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  1. I wanted to share a few intresting tidbits I found after deep diving into the Clippers branding(all because I wanted to re-create the old court in 2k). 1) When they rebranded in 2015, they officially became the "LA Clippers". NBA2K, NBA Live, Wikipedia, nba.com, and plenty more sources refer to them with the abbreviation. 2) Silver is actually an official color, which explains the Earned jersey from this season. 3) The rush job that is the above logo was actually created by the Miami Heat design team. (https://www.clipsnation.com/2015/9/12/9299611/panic-over-patience-a-logo-story) 4) While the uniforms use the "Clippers" wordmark, I have yet to see the full logo anywhere since 2017. Why is that? You clearly acknowledge that it exists, you have it smack dab on the front of your jersey!
  2. Taking my own stab at some NBA City Edition jersey. I'll start with the Atlanta Hawks. I kinda took the concept that Cleveland ran with and did a hip hop inspired city edition. Each letter is taken from a different well known rapper from Atlanta. A-Migos, T-T.I., L-Lil' Jon, A-Outkast, N-2 Chainz, T- TLC, A-Ludachris. On the sides of the jersey feature curved striping that represent Spaghetti Junction> I couldn't get the lines to do exactly what I wanted to so I did what I could. If someone has recommendations on how to do curved lines better please let me know.
  3. Hello! I've decide to do a personal rebrand of the LA Clippers. Funny how this team is how I started on this forum... anyways, feel free to critique while i show off my stuff. I'll be adding some more stuff in the coming weeks along with some more info about the designs. This is the association (light) jersey. The back is to "simulate" a Foxhound fur pattern of sorts. This is the Icon (dark) jersey. This is the Statement (Alternate no.1) Jersey. And these are the City (Alternate no.2) Jerseys. Enjoy!
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