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  1. We have the Players in the "Wrong" Uniforms thread and within that thread I've seen a few "Right Team, Wrong Uniform" entries. I thought I'd separate the two, because it is an interesting topic of its' own. Here are a few to start the thread off with ... Charles Barkley, Preseason 1992, Phoenix Suns Matt Hasselbeck, 2001, Seattle Seahawks Jeff Bagwell, 1992, Houston Astros.
  2. A bunch of adidas kits leaked, confirming the previous Belgium and Germany leaks, and holy hell next years adidas template is rough. That huge collar and cuffs and the mullet sleeves that are set in in the front and raglan in the back might be the worst template I’ve ever seen, I pity any team that has adidas as its supplier next year. The ‘paint brush’ theme they’ve got going doesn’t help at all either. Pretty much the only kit I like is Wales, and even there I preferred the previous crest (Sweden is decent too). Belgium is the worst of the bunch and the new crest is a massive downgrade too
  3. I haven't seen a 2018/19 thread, but I have seen 2018/19 kits. So I figured I'd start. Chelsea: PSG: Tottenham clash:
  4. FINISHED CONCEPTS: Cavalry FC (Calgary) FC Edmonton Forge FC (Hamilton) Halifax Wanderers Pacific FC (Vancouver Island) Valour FC (Winnipeg) York 9 FC Fury FC (Ottawa) CF Québec ----- Hey! Long time no see! ? Since it's been announced that Canada is getting its own first tier soccer/football league, I was pretty stoked when they announced Winnipeg as one of the cities to get a team (since I live in MB and all that jazz). So I decided to make some kits for all the teams that are in the league (so far): To start things off: Here's Cavalry FC! (Top is home, Bottom is away) Template created by Michael Danger aka Raysox C+C appreciated!
  5. Inter Miami Kit Concept
  6. Check out my World Cup Concept Jersey series at: Make sure to see all the other groups in my behance profile and feel free to appreciate if you liked it!
  7. Hello! In this topic I will post the concepts of football shirts I am making. I thought it was better to make a topic for all football shirts than to create one for each league, but I'm going to post concepts here for clubs around the world! If you want to see my creative process, and see some posts ahead of time, follow me at TOKYO VERDY | THIRD KIT TOKYO VERDY | ALTERNATIVE THIRD KIT BOHEMIAN FC | FUTURE HOME KIT BOHEMIAN FC | FUTURE AWAY KIT UD LAS PALMAS | HOME KIT UD LAS PALMAS | AWAY KIT TORONTO FC | THIRD KIT TORONTO FC | WHITE ALTERNATIVE THIRD KIT TORONTO FC | GREY ALTERNATIVE THIRD KIT
  8. Team No. 1 -- Atlanta Silverbacks Founded: 1994 Current league: NPSL (amateur) Location: Doraville, Georgia Stadium: Silverbacks Park (5,000) Kit sponsor: Taco Mac (popular wings and beer) Twitter: @ATLSilverbacks
  9. Longtime lurker on these boards but never posted anything. I've always had an interest in sports team identities and over the past few years have targeted soccer kit uniforms. I'm focusing on college soccer kits in this post. First off is the ACC. Boston College:
  10. Hey guys, so I did this last year around September. I ranked all the Premier League kits based on a few categories. I'll be doing the same thing this year. To review, the categories are Aesthetics (how the jersey looks in a vacuum), Sponsor (how well the sponsor logo(s) mesh with the jersey), Tradition (how well the jersey lines up with that club's history), and Misc. (self-explanatory). Each kit gets a score out of 5 for each category, and out of 20 overall. I'll start with the primaries, and later I'll do the secondaries and thirds. At the end I'll average out the scores and see who is the best dressed in the Premier League in my opinion. Feel free to post your kit rankings too. Anyways, here's the primaries:
  11. Here are my designs for the 18 teams competing in the German Bundesliga in the 2016/2017 season. Each team has three kits, C&C is welcomed. FYI the bundesliga patches are only on the left sleeve which is what is normal for the league teams are allowed to sell the other sleeve space for advertising and therefore each team could be different and they haven't been seen yet so I left the right sleeve blank. Hope y'all enjoy, I am looking for a lot of feedback, I will try to explain my designs to the best of my ability so its clear the direction I intended. I will be posting in alphabetical order.
  12. Hello all. These are concept designs for national soccer/football teams. I have made a home, away and third for each country. I will post one each day. I will try to make revisions when I can and where I see necessary. C&C is welcome, please keep comments relevant to the thread. Eager to hear what y'all think. Thanks First up is Algeria Algeria Home kit- all white kit with green accents, the top features a split tonal design that mimics the Algerian flag showing the two halves with the crescent moon and star. Away kit- all green kit with white accents, the top features a rhombus green gradient that is more noticeable as you move down the shirt. The rhombus is a common element in Arabic architecture and design. Third kit- all black design with green accents, the top features dark diagonal pinstripes
  13. As I'm a big rugby fan, I'll be presenting you my own version of the English First Utility Super League, a rugby league tournament with teams from Northen England and Southern France. Here below there is a short explanation of what rugby league is, if you already know it you can skip it Rugby league is a quite popular game in Northen England, Southwest France, Australia and New Zealand, it is slightly different from Rugby Union as in a game there are 13 players instead of 15. It was originated in Northen England in 1895 as a split of rugby union for problems over the issue of the payment of players. Nowadays it is a quite different sport from rugby union because of the smaller number of players and peculiar rules which resulting in a faster game with less rucks. You can check the current teams' logos here (some of them are a bit out of date) Here you have my attempt with a new league logo.
  14. After seeing the Columbus Crew 'interesting' secondary kits, I've decided to do some quick concepts. Me personally, they should have left the banana kits alone, they were perfect. But for this season, they are gone . Now Introducing Concepts: 1st kit - Ohio Pride. Because the state flag of Ohio is awesome. 2nd kit - Checkerboard. Since the checkerboard is on their logo and their fan base incorporates the checkerboard onto everything. 3rd kit - Canary Kit. 4th kit - White Kit. No commentary needed for these kits. As always feel free to give feedback and I will answer questions whenever I can!
  15. Saathoff

    MLS in 2020

    Hey all, It's been quite awhile since I've posted actively in the concepts forum of I wanted to start up an old concept series I never really got to posting from the past. MLS in 2020. Just a hypothetical look at MLS. I'm going to start off with LAFC and special thanks to Raysox for the template. Major League Soccer: Western Conference (12): Los Angeles FC - Completed Los Angeles Galaxy - Completed San Jose Earthquakes Portland Timbers Seattle Sounders FC - Completed Vancouver Whitecaps Colorado Rapids Real Salt Lake FC Dallas Houston Dynamo Minnesota United Sacramento Republic Eastern Conference (12): Montreal Impact Toronto FC New England Revolution New York City FC New York Red Bulls DC United Philadelphia Union Columbus Crew Orlando City SC Chicago Fire Atlanta United Sporting Kansas City - Completed - May expand beyond the 24. Or dive into a NASL series as an extension of this.
  16. Check out these soccer jersey designs I created for all 50 states:
  17. So, the kits for 2016 and the euros have started being released, these are my designs for all the teams competing at the euros, I included all the teams competing in the playoff as well. I will start with the playoff teams, since they start playing this weekend. C&C is welcomed, just give some explanation along with it, that goes for both negative and positive. thanks. First up is Norway vs Hungary Norway Home kit- classic red top with white shorts and blue socks, the top features the blue and white cross to form the Norwegian flag Away kit- white top with blue shorts and white socks, the top features a white and silver cross design with a white and silver checkerboard pattern gradient Third kit- black, blue and gold kit. a black top fades diagonally to navy blue with the blue continuing down the rest of the kit, the kit features gold accents HungaryHome kit- classic red top, white shorts and green socks to resemble the Hungarian flag, the top features thin dark red horizontal pinstripes, the whole kit features gold accentsAway kit- all white kit with horizontal green and red stripes going across the chest to form the Hungarian flag, the whole kit features gold accentsThird kit- all green kit with a red and white sash across the top, the whole kit features gold accents
  18. Ok, so I know it's been a long time since the Premier League kits have been released, but I have been wanting to do this for a while and sometimes the kits look different on the pitch than in pictures. I know not everyone will agree with me, so feel free to state your opinion in the comments. Here are the categories: Aesthetics: how the kit looks w/o taking into account anything else; just looksSponsor: includes kit maker and kit sponsor. How well does it look on the kit?Tradition: does it fall in line with tradition? How well do fans take to it?Misc.: miscellaneousEach category will be ranked out of 5. The total score will be out of 20. This OP will be focusing on the primary kits. I'll get to the secondary ones later. Here goes nothing.
