how busy I am. Thanks to Conrad for the great fonts. Big 12 Hockey Kansas State Wildcats Texas Longhorns TCU Horned Frogs C&C is appreciated as always.
  9. Hello all, There is a local U11 baseball tournament happening in my town in July. The coach of the team reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked me if I could create a logo for the tournament. The tournament is called the Battle At Burchill, Burchill is the name of the fields named after a football player, Lee Burchill, in my town. The tournament is hosted by the Norton Lancers. The colors of the Lancers are purple, black, and white. So onto the logo. For the logo I went with a simple home plate design. The Lancer on top is not the official logo for Norton Youth Baseball, but it is a final design submitted in 2008 when a logo was being made for the organization. In the banner it has Norton, Massachusetts, the town where the tournament is being held. The font in the logo is a medieval font because I think it goes with the fact the they are called the Lancers. I added bevels around the top to give it something in the background as it looked plain without them. It will be on a black shirt which is why it is on a black background. C&C is appreciated as always!
  10. Hello all, With baseball season underway I have decided to create a concept for the Providence College Friars. Providence College is a tiny Division 1 school in Providence, Rhode Island, and they do not have a baseball team. It was dropped in 1999 and has not been brought back. Now to the jerseys and field! A big thanks goes out to Raysox for letting me use his great baseball template. For the home jerseys I went with black sleeves and a pinstriped body. The hat features a black base with white panels in the front. The away jersey is pretty ordinary for a baseball jersey. It is gray and features the Providence word mark on the front. The field, Hasbro Field, is named after the toy company that is based in Providence. It is geared towards left handed hitters (like Yankee Stadium), as right and right center are shorter than left and left center, and features a deep left center field wall which is the farthest in the park. C&C is appreciated as always.
  11. Hello all, Today I have for you an NCAA and NHL as well as USA High School Hockey rink templates. There is very few hockey rink templates on the internet, and even fewer that are compatible with Inkscspe. So without any further delay, here is my Inkscape Hockey Rink Templates. C&C is appreciated as I will be making updates. NCAA/ US HS Rink: MediaFire Link: NHL Hockey Rink: MediaFire Link:
  12. Hello everyone, I received a request for my kit template and I figured I would mock it up and release it in SVG. This template is entirely custom designed. I have exported all text to paths so it should show up as the exact image below when you download it. That way you don't have to worry about having a font installed or looking goofy when you open the file. Click the image to reach the download link.
  13. The news that the MLS is adding Minnesota United FC to the league effective 2018 made me very excited. I am assuming that they will use the same name and logo package that they are currently using in the NASL, and I really like that logo, but for the purposes of this concept I am giving them a new name. So here is Minnesota Gemini FC! Some things to note here: -We've got the constellation Gemini appearing with a soccer ball within the state of Minnesota. I like the usage of the constellation in this instance because it ties into another sports team in the area. -The star dotting the 'i' in 'Minnesota', appearing in the far northern part of the state, is meant to evoke Minnesota's status as the northernmost contiguous state in the US as well as its nickname of the North Star State. The constellation imagery is a continuation of this star theme. As of right now, this is a pretty rough sketch of what I have in mind; this is also my first concept wherein I create a logo from scratch so I would love to hear some C&C on this logo. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello all, Today I have for you two MLS jersey concepts, my favorite MLS team, the New England Revolution, and the Colorado Rapids. I will not be doing the entire MLS it might just be a few teams here and there. A big thanks goes out to Raysox for sending me his soccer template. C&C is appreciated as always. First up is the New England Revolution: The Revs jerseys right now aren't horrible, but they could be much better. The home jersey is pretty standard for Adidas. It features a blue base with white shoulder stripes and a white chest stripe. The away jersey is white with red shoulder stripes, and a blue and red sash. Both jerseys include the New England flag the English Colonists used in the American Revolution. Next is the Colorado Rapids: The Colorado Rapids in my opinion have the blandest jerseys in all of the MLS. For them I paid homage to the Rocky Mountains in both the home and away jerseys. The home jersey features 2 stripes coming from the shoulder to a peak on the sublimated mountain on the bottom of the jersey. The away jersey feature the mountain that is fully visible. The mountain on the jersey is actually the mountain that is featured in the Rapids logo. On both the home and away jersey, the back collar has the number 96 on it. The 96 represents the year the Rapids were established, 1996.
