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  1. These are my take on the Yankees cookie day uniforms. I wanted to keep some blue on the numbers for a small drop shadow effect that was very lowkey. Here they are:
  2. I'm back. For the first time ever in one of my concepts, I used a professional looking PSD mock up (done by an amazing member on this forum) on an actual designing/photo editing software(Affinity). I started playing around with all the options and then decided to make an actual concept. Vision: I wanted to test my skill when using an actual photoshop program, and to make my work more polished and clean compared to my old work that was sloppy. For the actual concept, I wanted a modern vintage look for a very classic NFL franchise. I decided to use a darker burgundy and a darker gold than what the Redskins use in the NFL. I felt it helps give the vintage vibe I was aiming for. I tested some wordmarks for the uniforms across the chest and they looked just awful, so I went with my other plan which was to use a customized alternate logo. For the number I decided to use a drop shadow instead of a traditional outline, I was inspired by being teams that are unique such as the Lakers. This is also the reason I decided to do straight nameplates instead of a curved one, I noticed football is the only sport that doesn't use curved, so I used them on this. I didn't want these to be that similar to any other uniform. I highly enjoy the look myself. I hope you guys do as well. Thanks. *I understand the MLB logo is unfortunately missing. I saved my PSD file earlier and when I opened it back up for some reason the outlines were all over the place, so I made the decision to forgo the MLB logo in order for a cleaner presentation. Thank you.
  3. THIS IS VOL 1 VOL 2 VOL 3 VOL 4 VOL 5 League: NBA League Branding: Nike Team: New York Knicks Jersey Advertisement: Squarespace The Vision: Yesterday my return post was meant with great criticism. Majority of people hated my concept because it was to out there for them. I listened to the critics harsh words, and went back to the drawing board. For today's concept I wanted to once again create a nontraditional design, so what better league than the NBA. I once again choose an iconic New York team, this time it was the Knicks. Today I bring you a much better presentation as well. Thank you. Lifestyle Quote: "A snake will hiss, and a dog will bark. Animals are creatures of habit." -Kong Tom Team Quote: "To design for the Knicks, one must take the pride of the city to heart, and embrace it as their own." -Kong Tom I hope you enjoy, and please leave honest feedback. Thank you.
  4. *PLEASE READ* Wow, its been a very long time. I took a very long break to improve my work. So many people said harsh criticism that I responded to with harsh words, but now I want to thank all those people. All of you truly helped me become better at my craft. It is my honor to dedicate this concept to all of you who have said something negative to me, you weren't being mean, you wanted to make me better. This concept was essentially put into this world because of you guys, you all are responsible for this concept. Thank you all so much. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. God Bless. League: NFL League Branding: Nike(logo isn't visible) Team: New York Jets The Vision: When I left this website and all the people I met, I left to improve my work, to become a new beast. I've made so many concepts in my off time, some good, some great. I told myself from the beginning, I would know when it was my time to return. The time is now. I didn't know what team I wanted to make a concept for, I ultimately was inspired by the Jets when they announced they would have a uniform change next season. I was ready to get to work. I knew my return project would have to be flawless in order to truly show people how much better I have become, I believe I hit that mark. Lifestyle Quote: "In order to show you're a different man, you must bring the best you to the people you once failed." Team Quote: "When you design for the Jets, you must become a Jet and fly high in the sky, or your uniforms will crash down and die." Please leave your thoughts. Thanks
  5. So I was looking at some NFL uniforms today, and the idea popped in my head, what if the NFL allowed teams to put ads on their uniforms. This could be a very real possiblitily in the near future, so I decided to whip up a quick concept of it potentially. This post is not my best work, I just wanted to get the idea across to everyone. For this I went very Boston by putting Dunkin' Donuts on the Patriots home uniform. Tell me your thoughts down below, and if you would like me to do this for any other teams. Thanks. The Vision: I wanted to see what an NFL uniform would look like with an ad on it. Quote: "Ads can produce a large amount of income, but is it worth it to hurt your identity potentially?" -Kong Tom
  6. Dodgers Home V.01 Dodgers Home V.02 Dodgers Road V.01 Dodgers Home V.01 *PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE READING AND LOOKING AT MY CONCEPT: As some of you pry have noticed, I have been absent the past couple days. This is not because I quit posting! IT IS BECAUSE I BEEN WORKING ON MY CONCEPT, AND PERFECTING MY CRAFT! I have received more criticism then anyone in this forums history. With that being said, I apologize for lashing out at some of you. I am newer to the game of concepts, and i'm just working on improving my craft. Please forgive me. League: MLB League Branding: KingKongTom Team: Los Angeles Dodgers The Vision: When I started this Dodgers concept I wanted something unique, iconic, and a form of art. I have created the beast I set out to make. I used a baseball jersey concept, I have got higher quality logos, and I continue to use my A+ presentations. This is the new expectation for Dodger Baseball. Quote: "To design for the Dodgers, you must have the poise of a Cobra, and the bite of a thousand Lions." -Kong Tom I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Please leave honest feedback. I hope you guys appreciate the hard work I put in.
  7. With all this extreme outrage over VW changing their logo, I have decided to take on the mission of designing the new logo for VW. VW Quote: "A car is more than a vehicle, it can be your friend and your life"-Kong Tom VW: I wanted this logo to be edgy, fresh, modern, all of those with the classical hints of VW's rich and storied history. Here it is. Tell me your thoughts below.
  8. I have spent time today to make my self my own custom logo. I wanted to give myself something that incorporated who I am as person, and my roots. So I incorporated my name, and gave the Chinese flag stars on King Kong for a very readable and simplistic logo. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks
  9. These are the uniforms that should have been unveiled today to say the least.. HOME Quote "These are your identity. These show what you want to represent yourself as".- Kong Tom Home: I wanted these to look fierce, tough, and sleek. Give feedback on how they look. Thanks ALTERNATE Quote: "Show your 2nd side" - Kong Tom Alternate: I wanted to show the precision of football. The between the lines, tackling, and methodicalness. Which one do you like better? Honest feedback is always appreciated.
  10. Here is my very first concept I have created. My vision was to give my take on the most classic jersey in the MLB, the New York Yankees. I have dubbed my concept as "Yankees Evolved". I would appreciate honest feedback on these. I plan on updating this thread. If you want my take on a certain team, just comment down below. Thanks.
  11. Here is my very first concept I have created. My vision was to give my take on the most classic jersey in the MLB, the New York Yankees. I have dubbed my concept as "Yankees Evolved". I would appreciate honest feedback on these. I plan on updating this thread. If you want my take on a certain team, just comment down below. Thanks. https://ibb.co/m9Dk47
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