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  1. (Updated) I have updated the main post so the finalized renderings are seen first. (Still debating over final numbers. Both based off current Eagles font, but modified) Here is the remainder of the blog for how the above were created. Look through and comment I will update the finals if suggestions and changes are warranted. **** ORIGINAL POST BELOW ***** Okay, I've heard lots of talk about modernizing a throwback classic Eagles uniform but haven't seen any good renderings for what the single vision is for this. So, I took the time and created a one. There is too much discussion to me about "Kelly Green". It's more than that. It's bringing back tradition and having an identity that the loyal fan base can relate to. Lots of Kelly Green advocates seem to just want the "old" back. And this annoys the Millennials who don't care about the past...preferring cool. I just want green back (not some hipster made up color) and would love to see a return of silver. To me, the Eagles' colors should be green, silver and white. Agree??? I feel these would be some of the best uniforms in football...home or away. Your input is appreciated to fine tune them. Notes: Green - Not Kelly (50/60s), and not as dark as 80's. Hopefully modernly in between (jersey would have modern shiny shoulder/chest) Silver - The silver has a slight green tint to make it unique (pants would be shiny material) No black - removed from wing logo (any black seen is outline of drawings only) Facemask - Gray, not shiny silver Concept - Closest is Vick era throwback 50's (with shoulder stripes everyone comments on), mixed with the 80's (without overdoing the stripes), and utilizing modern helmet wing and materials
  2. I recently did an update/modernization of the Philadelphia Eagles uniforms using the current colors which can be seen here. In the thread I noticed a few people asking for a Kelly Green version or saying that they preferred the Kelly Green over the Midnight Green. Personally I prefer the Midnight Green, I think the Kelly Green should stay in the 70's and doesn't really fit these days unless its as a throwback. The Midnight Green and Black combo not only looks better to me but it also looks a little more intimidating. If you see two guys in a dark alley and one is wearing Kelly Green and Grey and the other is wearing Midnight Green and Black, I'll be more afraid of the guy in Midnight Green. I think that is the type of branding that fits the city of Philadelphia and the Eagles franchise. But that's just my opinion. Either way I think the Kelly green can make a good concept so I threw this together. I tried to give it a classic look while keeping with Nike's mission to make every uniform look cool and new (proof of this mission in Oregon, Jacksonville, and Cleveland). I hope you guys like them, I'm open to any comments or suggestions so fire away.
  3. Spent some time rethinking the Philadelphia Eagles uniforms. I came up with 2 concepts. This is one of them. This is a more modern version of their 1970's look and the other is a more aggressive look of their current uniforms. First post here, just thought I'd share my work. Concept One: 1970s Retro Modern Full Uniform concept. Detail Shots below. My favorite part of this uniform is the new helmet. I referenced the 1969-1972 Philadelphia Eagles helmet that was the first to use a white base helmet with green wings. I took this concept and updated it. This helmet boasts a white base that in the right light, would have a green “shimmer.” Check the other images to get more detailed shots. Helmet with 3 Views: Helmet Closeup: