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  1. The National Lacrosse League announced this morning that they will be expanding to San Diego for the 2018-19 season. The team will play out of the Valley View Casino Center (home to the AHL's Gulls). This will bring the league up to 10 teams for the first time since 2011. My 2 cents: I'm usually pretty opinionated about where this league expands to but I'm taking a wait and see approach on this one. The owner has deep pockets (worth almost 5 billion) and apparently has aspirations to get into the NBA as well so you'd think he'd want to put his best foot forward with this.
  2. Hey Folks! Many moons ago... I had the privilege of playing lacrosse for the historic "Brampton Excelsiors", on their Jr.A & Jr.B teams. Fantastic game...had a great time...many great stories ( saturday night in Huntsville ). Took quite a few stitches to the mug, but it only added to my rugged, good looks ... Anyway, the city of Brampton, and the Excelsiors Lacrosse Club is hosting the 2020 Founders Cup Canadian Jr.B Championship !!! Last year's tournament took place in Winnipeg, with the Calgary Shamrocks defeating the Six Nations Rebels for the golden cup. As an alumni, I was honoured to be asked to design the event logo. The cup itself is a beauty... ...which made my job a little easier...make the cup the centre-piece of the logo. First step...rough sketches...the club decided to do something like this...
  3. Does any one here have ties to LSUA or know anyone who does? They held a logo contest back in August & have yet to post anything about it. Wondering what became of it, I've tried to make contact but haven't had much luck. Below is the add they posted. If this is not the right place for this by all means please move it to where it belongs, thnx!
  4. One of the NLL's new expansion teams for the 2018-19 season has revealed their identity today, including a repurposed nickname from a different sport within the same state. My first reaction to the logo: An interesting concept (a seal wearing an anchor-shaped crown) but poorly executed (with a black head on a black hexagonal shield, it looks as much like a domestic cat as a seal).
  5. When will lacrosse become mainstream? Either the MLL or NLL, I personally prefer watching Field, but Box isn't that bad, I just can't stand the goalie uniforms. Currently the MLL has 9 teams, all along the east coast except Denver. During the 2016 offseason i specifically remember Gross explaining the expansion plan, which was to get around 14-16 teams by 2022, which included expansion in 2017 to even the field at 10 teams. Most rumors have Dallas or Houston getting a team (or even the Rochester Rattlers relocating to one of those cities) but the MLL has dismissed any rumors and Gross is stepping down this season so I doubt they'll be anything major this season. The NLL has 9 teams but they announced an expansion team to San Diego this season, and potentially Philadelphia as well. The last 4-5 seasons in the NLL have been rather stable (besides a butt load of relocation). And more and more MLL players have started playing in the NLL during the MLL offseason. But I wouldn't be surprised if the San Diego team folds in a few seasons if the owner doesn't get his desired NBA team. I could see both leagues becoming mainstream, but there's only room for one, since there's already 5 mainstream sports leagues in the US and Canada (6 if you count the CFL). I think the MLL has the greatest chance due to their growth and slow approach to 16 teams, at least compared to the MLS which started only a few seasons before it and is already pushing 24 teams.
  6. During my commute home from work I pass a field where some youth lacrosse program practices. Boys on one side of the field and girls on the other side. I notice all of the boy LAX players wearing full helmets, while the girls only wear eye guards (don't know if that's the correct term for that piece of equipment). At the moment I'm watching a college women's lacrosse game on TV (Maryland vs Syracuse). I notice the only players wearing full helmets are the goalies, while the rest of the players just wearing the eye guards. Is there any reason why helmets are not worn in women's/girls lacrosse? Personally knowing of a handful of dudes that have had their bells seriously rung playing lacrosse with helmets, I cringe seeing female players out there without them. What's the deal?
  7. I've long thought the NLL was overdue for a logo revamp, and now at long last it seems they agree with me. The new logo will be revealed two weeks from tomorrow, at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut (where the New England Black Wolves play).
  8. So this is my first project ever, I'm not very good at designing logos or jerseys, but we have to start somewhere. Basically I want to do a version of the league history threads but in an alternate universe where a group of Iroquois teach American settlers how to play Lacrosse and it eventually becomes widely popular in the states. It even leads to many feeling that the Natives should be left in peace, as the sport has shown that these people were not savages. So to reflect that, there are a few states in the Union that are mainly Native in population. (I will make a map of the alternate USA, this is something I CAN do.) The starting date will be 1870, so we would have pretty much no pads, and traditional sticks. Starting year club cities New York Baltimore Philadelphia Boston Six Nations Chicago New Jersey (Where the first professional Lacrosse game was played.) Charleston If you have an idea for a city or club name please post below. I also am in need of a template for an 1870's Lacrosse jersey.
  9. Welcome to the Lacrosse League of America (LLA). Here are the teams in it's inaugural season, 2013. Louisville Racers: Home Road Alternate
  10. As we approach the final month of regular season games I decided to come up with some uniform adjustments for college lacrosse teams. I will start by designing the ACC and move on to probably the Big Ten from there. Starting off I have Syracuse and Notre Dame. For Syracuse I wanted to give an old school feel, bring back the glory days, but I didn't want to go over the top with a throwback uniform. I combined elements from the uniforms they wore back when the Gaits were at the school, and also from the 2008, 2009 championship teams. With Notre Dame i went very new and crazy. The shamrock has a celtic design, which is also featured on the blue helmet. the gold helmet has a bright green chrome facemask. Also kept a similar striping to what they already have now.
  11. Little fun fact: your boy used to play lacrosse in high school! I love the game, I really do. I'm guilty for not following it enough. I started following the SB Nation college lacrosse blog this past January. Since then, I can't escape it. Tons of small New York schools show up on my timeline daily. Then over spring break, my friend gave me back two of my three sticks, since she wasn't using them. I had no choice but to make a vector template! So since my template making overall has improved since my last phase of lacrosse concepts, I needed to start new. I started from my soccer template. But the only thing that remained was the pants. I changed the jersey shape and cut, shortened the sock, threw on Mathew McElroy's glove template, entirely remade a penny because it wouldn't be lacrosse without it. I made it look exactly like my high school team. Finished with some branding to make it easy on everyone, and bam! Here it is! Right now, it's in SVG. You can download it below. I'm gonna convert it to .AI soon, but I just prefer woring in inscape on templates. Download my NuLax template here!
  12. I found out about Lacrosse about mid season 2014 of MLL. I've since became a fan of the league and the New York Lizards (2015 champs!!) I decided to make this topic page since there isn't a good lacrosse page on this website So I wanted to start this off with 2 topics 1 with the recent news of the Atlanta Blaze expansion, what city will also get a team? I think it will be either Philly, Toronto/Hamilton, or LA. I don't believe that Houston or a Texas team will get a team this early 2 since last year I missed the draft, I can't wait for the 2016 MLL draft, but I don't watch NCAA lacrosse much besides the NCAA championship. But I wanted to know what some of the top prospects are (I know there's Burnluhr, Jones or something, Rambo, and that's really all I remember) tho I know that the Lizards won't get any 1st or 2nd rounders for like 3 years ???
  13. As the college lacrosse season started this week, new gear was unveiled for the first time. Let's get to business, shall we? Furman has new Nike home jerseys against Ohio State. Navy has new golden chrome decals.
  14. With the exception of 2012, at least one National Lacrosse League franchise has moved or folded after every season since 1993, when the league was known as the Major Indoor Lacrosse League. This year is no different, as not one but two of the league's nine teams have a foot out the door - in both cases, with their owners citing leasing issues at the arenas where they play. Sadly, one of those two teams is my beloved Minnesota Swarm. It is unknown where they will end up, though Nashville, of all places, seems to be the early favorite. The other is the Edmonton Rush, whose relocation threats come as the team itself is making a deep run in the NLL playoffs. Their owner has had some rather ugly, public spats with city of Edmonton over their being shut out of the Oilers' under-construction new digs. His preferred destination - Saskatoon - seems even more far-fetched, though there is already a Facebook page calling for the Rush (who have several ex-Swarm players on their roster) to take the Swarm's place in Minnesota instead. It's also possible that the Rush franchise could just fold if neither of those markets work out for them. If both teams move, that will leave only five NLL teams (Buffalo, Toronto, Rochester, Colorado and Calgary) who have survived in their current markets since the 2006 season when the Rush franchise began play.
  15. First the Swarm moved from Minnesota to Georgia, without bothering to change up their look apart from sticking a different location name on their logos and unis. Now it's the newly crowned league champions' turn. This week the erstwhile Edmonton Rush announced a move one province over, to Saskatoon, where they are now known as the Saskatchewan Rush. The Rush unveiled their new logo in a promotional video on their new Web site, and as you can see, they didn't just pull a Swarm by slappping "Saskatchewan" where "Edmonton" had been. Nosiree, Bob. They changed the secondary color from silver/gray to a kind of sickly green, then slapped "Saskatchewan" where "Edmonton" had been.
  16. As you may be aware by now, the NLL's Minnesota Swarm, with whom I have held season tickets for the past eight years, have moved south to the Gwinnett Gladiators' arena in metro Atlanta. You'd think that, given such a long-distance relocation to a new market with a quite different local culture, the Swarm would change up their look a bit more than just slapping a different state's name on their pre-existing logo and uniform set. And, naturally, you'd be wrong. (from the team's Facebook page)
  17. Hello! This is my first topic, so it may seem a bit odd, but I was inspired by the fact that I have two favorite teams, the new logos, and another topic by LLHFHockey. Either way, the point of this is to get your own custom logo, with two of your favorite teams' logos, all within the logo. (Lots of logos.) Some examples are posted below.
  18. Five years ago my brother, father and I set out to create an "Athletic Uniformory" to streamline the lacrosse uniform design and production process. Throughout the past 5 years, everything has changed... with the exception of our passion to deliver Professional-grade athletic wear that empowers every team to look and act as a team, on and off the field. That said, it is time to say goodbye to our old branding as I feel it doesn't symbolize the state of "Uniformity" that we like to associate ourselves with. Also, I've attached another logo that I've been working on. I'd appreciate hearing the feedback that anyone has! Left - Old Right - New
  19. I recently just finished completing a new box lacrosse/ hockey template along with a new lacrosse glove template. Also, credits to Hockeyny13 on the Cascade R Helmet template. I modified the shape of the R by using Inkscape. Anyways, here is a rebrand I did for the Chicago Outlaws of the Continental Indoor Lacrosse League. CC is encouraged and I hope you all enjoy it. A closer look at the gloves.
  20. First post to the forum. I handle creative direction for the Zima Gear team. All artwork posted is my own. We worked with multiple World Game teams (USA, Iroquois, Wales to name a few) this year and below are a couple of the mockups. I tried for days to convince Wales to get Red Facemasks, however they insisted on green. Mockup: On Helmet:
  21. Since the Lacrosse World Championships will be starting July 10th i thought I'd try to create some uniform concepts for some of the teams. I will try to do all 38 teams but the teams i will be doing for sure are: Finland, Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Israel, Korea, Slovakia, Sweden, China, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, USA, Canada, England, and Iroquois. I will start with mexico and Finland. First up is Finland. I used the international hockey logo of the lion and then used Duke as my inspiration for the uniform. For Mexico i used the baseball logo. I know it looks strange and almost like a mcDonalds m so i didn't use it except for on the one helmet. I used the 2006 soccer uniforms as inspiration.
  22. The FIL world championships started last night with USA vs. Canada - Great pictures of the entire uniforms in action can be found here A little disappointed in the team USA helmet...I love the matte grey helmet, just not for USA - I do like the contrast of the matte grey and the gold chrome cage, though...the team Canada helmet on the other hand is beautiful - matte black with red metal flake decals, red chrome cage, and the mohawk stripe is great I'm torn about the team USA uniform...not sure I love the sleeveless look, but the team USA uniform is WAY better than the team Canada uniform, which is a mess...Broncos stripes on the side/front, Adidas stripes on the shoulders and shorts, mis-matched wordmark and number fonts...ugly here are some links (here and here) to other international teams and their gear...i particularly like team Thailand's look your thoughts?
  23. I have a list of cities that I will use but if there is another city that you want me to add I will do it, or if you want me to take any out. The list of cities as of now: Richmond Rebels Chicago Wind Los Angles Fame Atlanta Toronto Seattle Killer Whales Dallas Rough riders Houston Phoenix Pumas Detroit Philadelphia Founders San Francisco Pittsburgh Maulers Salt Lake City/Utah Minneapolis Portland Indianapolis Louisville Louisiana Gators Milwaukee Hogs Cincinnati Rivermen Omaha Rio Grande Valley St.Louis That is all i have right now. I know my concepts will suck so I want feedback on how i can make them better. Also give Ideas for mascot names
  24. Another year, another National Lacrosse League franchise goes bye-bye, either to another city or to oblivion. It's a ritual that indoor lacrosse fans are all too familiar with. Only this time, it's not just another NLL team biting the dust, but the only one left from its inaugural season in 1987 in its original market and under its original identity. Several markets in the U.S. and Canada have been speculated as the Wings' new home, but at this point the favorite appears to be Hartford, Connecticut.
  25. I'm not sure anyone has done something like this, but here goes. Ever since I was in Grade 7 I have been drawing an entire city, Johnstonville. I have always been fascinated by Cities, Roads, what-have-you and I have also always loved sports and design; but I have never put them together until now. This idea of a city has expanded into an entire country. It would be its own island west of Australia, East of South Africa and South of India. I still have yet to name it, but I have a few City, State/Province, County names. It is very similar to Canada with some added American, European, Austra-Japanese Elements. The population is about 60 million with the largest Metro area being around 8 million people. I won't bore you guys anymore with some useless fantasy that doesn't relate to the sports. So to start it off I have chosen the capital of my country; Johnstonville, New Ontario. (That's the Province of New Ontario). The city's colours are Cookies and Cream so most of the concepts will consist of that colour scheme. "What a strange colour combination!" Yes, it is, but it's unique. The reasoning behind this was when I first made the city - which is now just downtown - I used names of Chocolate companies to name some of the streets. I guess I had a sweet tooth when I was a kid. Due to the limit on Outsourcing Jobs in my country, Hershey's built a plant and office in Johnstonville to be the HQ of Hershey's in the Eastern World. As well as a few other chocolate companies having offices in the city and then later moved to Greenfield, New Ontario. Also having the same colour scheme makes it a little easier - as this is kind of a sample to see if I can handle all of these sports - the team will have the same name. The name is after the F-117 Nighthawk. "BUT THAT'S MADE IN CALIFORNIA!" It's made in Johnstonville in my world and is really the only involvement my country has with war. My goal is to make entire professional leagues for the entire country. So think of it in the style of High School or College for now, where all the sports have the same name. So far the Major Sports I have in mind are: Hockey (the Ice kind, not that field stuff) Women's Hockey (possibly) Football (the Canadian kind, bigger ball, bigger field, 13 players, with NFL's 4 downs) Soccer Baseball Basketball Rugby (Union, 15 players) Lacrosse (Indoor)