  19. Chapeeko


    So... it has been awhile. I've been lurking recently and I saw raysox's American Premier League and his excellent new template. So I decided to try my hand at some kits. For some reason I was drawn to the South American countries so I figured, screw it, might as well do all the CONMEBOL nations while I'm at it. I am pretty happy with how most of these turned out, however I am looking forward to any C&C on them. I'll be going in alphabetical order, so without further adieu...Argentina. Argentina has always had such a classic look with the sky blue and white striped kit with black shorts. There was no debate over what I wanted the shirt to look like, so I went to the shorts. Argentina has experimented with shorts other than the classic black. I thought the blue looked atrocious, so I was torn between white and black. I chose black because I felt it helped the shirt pop more. Finally, I had to choose the color for the socks. La Albiceleste have worn both black and also white stockings with their black shorts. The black shorts on black socks seemed a little too much, and I felt the white helped balance the colors more, thus I went with white. Then I kept it simple by adding some black accents to the kit to complement the shorts and socks. For the clash the color choice was pretty obvious. I particularly enjoyed their 2014 World Cup look. However, I felt that the hoops shouldn't fade as they move down the shirt, so I made slightly darker navy hoops. The gold accents on the jersey looked spectacular, so I chose to utilize gold as well. I figured the gold can stand for the rich history and success that the Argentinians have enjoyed. The shorts feature the darker navy from the hoops and gold Adidas stripes. I finished it off with complementary navy and dark navy striped socks with more gold Adidas striping. Any C&C is appreciated. Let me know how I did on Argentina.Thanks.
  20. So with the release of the new USA home kit, I decided to give a it try. The new home and away kits I like design wise, for the home kit I get why people don't like them, in terms of the lack of blue and red. I have designed three kits. The home kit is a combo of the 2014 home world cup kit and the iconic red hoop look from 2012. there are 13 stripes (7 red and 6 white) just like the flag. I do like the use of red and royal blue, which the team has used in recent years. The away kit is an all blue kit the top is a dark blue with a star gradient that fades to the royal blue at the bottom. The home and away kits are supposed to be like the two parts of the USA flag, Home=stripes, Away= Stars. For the third kit I went with a throwback look with the centennial logo, classic white top with dark blue shorts and socks which both have the dark red accents, this is similar to the throwback they had before the world cup the main difference is the red accent color, and the socks not being white. C&C is welcomed, I actually want C&C because I want to post updates and see if the designs can get better. Here is an updated version. I added a fourth kit. Captain america kit with the dark blue
  21. It has become way too difficult to look for stuff in the mega-thread, and the World Cup deserves its own thread. adidas training gear has been leaked, and it confirms that Spain will go with a black/ electricity clash.
  22. While I like Nike's new, relatively simple, kits for England, I made these parody 'whatmightabeen' Nike England shirts. a vision of a very possible future St. George's Cross infused with Swooshified energy The stodgy Three Lions replaced with three fresh and energetic swooshes Obey the corporate master Some have compared Nike's new England shirts to the US shirts, so why not Americanize the crest? Others have compared the new shirts to West Germany's. While others have complained that the new shirts are too plain. But they could be even plainer.