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  1. I've been playing around with the PES kit creator and thought I'd share some of the designs that I'd like to see teams wearing next season. If there is a team you'd like me to come up with a design for, feel free to make a request. I'll start off with my favourite team: Bayern Munich. For the home kit, I wanted to go with a classic feel, I was mostly inspired by their red and white striped kit from 2010, which was a throwback to the early 1970's. Main Alt For the away, I wanted a classy looking white and red kit. I added the checker pattern as an homage to Bavaria. And with the third, I went with an intimidating black and red look. With the option for white shorts and/or socks in case of a kit clash.
  2. I feel the USA baseball's look has grown a little stale. I decided to try a new script style font and a little patriotic twist with the eagle head secondary with some classic pinstripes. I hope you enjoy.
  3. Have you always wanted to talk about Roller Hockey International logos and jerseys? No? Well, here it is anyway.
  4. Hello all. These are concept designs for national soccer/football teams. I have made a home, away and third for each country. I will post one each day. I will try to make revisions when I can and where I see necessary. C&C is welcome, please keep comments relevant to the thread. Eager to hear what y'all think. Thanks First up is Algeria Algeria Home kit- all white kit with green accents, the top features a split tonal design that mimics the Algerian flag showing the two halves with the crescent moon and star. Away kit- all green kit with white accents, the top features a rhombus green gradient that is more noticeable as you move down the shirt. The rhombus is a common element in Arabic architecture and design. Third kit- all black design with green accents, the top features dark diagonal pinstripes
  5. Making concepts for a made up International American Football League(IAFL). There will be divisions of countries with four, five, or six countries each. Map: Teams By Divition (click on helmet for uniform) British Isles England Ireland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales North America Canada Greenland Mexico USA Caribbean I Cuba Dominican Republic Haiti Jamaica Puerto Rico Europe West Austria Belgium France Germany Nederlands Switzerland Here is the first division: British Isles. It Contains England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. First team is Scotland Home Away Alternate Leave feedback and requests for countries and divisions.
  6. I'm a big fan of international hockey, I find it so entertaining to watch. The players, fans and sport are all so different then what I can normally watch from the NHL's point of view. So I decided to make some concepts on none World Cup teams. (Except jerseys are made by Nike, and I may make WCH team after) I need a break from Adidas. So I'll start by releasing the logos first then jerseys afterward some other time. C&C is always appreciated. Thanks. Team Switzerland A national symbol, the Greek Cross. The Swiss have worn and flown it for centuries, and now it gets a modern touch for the modern team. Team Germany The German Eagle is a proud symbol of the German people and has been for a long time, a simplified coat of arms brings a more modern look.
  7. dallasstar03


    Hello everyone. With the NIHA pretty much in the toilet, I want to start something new. Its called FIHO, or Fédération Internationale de Hockey. If you guessed that it was a fictional governing body for hockey, you are correct. It will feature teams, confederations, a World Cup-esque tournament, jersey concepts, and even fictional players. First I'll talk about the organization of the federation. Like FIBA, the continents are divided into five zones: the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. The countries are further divided into subzones, where the teams will play in order to qualify for the yearly confederation tournaments. (More on that when I talk about the big tournament.) As for what teams are in what zone, it's roughly based on continent. For example, because Mexico is clearly part of North America, it is in the Americas zone. But, for a team like Russia, which spans two continents, it will be in Europe because most of its largest cities are in European Russia. Full member lists and logos for the confederations will be up later, but for now, that's all Im saying. Hope you all like the new topic! -dallasstar03
  8. Hi guys! My name is Lucas, I am the blog Elece Athletic ( There in the blog posts I make related to sports desgin, primarily focused on football, or "soccer". Not to be opening a topic for every post I make, I decided to open this, to be able to post my concepts related to soccer. I'm accepting requests for you. I hope you enjoy. Starting with 1860 München from 2.Bundesliga: Follow us on Twitter: @Elece Athletic Follow us on Instagram: @Elece Athletic
  9. So I had an idea the other day about making an international baseball league. I'm thinking 8 regions: USA, Canada, Central America/Caribbean, Asia, South America, Europe, Australia/Oceania and Africa. All logos will be original, but since I don't have illustrator, my logos will be fairly primative, but I will do the best I can. I'm going to try and stay away from cities with a mlb team in them. I'm thinking 8 per region, but I could expand if I need to. I don't have many names/city ideas yet, so i'm open to any suggestions (i'd like to start with the US league, so if anybody has ideas for names, i'd prefer you keep it in the US for now). Without further ado, here is the league logo. C&C very much appreciated.