  15. I'm not sure how good this is, it's my first logo so hit me up on this. I incorporated a lot of Arizona into it. Something about it doesn't feel right.
  16. I have had Inkscape for a few months and don't even know how to use it. I've tried to teach myself, but just can't. If anyone has advise and tips to help me with Inkscape, it would be much appreciated!
  17. Hello! I was on a reddit thread speaking with a gentleman that had a Fantasy Football league in which he was able to hire a graphics artist to "franchise" and "brand" all the teams in the league and he was showing off the uniforms and logos in said thread. This really inspired me to take a look at my own league that I run and start work on a new team franchise in order to teach me how to do it. The OP of the thread suggested I come here for help and to kind of show the development of my franchise. I am looking for some contructive criticism on my logo. It started out great and I think I got much further than I imagined I would, but I feel like I'm stuck and it's taking a turn in the wrong direction. I only had Photoshop Elements 8, as I just don't have much money to spend on hobbies. Possibly thinking of buying the wife a better PS version for Christmas, but that's neither here nor there. I researched Minotaurs and found a base image to start with, and went through the following process: Very pixelated, so I looked for ways to smooth it out and found a vectoring program called Inkscape for free. After converting it to a vector-based image, I smoothed out the lines and curves, and played with some color combinations. I like the foundation of the image but I'm now stuck on the detailes. I'm looking to try to add some detail, but since this is theoretically supposed to go on a helmet, I don't want to go overboard. Nothing I have tried really seems to be working out. I found some helmet templates, but could only get one to open up all the way in my crappy PSE8, and even then I had to work some magic with the mask since I couldn't access all the tools that a normal PS program can do. That being said, the end test product I made didn't come out too bad, minus the logo not being to my liking yet. I did come up with an idea for the details to possibly be in the form of maze-like lines on the horns or something, to simulate a play on the minotaur and his famed Labyrinth, though I haven't done anything with that because I can't really picture how to impliment it yet. I'm not truly stuck on the colors being what they are, but red and green are a very seldom-used combination that I thought I'd play with, being a concept and all, and I felt beige or pewter would kind of bring them together a bit more. Any helpful advice or ideas on how I can move this forward would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
  18. Hello For those of you who remembered my first Dallas Dynamite concept, it was rushed and not very good. I have since gotten Inkscape to create my jerseys and logos. This is my second take of the Dallas Dynamite. I changed the cap logo and word marks and took red out of the color scheme. A big thanks to Conrad for all the wonderful for the wonderful fonts of his I have used to create this concept. So here it is. as always C&C is appreciated.
  19. Howdy guys! I present to you here, my very first logo attempt on Inkscape. I've been playing around for a while, finally got inspired to make a logo, took a few days, BadaBing BadaBoom. Here are the Dubai EarthqUAEkes, hockey (I think) team based out of the UAE's most populous emirate. Of course, notice the pun in the team name. Nothing too much to say, main colours are the from the flag, double brown included, I'm thinking just for logos. With this name, I definitely needed to keep curved lines to a minimal. Primary logo features some prominent script, letters all tossed around, the UAE part corresponding with the flag. The Burj Khalifa can be seen tumbling over in the background.Yes the monstrosity can withstand an earthquake.... but when an EarthqUAEke comes along, look out! Alternate logo, nothing really to explain, D for Dubai on a chunk of earth. Again, the wordmark, nothing too different. The country's flag will be used as a patch. That brings us to the tertiary mark... that is the palm islands, one of the 2. Iconic from the city, overhead view. That logo will very likely be inverted to a ton of different colours along the way. Without further ado, the Dubai EarthqUAEkes! CLICK TO ENLARGE! C+C is appreciated!
  20. Good day, I was wondering if there is a website or free software that you can compare an Inkscape color (00AA00FF) and be given the equivalent Pantone color. The only reason I'm asking is for the designing of concept clubs here on the Board and would like to add the franchise colors to the club concept as well. Thanks everyone!
  21. thisguyphelps


    hey guys, i recently downloaded inkscape and i am trying to use it but every time i find a uniform from the svg movement i download it and it opens in internet explorer (and i use chrome) instead of inkscape. i guess what i am trying to ask is how do i change the destination?