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  1. I have 2 more kit concepts for Atlanta United FC. One is an updated version of a concept I did back in 2018 that combines the "5 Stripes" identity with the Golden Spike used in the club's branding and origin story. The other is a sash concept to change up the aesthetic a little bit, but still attempted to keep the look classic and clean.
  2. 2021 brings a new home kit for Atlanta United. I know gradients/fades are gimmicky and don't hold up well over time, but I don't hate it in this context for some reason. I'm at least hoping Atlanta goes back to the 5 stripes aesthetic that they're originally known for. I also hope they do something special for their 5th anniversary playing in ATL to make this edition more fun and collectible.
  3. Atlanta United is rumored to be doing away with their inaugural away kits, which is a good thing in my view as they were pretty boring. I love their red and black striped kit, and wanted to keep the "5 Stripes" in my concept kit as well. It's an all black idea, so I thought it may work better as a 3rd kit rather than their main away kit. I may attempt an away kit as well on this thread in the future.
  4. Any cycling fans here? How would you rate the jerseys for next season. Vote there, but share your insight here.
  5. With Atlanta United's recent away kit leak, I decided to try and "predict" what some teams will come out with for the 2018 season. I'll kick it off with New England and Chicago. For both jerseys I used the half shoulder stripe because that's what Atlanta's has. For the designs themselves, I used a dual horizontal stripe for the Revs because that's what their social media branding utilizes and I see them sticking with the whole red/white stripe thing seen on this years primary and secondary. For Chicago, they're also getting a new home kit so I went with a classic vertical stripe down the left.
  6. Went for something similar to what Dryworld did with QPR. I've always felt that this is the look the Caps should have rocked since day one.
  7. Concept done for the MLS team in Atlanta before the team name was announced Check full project here:
  8. Here are my designs for the 20 teams competing in the EPL in the 2016/2017 season. Each team has three kits, C&C is welcomed. FYI numbers are kept to colors that are allowed by EPL which seemed to be limited to: black,white,red,gold, and navy. Hope y'all enjoy, I am looking for a lot of feedback, I will try to explain my designs to the best of my ability so its clear the direction I intended. I will be posting in alphabetical order.
  9. Hello, this is my second thread that I have started. I have an international kit thread going as well if you want to check it out. This thread will be my design concepts for the teams in MLS, this include all 20 current teams plus Atlanta United, Minnesota United, and LAFC All concepts have a Home, Away, and Third kit C&C is welcome
  10. Just in time for the Euro i managed to get this template out would love to hear your feedback!, the template is Super Editable, Fully Built in 3D, with Reflections, Shadows, Cleanly Separated, for Total Control over the final look of the Design.. DOWNLOAD PSD TEMPLATE
  11. Playing around with the USA National Soccer Kit. I can't stand what Nike has done the last few design cycles. The best kit they ever did was the centennial design. It was simple, clean, and actually used our colors! I took the current redesigned logo and integrated it into a similar design to the centennial look. To distinguish us from everyone else I went with the striped socks to reflect "Old Glory". No neon color accents, no Popsicle stripes, and no black.
  12. I started a series of concepts giving soccer jerseys to NHL teams. I will be giving each team a primary and secondary kit. I realize this type of thing has been done before so I am not going to claim this was an original idea or anything like that. I did my best to make sure the concepts I made were not too similar to other concepts under the same premise. I tried to make them realistic concepts and not just a short sleeved version of the jerseys that team currently wear. Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1 Match-ups Round 2 Match-ups Round 3 Match-ups Finals Match-up Anaheim Ducks Phoenix Arizona Coyotes Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames Carolina Hurricanes Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Columbus Blue Jackets Dallas Stars Detroit Red Wings Edmonton Oilers Florida Panthers LA Kings Minnesota Wild (or just scroll down, its the second post) Montreal Canadiens Nashville Predators New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins St. Louis Blues San Jose Sharks Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Vancouver Canucks Washington Capitals Winnipeg Jets Extras Quebec Nordiques NHL All-Star Game Pittsburgh Pirates (NHL) Atlanta Thrashers Like I said in the beginning I tried to make realistic concepts, this means realistic soccer jerseys. So if you comment that a certain jersey looks a lot like Arsenal, or that it is just a recolored version of Barcelona I will just take that as a compliment since you think it looks like an actual soccer jersey. I have already finished a good chunk of these so I will gradually roll them out instead of post them all at once. I will be doing all of the NHL teams eventually so please don't ask to do the oilers or where is the caps, just be patient they'll be posted eventually. I will be using the Nike brand logo just because it is easiest to work with. I know adidas should be the most realistic choice because of the NHL's new deal with them but I don't want to have the same adidas 3-stripes on every jersey because that would just look awful (cough cough MLS cough cough) I'm open to creative criticism so if you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to share.
