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  1. The Bucks haven't been good for a very long time and are irrelevant to some, but I still love this team and their old school logos and uniforms… I've always wondered what the logo on their shorts in old pictures actually looked like and recently found these. The white one's from '68-69, their inaugural year and the green shorts and shooting shirt are from '72-73.
  2. Hey everyone, i want to start this off by saying I really don't like the Bucks' current identity, especially considering how good I think they have looked in the past. Im also a huge fan of the new Hornets rebrand, and after seeing it I was inspired to attempt to do for the Bucks what was done for the Hornets. So heres what I came up with, C&C appreciated. Ful project available HERE I also created a mascot logo, which again was heavily inspired by the Hornets brand. My goal was to modernize Bango just as Hugo was. These logos would just be used on apparel. Here are the uniforms, the Alt. could be worn at home or on the road. And lastly heres the court Thanks, let me know what you think.
  3. In this thread, we've seen all the permutations of the Milwaukee Bucks' classic looks. From the traditional look of the championship era to the Irish Rainbow, the Bucks never really had a bad look. After hearing about old Bucks players trying to buy the team from Herb Kohl before the team packs up for Kansas City or Seattle, I thought it was time to show off a new direction the team could take their look that not only pays tribute to the 70's/80's, but also cleans up that look for modern standards (much like the Utah Jazz/Washington Wizards redesigns in recent years). Like my Sonics update, this is a preview for an upcoming concept series, a sense of the general direction in which the series will go (rooting the NBA in between the 70's/80's aesthetic and the zaniness of the 90's to produce an NBA that looks far less homogeneous than it does now). Logo Sheet: The primary and secondary logos are Ren69's gorgeous updates of the original Bango art, the font is from that original logo, and the tertiary/insignia shows off the new Irish Rainbow pattern, which replaces white with lime. Court: Essentially, it's an update of the classic Mecca Arena court, with the angled patterns and the "Milwaukee" markers in the baseline. Of course, Bango is now at the center of the court, and the updated Irish Rainbow pattern has been implanted in the keys. Standard Uniforms: Basically, these merge the second Irish Rainbow set with the third one. It uses the script, panel layout, v-neck, and number font of the second set of Irish Raibows, while it has the mixed hem, arm, and collar piping of the third set. The number font is also the proper Sand-Knit varsity font (as still used by the Celtics and Spurs), referencing the team's past with Milwaukee-based Sand-Knit and avoiding the anemic Knicks-style varsity block that the Sixers and Jazz adopted (Would it kill them to use outlines?). The color balance on the home uniform has also changed, reflecting more the third Irish Rainbow uniforms and the modern look. Of course, this means the colors are flipped on the road. The standing Bango has also been added to the shorts. Alternates: The alternates are simple enough. The red alt is an attempt to recreate the current red alt, albeit on the new template and in the old lettering/number font, and the green alt is a throwback to this road uniform (with Ren69 providing the shorts logo). C+C is more than appreciated.
  4. You know what, it's been a while since I did any basketball. Got what I think is a pretty good Pistons idea I've been sitting on for a while...but you won't see it tonight. Instead, here goes a tribute to two iconic unis at the same damn time...Pacers This one's the debut of my new hoops template, which is based on the one used for the mothership's NBA uniforms. And as mentioned, I wanted to mix the Flojo unis of the early 90s with the late 90s/early 2000s pinstripes, and I'd also seen the old Indiana State hoops unis enough times to want to create a script inspired by it. Thus, an italicized Indiana map, along with lowercase letters cobbled together from the little "Pacers" under the main logo. EDIT: With that thread about logos that have run their course on my mind, I figured the old Shaq lyric had run its course, so I figured it was time to rename the thread. An homage to my grandma's favorite little point guard.