  10. Since the Lacrosse World Championships will be starting July 10th i thought I'd try to create some uniform concepts for some of the teams. I will try to do all 38 teams but the teams i will be doing for sure are: Finland, Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Israel, Korea, Slovakia, Sweden, China, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, USA, Canada, England, and Iroquois. I will start with mexico and Finland. First up is Finland. I used the international hockey logo of the lion and then used Duke as my inspiration for the uniform. For Mexico i used the baseball logo. I know it looks strange and almost like a mcDonalds m so i didn't use it except for on the one helmet. I used the 2006 soccer uniforms as inspiration.
  11. Welcome to the 2014 IFAF Championships! These Are The Teams: Australia Austria Canada Czech Republic Denmark Great Britain Finland Germany Italy Japan Mexico Poland Serbia Sweden Switzerland United States There will also be WWI fauxbacks for some!
  12. This topic is for all the international hockey jersey concept designs.
  13. Team Tennis Championship 15 clubs. 14 countries. 5 continents. 1 champion. The TTC is an international club competition featuring tennis teams based in 15 of the world’s greatest cities. Clubs compete for the Arthur Ashe Cup. The Teams 15 teams from around the world compete in one single table. Each team consists of 6 players, 3 men and 3 women. Only 4 players, 2 men and 2 women, play in a series, with a player only allowed to be substituted due to injury. The 4 starters must be named the Wednesday prior to a series taking place. The Competition Each team plays 14 series in a season. A series consists of 5 tennis matches, each of a different type. There is one match each of mens singles, womens singles, mens doubles, womens doubles and mixed doubles. Each player competes in two of these matches (e.g. one male player plays in the men’s singles match and the men’s doubles match, while the other plays in the men’s doubles match and the mixed doubles match). A series takes place over the course of a weekend, with the mixed doubles match taking place on Friday evening, the men’s and women’s doubles on Saturday, and men’ and women’s singles on Sunday. A team wins the series by winning 3 or more of the matches. The Points System 2 points are awarded for each match win, with 0 points awarded to the loser. The table is decided by total number of points, so every match is played regardless of the series score. Even if a team is down 4 matches to 0, the final match is played as two points are still on the line. Therefore a team can obtain between 0 and 10 points in a weekend series, in increments of 2. The losing team can never obtain more than 4 points in a series. Upon completion of the 14 game schedule, the teams with the top 6 point totals enter the playoffs to compete for the Arthur Ashe Cup. The top two seeds receive byes to the semifinals, while seeds 3 and 6 and 4 and 5 compete in a weekend series (with the higher seed hosting). The winners move on to face the top two seeds in another weekend series, while the winners of those series meet in the Grand Final, a weekend series held at a neutral location. The winner of that series receives the Arthur Ashe Cup. The Venues Matches will be played in indoor arenas on hard surface tennis courts. This is to ensure that weather does not delay matches and no one gains an unfair advantage from playing at home on clay or grass courts. Clubs are required to have an arena with a minimum capacity of 10 000 and a sizeable number of luxury boxes. The Uniforms For its inaugural season, Wilson Sporting Goods are the exclusive manufacturer of team tennis club wear. They will offer one set of uniforms for each club with various options available for the players to choose from so each can play in that which is most comfortable for them. No names or numbers will appear on the tennis wear, but club logos and branding will. There is no requirement for teams to differentiate their look from one another during a series (therefore there will be no home and road uniforms). A few notes: There is currently one professional team tennis league that I know of, that is based in the United States. My feeling around tennis (which could be completely wrong) is that is an upper class sport, and a team tennis league should cater to those fans