  13. We're officially just one year away from MLS in Atlanta! I decided to post an idea for the soccer kit, or soccer shirt really, for Atlanta United FC. The concepts are based on the 2016 Adidas design being used in the MLS this season. Any constructive feedback is welcome.
  14. Los Angeles FC (LAFC) Just based on the crest that LAFC release I came up with this concept. This will be one of the Adidas kits that have the 3 stripes along the side of the shirt, they will match the color of the stripes on the shorts so use your imagination there. I chose YouTube as the sponsor since I noticed that one of the co-owners, who happens to be an alumnus of the school I go to, IUP (it's a state school, don't beat yourself up looking up info about it), Chad Hurley who co-founded YouTube so I thought that would be an appropriate sponsor. Lastly I payed tribute to another one of LAFC's co-owners, Will Ferrell, by using his name and an image from Kicking and Screaming. Let me know what you think. I'm open to creative criticism so throw it at me.
  15. So I decided to create a fictional country and soccer league as my new project. This is the 2nd fictional league that I have done, the first was a TX Super League which went well, so hopefully I get the same result with this concept. So the country is The Republic of Gedland, if you look at my profile name its not hard to figure out how I created the name for the country, and so the top league is the Gedlandian Premier League. So the country is an island with 18 cities/towns spread throughout the land. Each city has at least 1 team with two cities having two giving the league 20 teams. I went about names and locations based on my ancestry and background. So here is a map of the country along with state lines, and city locations/names. It also includes names for all the teams and their location. The league crest is a shield broken into three parts: the sky, the dog, and the ground. the league crest color changes with each team, and the dog is pointing ahead with a soccer ball at its feet The entire leagues kits are made by nike
  16. So, I thought of this concept when I saw all the new third jerseys that nike and adidas made for their teams that are in champions league, and so I decided to create black third kits for all 32 champions league teams. I call these the dark side kits, the idea is that all the teams get an entirely black uniform with one significant accent color, the designs are meant to reflect the teams traditional home jersey, but a blacked out version, and the accent color should be the teams main color, for example man city's uniform would be all black with the accent color being sky blue. However there are some exceptions, some teams may have a different color then you might think and some may have a different design, the main reason for this is so that not all the jerseys are the same. First group A REAL MADRID- blacked out kit with a dark purple as the accent color, because real madrids home kit is traditional simple and plain, so to is the black kit, but instead of just making it black in white i decided on purple since its a color we have seen real wear before, and of course the ad and numbers need to be white otherwise you couldnt see them PSG- blacked out kit with dark blue accent color with the famous stripe down the middle that you see on their classic home kit, numbers and ad all in white MALMO- all black kit with light blue accents and a sublimated hoop design which comes from this years away and home kits SHAKTAR- black kit with orange accents, and dark orange stripes
  17. So, this is my first post in a good amount of time. This concept I had finished several months ago, but studying abroad and school has kept me from posting it, so here it is. This is the Texas Super League, a fictional all Texas soccer league that exists in a world where soccer became popular in the states around the beginning of the 1900s, much closer to when club football started in England. I had when I first designed these to create back stories for each team, but now I feel I will post the design each with descriptions and the thought process behind the logo and kits for each team. There are 24 teams spread around the state of Texas, I'll probably post one a day in order to keep interest. Please leave C&C and ask any questions you might have about the designs. The first team is Abilene Abilene United The name and crest stem from Abilene sitting in two counties. the blue & white stripes and the red candy cane stripes come from the town logo which is a capital "A" made up of those stripes. The idea is that each county had a separate Abilene team, but to financial issues they merged to form Abilene United. The Buffalo