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Found 3 results

  1. Interesting. Seems like PayPal may have a case.
  2. The City of San Jose has filed suit against MLB concerning the Giants/A's territorial dispute. And Bud Selig somehow managed to avoid "being served" for three solid days. I've been following this for a few years now, and the situation has now reached a point of absurdity. If I owned the A's, I'd resolve this whole thing in three steps: 1. Buy the Brooklyn Cyclones and its stadium. 2. Hold a press conference, at which I'd remind everyone that the MLB Constitution expired on December 31, 2012, and that the territorial rights and limitations applicable under its provisions no longer apply, to the A's or any other team. 3. At the same press conference, announce that starting in 2014 the A's would be calling Brooklyn home. Or, if somehow MLB managed to get a court to block that move, that the team would relocate - to Tokyo... and area where no MLB or minor league team has, or has ever had, territorial rights. Think that'd pave the way for the A's to San Jose?
  3. Deserves its own thread. Well it didn't take long for Brain Burke [hilariously sic] and Hazel Mae to hook up. In the summer of 2012, Sportsnet removed her from the glass desk because she wouldn't fit, insisting that she stand while on air. The reason she wouldn't fit is that she was pregnant. She became so dishevelled looking as the summer wore on that Sportsnet sent her home while they decided how to handle the impending scandal. Scandal, you say? Well yessirr......The father could have been any number of worthy candidates, but the lucky dad is, in fact, our very own Brian Burke. So splashdown was back in December. Hazel and Burkie have been at odds as to if, how and when to release the news. Sportsnet still doesn't know what to do with her. On the other hand, new owners of the Toronto Maple Leafs in Bell Canada have little, if any, tolerance for egotistical. belligerent, sex-addicted senior executives and decided to eliminate the problem by gassing Burke.” ----- And here is the motherlode: SCHEDULE “A” 1. “NoFixedAddress” on January 12, 2013, on 2. “CamBarkerFan” on January 12, 2013, on http://hockeybroads....level-demotion. 3. “Lavy16” on January 17, 2013, on http://forums.prospo...8-Burke-is-GONE 4. “mbskidmore” on January 17, 2013, on http://www.torontogo...d.php?t=108421. 5. “Tulowd” on January 12, 2013, on 6. “Loob” on January 12, 2013, on 7. “Naggah” on January 23, 2013, on http://hfboards.hock....php?p=58166689 8. “mowerman” on January 19, 2013, on http://www.hawthorne...1&view=previous 9. “Aaronp18” on January 28, 2013, on http://www.canucksco...=157243#p157224 10. “Steve” on January 13, 2013, on 11. “KaBoomin8” on January 21, 2013, on 12. “THEzbrad” on January 17, 2013, on http://trilltimes.wo...osexual-affair/ 13. “Slobberface” on January 18, 2013, on http://www.torontoju...hp/80763-Leafs/ 14. “Poonerman” on January 18, 2013, on!!!8 15. “isolatedcircuit” on January 13, 2013, on http://isolatedcircu...being-released/ 16. “Kanada Kev” on January 17, 2013, on http://www.jambands....bc48295aaa40bd/ 17. “Ncognito” on January 13, 2013 on http://www.hockeyins...-and-galchenyuk 18. “sir psycho sexy” on January 15, 2013, on http://www.forumice....l=1#post1929808 hahaha hfboards is mentioned in there and now they're deleting anything said about this. Now I hope Brian Burke wins and sues for the damages of shutting down hfboards forever.