and their sensibilities. I don’t believe the Boston Lobsters or Las Vegas Neon of WTT are doing this. In this series I will borrow more from the world of luxury goods and corporate branding as I create a league which is full of international glitz and glamour. Below are the map of club locations. I have decided upon some names, but feel free to offer suggestions. Keep in mind the feel I am going for in this league when recommending names. Naming conventions will vary, with some clubs not having any official nicknames, while others will. Teams will often employ the moniker TTC (Team Tennis Club) in their name (e.g. London TTC) though this isn’t required. Preferably teams will have names that are in the language native to that city/area. Apologies in advance if any translations are incorrect. I have only just begun the club identities for this series, and it will likely be a slow process. But hopefully you are intrigued and will follow along. I will update this first post pointing to the various concepts throughout the thread. Toros en Barcelona - Barcelona, ESP Amsterdam Team Tennisclub - Amsterdam, NED Union Montreal - Montreal, CAN
  14. I had an idea lately for a new style of world championships for hockey. The IIHF world championship would take the place of the seldom held World Cup of Hockey, and the old championships taking place during the NHL playoffs. It would be every 2 years from September 4th-20th. It would be tiered, with the top and last 3 getting promoted/relegated for the next tournament. each tier would have 10 teams, which are positioned based on IIHF Ranking predictions. So each tier would have two groups of 5 teams. The top team in each group would get a bye to the semi's and the 2nd and 3rd teams would play for a spot in the semi's. The bottom two teams would be fighting for position. The two 5th place teams play each other with no chance of staying, and the two 4th place teams would play with the winner staying in the tier and the other team being relegated. I've only done three tiers, and I don't think I'll do any more. Here are the locations: Tier 1: Toronto/Ottawa, Canada With Canada having a resurgent year, finishing in the top 3 for the first time in 5 years, it only made sense for the birthplace of ice hockey to host the first revamped world championship. Group A: Canada, Sweden, USA, Czech Rep, Belarus Group B: Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Germany Tier 2: Paris, France. Paris narrowly beat out Vienna and Milan for the spot. It is also the most populous city out of any in the tier 2 countries. Group A: France, Denmark, Latvia, Netherlands, Great Britain Group B: Norway, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Kazakhstan Tier 3: Seoul/Pyeonchang, South Korea. With the Olympics two years away from reaching Pyeonchang, the IIHF wanted to give out the locale a chance at hockey before the big show. Seoul would host two Group B games and the Group A quarter's and semi's. Group A: South Korea, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Australia Group B: Japan, Estonia, Serbia, Lithuania, Romania I'm going to go bottom up, so the first concept will be up in a few minutes.
  15. So, I've wanted to do this for awhile, and actually started these concepts before Raysox started his International series. However, through laziness and computer troubles (Back up your files, kids), I never got around to posting any concepts. I've got several done so far, and have numerous others nearly complete, and I plan to present some nations that weren't presented in Raysox's series. First up: FRANCE For the crest, I looked for inspiration from the crests of French (Union) Rugby and French Soccer. My crest is meant to be a happy medium between the super-traditional rugby crest and the modern soccer logo. My crest features a rooster on a red gradient background. The initials are FFY, which stands for Fédération Française de Yakball. I also just noticed weird spurs coming out of the gold outline on the second crest, not sure why that is there... Didn't show up in Inkscape. The uniforms are heavily influenced by France's soccer kits. Both the home and the feature sublimated striping. For the numbers and words on the home, I went with the yellow/gold color seen on the crest, which I found to be visually pleasing, and the only red found on either uniform is on the crest. Hit me with some C+C!