in the crest is a reference to Buffalo Gap which is a town in the greater Abilene area, but was named for a gap in which bison herds passed through when settlers first came there. The buffalo is nudging the soccer ball along almost as if it was a domestic animal. Home kit- predominately white kit with blue stripes, with red and dark blue accents Away kit- predominately red kit with white sleeves and white stripe sash across the jersey Third kit- "dusk on the prairie" kit, blue top fade to dark blue and back to light blue at the bottom of the shorts, self explanatory I was going for something that looked like the night right before sunrise on the prairie, a common sight for farmers and ranchers who would of been up before the sun
  18. So, I meant to post this a lot sooner but I have been in the middle of a move, just got back to my computer. Here are my redesigns for both MLS and the bundesliga, with the new raysox template. I'll start off with the MLS and then bundesliga, currently I am working on moving the budesliga into the new template. Please feel free to leave feedback and C&C. For MLS, I am including teams not yet in the league: atlanta, minnesota, lafc, and miami. I'll be including the newly promoted teams in the bundesliga as well. I'll post designs in alphabetical order. First up is Atlanta, gave them the name of AFC Rise. (Atlanta Football Club Rise), going with the rise/phoenix/burning of Atlanta theme that seems to be so popular. I gave them Coke as the sponsor, the atlanta soda giant is probably a good sponsor and the red colors go together. Home kit- two tone red kit, dark red sleeves, and shorts, red torso an socks. dark red stripe gradient, and yellow and white accents Away kit- all white kit with red and yellow accents and thin red horizontal stripes Third kit- Peach kit, peach color torso, and socks, with navy blue shorts and sleeves
  19. Here are my designs for the Scottish Premiership, this is probably going to be a short thread since there are only 12 teams in the league. Please feel free to leave C&C and feedback.
  20. For those who don't know, I already posted my designs on the BPL in a past thread. Now, I have a new template, compliments of Raysox, and have gone back and revamped the English teams. All teams with the new template and some of the same designs, but some I decided to tweak. I was also having a huge problem with colors being to bright when I first started posting, I have fixed that now. I really would like to get good solid feedback on this post. I'll post my designs for all 20 teams in alphabetical order.
  21. All new kit designs. Its the top Spanish league, La Liga. A league that boasts the likes of Ronaldo and Messi. I'll have three kit designs for each team and will be posting in alphabetical order. Feel free to leave C&C, but make sure you can back it up. Love to hear new ideas and opinions.
  22. Hey guys, First time posting a topic here and it's a side project I've been working on the past couple of weeks that I'd like to get some feedback on. The current crest for Canada Soccer is pretty mediocre so I gave it a refresh and, although Umbro have been doing a decent-ish job with their kits, I thought I'd give those a go too. Home: Two-tone red with white accents based on the Canadian flag, with the updated maple leaf "framing" the number on the front of the jersey. Away: Semi-transparent layered graphic in Silver (looks like grey here but I'd like to think it would be more metallic looking in the real world) on a white kit with red accents. Third: Charcoal variant of home kit with red contrast accents. Any feedback you guys have would be much appreciated!
  23. So here is my second crack at designing the top italian league Serie A. I converted and tweaked my old Serie A designs using my new template (compliments of Raysox) I'll be posting quick, these are all ready done. First up is AC Milan. I know last time I got a lot of flack for not having an all white away kit, so I took my design that I had and converted it into an all white kit Home kit- classic black and red stripes, but with a little dark red stripes thrown in, with white shorts and black socks Away kit- classic white kit red accents and with black and red cross centered on the crest Third kit- all red with darker red accents and thin stripes
  24. Hello everyone, I received a request for my kit template and I figured I would mock it up and release it in SVG. This template is entirely custom designed. I have exported all text to paths so it should show up as the exact image below when you download it. That way you don't have to worry about having a font installed or looking goofy when you open the file. Click the image to reach the download link.